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Real Estate Listing Presentation

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Our Listing Presentation for non-distressed homeowners

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Real Estate Listing Presentation

  1. 1. Keller Williams Realty Southpark
  2. 2. About My Team 1 Listing Specialist + 2 Buyer Specialists + Administrator + Marketing Specialist All Full-Time Agents
  3. 3. Our Production 60 50 In 2011, our team 40increased sales by 60% to close 56 homes for 30 total Sales Volume of 20 $9.9mil 10 0 Average Agent Our Team
  4. 4. Our Homes Sell For More100 On a home that sold 98 96.3 for $250,000, the 96 difference is 94 92 $17,250 90 89.4 88 86 84 Average Agent Jonathan Osman Percentage of List Price to Sold Price for 2011 taken from CMLS
  5. 5. Experience Jonathan Osman: Licensed Full-Time Realtor since 2003 Amanda Cox: Licensed Full-Time Realtor since 2005 Deanna Evans: Licensed Full-Time Realtor since 2005 Amanda Guy: Licensed Real Estate Broker since 2007
  6. 6. Keller Williams Realty  1 in every 6 homes sold in the Charlotte area was sold by a Keller Williams Realty Agent.  77,000+ agents in 690 market centers in the U.S. and Canada
  7. 7. Annual Home Sales – Charlotte MSA Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, Iredell, Gaston Counties40000350003000025000200001500010000 5000 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  8. 8. Hindrances in the Marketplace Unemployment rate above 9% for 4 years Underemployment 20+% According to RealtyTrac: 1 in every 678 Homes received a Notice of Hearing in Mecklenburg County – Sept Distressed Sales Account for 1/3 of Home Sales YTD
  9. 9. Traditional Selling Process The traditional selling process can lead to unnecessary headaches, homes selling for less, and money left on the table RenegotiateList For Negotiate a Complete the Price or Appraisal Closing Sale Contract Inspections Terms • 2 Options: Buyer Walks or Buyer Sticks
  10. 10. Our Marketing is Better! With more than 16,000 homes for sale, Buyers eliminate the ones they are not interested in…Will Your Home Make the Cut?
  11. 11. Any Home Can Sell in 30 Days! Regardless of the Market, any home can sell in the first 30 days it is listed for salebecause that’s when Ready Buyers have rejected the current homes on the market and are looking for something to buy NOW 12 10 It is important to make sure the home is in its very best condition 8 and price Showings 6 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Weeks on Market
  12. 12. Our MethodIn order to receive the maximum dollar for your home and compete in a crowded market, the best strategy is the put the very best product on the market the first time
  13. 13. Pre-InspectionWhen Buyers UncoverRepairs, They: Attempt to Renegotiate the Price Lower Demand Expensive Repairs
  14. 14. Pre-Inspection Provides a list of repairs for the seller to complete Can be a used as a marketing tool Eliminates surprises and buyer renegotiation after contract Helps your home sell for more money
  15. 15. StagingBefore Staging After Staging
  16. 16. Staging Staged homes sell 1/3 quicker than traditional alternatives and for 7-10% more Staging helps the buyers see themselves living in your home – not your possessions Depersonalize, Declutter, and Reorient spaces to have show maximum potential.
  17. 17. Why We Use Pro PhotographersKitchen A Kitchen B This is the same kitchen in the same house, photographed 5 years apart. Typical Mistake: No Lights Not using a wide-angle lens No post-photography touch-up
  18. 18. Why We Use Pro PhotographersLiving Room A Living Room B
  19. 19. Why We Use Pro PhotographersMaster Bedroom A Master Bedroom B
  20. 20. Professional Photography 15-30 Pictures 360° Virtual Tour Syndication to hundreds of real estate websites
  21. 21. Listing Syndication to Over 600 SitesIncluding Brokerage sites like Keller Williams, Allen Tate, CBUnited, etc
  22. 22. Featured on Realtor.com  Multiple Photos  Virtual Tours  Headline & Sub- headline  Link to our Buyer Agent Hotline  Reporting
  23. 23. Featured on Craigslist  Buyers use Craigslist:  Easiest tosearch  Looking for something not found on other sites  Our Ads  Large,bright photos  Longer description  Updated weekly
  24. 24. Featured on Zillow  Multiple professional photos  Lengthy Description  Directs back to our website for contact information
  25. 25. Featured onCharlotteHouseHunter.com • Unlimited Text • Unlimited Photos • The Most Information Offered Anywhere • Direct Contact To Our Agents Via Phone, Email or Chat
  26. 26. Featured on Trulia.com Our listings feature:  Enhanced description  Up to 20 photos  Direct contact to our team
  27. 27. Our Open Houses Work! As a result of our online marketing, Buyers flock our open houses We hold 1-3 Open Houses a Sunday January - September
  28. 28. Where We Are Superior to OurCompetition My Agents Preview Every Listing within 48 Hours of a Signed Agreement We Answer Buyer Phone Calls The First Time 8am-8pm EST. We respond to online inquires within minutes of submission
  29. 29. Contract to CloseReceive an Final Offer & Inspections Appraisal Title Request Closing UnderwritingNegotiate