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Best protein supplement

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There are many available choices, it is very difficult to determine which the best protein supplement is.


There are various explanations on how they work and bring about significant changes, but one thing must be ensured- the ultimate source of protein from which their products are truly based.

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Best protein supplement

  1. 1. How to Choose the BestProtein SupplementObtaining a great muscle tone is very popular nowadays. Men,even some women would love to have hot six-pack abs,perfectly shaped chest and shoulders so they can sport seductivetrunks and bikinis anytime they want to. However, the fastpaced life has prevented most office and work buddies to go tothe gym at frequent intervals and eat 5 to 6 balanced diet ofprotein. As such, most resort to protein supplements available inpowders, bars, pills or milk shakes.There are many available choices, it is very difficult todetermine which the best protein supplement is. There arevarious explanations on how they work and bring aboutsignificant changes, but one thing must be ensured- the ultimatesource of protein from which their products are truly based.
  2. 2. The efficiency of protein is not really based on the amounttaken in. Rather, it is based on the biological value. This is themeasure of how well the body can absorb and utilize thenutrient in relation to the Nitrogen retention.For instance, those supplements with whey as their source havethe highest biological value of 104. It is known to enhance sportsperformance because it can reduce stress and the release ofmuscle destroyer, cortisol.It also improves immunity by helping in the release ofglutathione, an anti-oxidant. Furthermore, it reducesovertraining which delays the release of growth stimulatinghormone. Second to whey is egg protein.This protein source is released more slowly in the blood streamso it can sustain the body’s need for protein for an entire day.Most aficionados would combine some eggs and whey proteins tohave the most bio-available milk shake in the world.The third in the list of the best protein supplements is the milkprotein containing products. Milk shakes are definitely included
  3. 3. because of a biological value of 91. Micellar casein is theundenatured protein in milk. Ultra filtration separates this frommilk.Whatever a person chooses as his or her protein supplement, itis best to research first on the basics or the sources since theseare ultimately the ones that can deliver results. Looking formedically approved claims will also help to ensure safety andcredibility of the product.Feel free to come in or visit our online store(http://www.energizone.net) and we can personally tailor theright protein supplements you need to complement yourworkout routine.Energizone is located at Shop 1/41-53 Miller Street, Epping,Victoria, 3076, Australia. Phone: (03) 9408 4699______________________________________
  4. 4. http://energizone.net/Best-Protein-Supplement.php Formore.