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You learned JavaScript - now what?

Graduation talk for Women in Tech Berlin's JavaScript course

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You learned JavaScript - now what?

  1. 1. Chris Heilmann @codepo8, December 2017 …now what?
  2. 2. Congratulations. You chose wisely. First of all:
  3. 3. Far from perfect (what is?) Everywhere Free to use Independent of environment Freely documented Instantly gratifying JavaScript is:
  4. 4. Versatile: Brower based solutions Browser extensions App extensions Web standards based apps Server-side (Node) Convertible to binary formats Robots Packages (NPM) JavaScript is:
  5. 5. I envy you for the chance you have right now. And here is the killer:
  6. 6. Congratulations. You chose wisely. First of all: It is an amazing time for JavaScript
  7. 7. It’s not about the language, but about the world you enter now. Setting new priorities:
  8. 8. Feel free to disregard and challenge. Your voice matters. …just don’t repeat old mistakes Reminder:
  9. 9. developer.mozilla.org/en-US
  10. 10. caniuse.com
  11. 11. caniuse.com
  12. 12. Not a “black hole” any longer Standards based Involved in standard creation (innovation behind flags or in developer editions) Available for feedback Supportive for web developers as “proper engineers” Dealing with browsers:
  13. 13. Browsers come with development and debugging tools giving us important insights.
  14. 14. Moving beyond console.log()
  15. 15. Audit your work before you go live Learn from explanations of why these are mistakes Keep iterating until it becomes second nature. Testing:
  16. 16. Find mistakes while you make them Based on the experience and consensus of many others Learn from explanations of linting results Install and configure, or use in- built linting. Linting:
  17. 17. Avoid mistakes before they happen by adding a stricter ruleset. vscodecandothat.com
  18. 18. Editors and development environments are holy war material in the JavaScript world Beware:
  19. 19. Open Source, Cross-platform Hundreds of extensions Built-in source control support Built-in terminal Integrates into build processes Written and extensible in JavaScript ☺ Visual Studio Code:
  20. 20. Linting and validation tools as a part of your release process. sonarwhal.com
  21. 21. Should you start your own project to love, cherish and follow best practices? Learning about build processes:
  22. 22. Should you start your own project to love, cherish and follow best practices? Learning about build processes:
  23. 23. codepen.io jsbin.com glitch.com Work with preset environments, instead of installing and uninstalling them.
  24. 24. Spilling out into the world of open source…
  25. 25. Staying prepared: Things will get messy and uncomfortable.
  26. 26. Questioning the dogma: Everybody must learn how to solve problems.
  27. 27. Be the person you’d like to meet. Be kind, be supportive, and avoid unnecessary drama.
  28. 28. It is currently problemantic: Our community needs to become more diverse to deliver to a diverse market and avoid burnout.
  29. 29. We can’t do that without new voices. Be one. You deserve it.
  30. 30. Chris Heilmann @codepo8