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Campaign name and type

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Campaign name and type

  1. 1. Campaign name and typePurpose/AimTarget AudienceTechniquesComparative pointsOrphaned chimp a safe home (Charity)The purpose and aim is to try and get people to donate money that will help these orphaned chimps. The target audience is for people over 18. Techniques used are: adverts, leaflets, and websites. in this one they use lesser techniques to get people to donate money to their charity.Campaign for better transport. (Pressure Group)The aim and purpose is to get the government to fund money to pay for better transport in the UK. The target audience for this campaign is the government. Techniques used are mainly protests. In this one they use physical actions to get people to join them and to also to get people to notice them. Argos (Advert)The aim and purpose is to advertise different things that are being sold in Argos and to get people to buy them. The target audience is for everyone. Techniques used are adverts, catalogues, leaflets, radio broadcasts and websites. This is a bigger thing therefore It has been advertised more. <br />