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Five ways to be a happier JavaScript developer

  1. Five ways to be a happier JavaScript developer Chris Heilmann (@codepo8) Feburary 2018
  2. tar -cvzf here.tar.gz thisone
  3. ways to be a happier JavaScript developer
  4. ways to be a happier JavaScript developer ▪ Concentrating on the now ▪ Limiting our development environment ▪ Making it harder to write bad code ▪ Getting to know our tooling ▪ Giving back to others
  5. Concentrating on the now…
  6. Worries of the past shouldn’t prevent us from creating…
  7. Focusing exclusively on the next cool thing is as stifling and depressing
  10. Limiting our development environment
  11. The web development trinity BrowserTerminalEditor ▪ Where we code ▪ Where we tweak themes ▪ Where we mix spaces and tabs – like animals ▪ Where we do version control ▪ Where we run build tasks ▪ Where we deploy ▪ Where we tweak themes ▪ Where we assume everyone runs OSX ▪ Where we debug ▪ Where we check and tweak visual output ▪ Where we audit ▪ Where we annoy the end user with odd log messages.
  12. That is a lot of duplication and multiplication with choice
  13. Tooling is starting to overtake that historically grown trinity.
  14. Good editors consolidate features to avoid context switching.
  15. VS Code (@code) ▪ Open Source, Cross-platform ▪ Hundreds of extensions ▪ Highly theme-able ▪ Built-in source control support ▪ Built-in terminal ▪ Integrates into build processes ▪ Written and extensible in TypeScript ▪ Straightens and lightens teeth with repeat use ▪ Possibly is good against hair loss ▪ Gluten free, macrobiotic
  17. Instead of using your own machine, why not try online before?
  18. Making it harder to write bad code.
  19. Applying a stricter ruleset pre-empts mistakes
  20. Linting > Debugging ▪ Find mistakes while you make them ▪ Based on the experience and consensus of many others ▪ Learn from explanations of linting results ▪ Install and configure, or use in-built linting.
  21. Overall, I give linting high marks
  22. Moving from knowing .* to learning by making mistakes
  23. Auditing ▪ Audit your work before you go live ▪ Learn from explanations of why these are mistakes ▪ Keep iterating until it becomes second nature.
  24. Linting and validation tools can be part of your release process.
  25. Getting to know our tooling
  26. It is true that our tools have become much more complex.
  27. Knowing them gives you superpowers and insights how to build great solutions
  28. Step one is to stop using console.log() and use breakpoints instead.
  29. Giving back to others
  30. Not everybody cares about the nuts and bolts and has endless time to invest
  31. My plea to you: Be the person you’d like to meet. Be kind, be supportive, and avoid unnecessary drama.
  32. Thanks! Chris Heilmann @codepo8 Terminal photo by Terminal 5 Insider Editor photo by John Oxley Library Browser photo by Joseph Brent