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  1. consists of many microscopic scales
  2. The ratio and quantities of 
  3. Eumalinen and Phaeomelanine
  4. These two make up only 1% of hair structure
  5. Phaeomelanine is resposible for red to blonde colors 
  6. Eumalinen make brown to black shades of hair
  7. Highlighting is a cosmetic effect of lightening streaks or sections of hair
  8. Blonding is a process that strips away original color and adds color to hair to achieve blonde appearance
  9. Usually achieved by a mixture of bleach and a coloring agent 
  10. A low volume of peroxide (5-30%) in a cream form combined with powder bleach creates a blue paste
  11. this is applied and left until desired amount of color is stripped from hair then rinsed out
  12. Usually done by mixing bleach component with a alkaline solution (often ammonia)
  13. Hydrogen peroxide breaks the sulfur bonds which releases larger amounts of sulfur
  14. This causes hardening, loss of mass, and produces smell
  15. minimized by using low levels of peroxide in cosmetic bleach
  16. Temporary - lasts 1-3 washes and involves no chemical reactions with the hair 
  17. Pigments are applied to surface without penetrating further
  18. Semi-permanent - stays in 5-15 washes usually made from vegetable dyes, mainly designed to adhere tightly to cuticle surface
  19. Permanent  - lasts indefinitely until hair grows out or chemically treated to remove color 
  20. First safe permanent hair dye created in 1907 by Eugene Schueller
  21. Main ingredient was paraphenylenediamine
  22. Often combines bleaching and coloring agent
  23. Dye molecules enter the hair cortex where they react and become trapped as the cuticles close
  24. 2-[(4-aminophenyI)azo] -1,3- dimethyl - 1H-               Imidazolium Chloride
  25. C11H14N5Cl
  26. Basic Brown 16
  27. 8-[(4-Amino - 1 Phenyl)azo] -7 - hydroxy N,N,N Trimethyl - 2 - Naphthalenaminium Chloride
  28. Temporary skin irritation and allergies
  29. Hair breakage
  30. Skin discoloration
  31. And unexpected hair color results

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  1. Dimethicone