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Lab equipment notes

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Common Lab Equipment 7th grade Life Science

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Lab equipment notes

  1. 1. Common Lab Equipment Notes
  2. 2. Beaker • Function - To measure liquids • different sizes. • Ex. 100ml Beaker, 250ml Beaker
  3. 3. Erlenmeyer Flask • Function - To measure liquids and mix them SWIRL! • Different sizes. • Ex. 500ml Erlenmeyer Flask
  4. 4. Graduated Cylinder • Function - To accurately measure liquids. • Different sizes. • Ex. 10ml Graduated Cylinder.
  5. 5. Test Tube • many functions including mixing liquids to observe their reaction.
  6. 6. Dissecting Kit • Used for dissection. • Contains: Scalpel, Forceps, Probes, Dissecting Scissors, and Metric Ruler.
  7. 7. Scalpel – Function - To cut open a specimen you will be dissecting.
  8. 8. Forceps • Function - To hold and move parts you should not touch, or are too tiny for your fingers.
  9. 9. Probes • Function - To move and push aside materials during a dissection. • A dissecting kit contains a straight probe and a bent probe.
  10. 10. Dissecting Scissors • Function - To cut specimen you are dissecting. • Often used to cut through small bones. • Often work better than scalpel.
  11. 11. Metric Ruler • Function - To measure the length of small objects in centimeters or millimeters.
  12. 12. Dissecting Tray • Function - Provides a place to dissect your specimen and a surface to stick dissecting pins into.
  13. 13. Dissecting Pins • Function - To hold a specimen down to the dissecting tray.
  14. 14. Petri Dish • Function - Provides a surface for you to experiment on various materials. In our class we will use them to grow bacteria and fungi.
  15. 15. Triple-Beam Balance • Function - To measure the mass of an object in grams.
  16. 16. Meterstick • Function - To measure the length of objects in centimeters or meters.