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Dubrovnik air and sea views (杜布羅夫尼克海空景觀)

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From different angles view of Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik air and sea views (杜布羅夫尼克海空景觀)

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  2. 2. Lokrum Island Cruise 洛克魯姆島遊船 Cable Car to Srd 纜車到蘇拉德山
  3. 3. Restaurant 'Dubravka 1836 One of the restaurant with the most beautiful view in Dubrovnik . The restaurant near the entrance Pile Gate to the old town, you can enjoy the attractive sea views. 「杜布拉夫卡1836」餐廳 是杜布羅夫尼克最美麗景觀餐廳之一。位於老城區靠近派勒 門入口處,可以欣賞優美的海景。
  4. 4. 「 杜 布 拉 夫 卡 1836 」 餐 廳 Restaurant'Dubravka1836'
  5. 5. Fort Bokar 波卡堡壘
  6. 6. Fort Lawrence 勞倫斯堡壘
  7. 7. Old Port ferry terminal located at the end of Stradun street, outside of the Ploče Gate (East Gate). 舊港碼頭 位於史特拉頓 (Stradun) 大道的盡頭,普洛切門 (東門) 的外面。
  8. 8. Ploče Gate (East Gate) 普洛切門 (東門)
  9. 9. Old Harbour Lokrum Island cruise ticketing place 舊港 洛克魯姆島遊船售票處
  10. 10. Dubrovnik City Walls and St John Fort 杜布羅夫尼克城牆 和聖約翰堡壘
  11. 11. Someone swimming outside the harbor 有人在外港游泳
  12. 12. Outside the walls swimming field 城牆外的游泳場
  13. 13. Buža, bar-on-a-cliff 在懸崖上的酒吧~Buža
  14. 14. Canoeing club members under Lawrence Fortress 勞倫斯堡壘下的划船俱樂部會員
  15. 15. Fort Lawrence 勞倫斯 堡壘
  16. 16. Dubrovnik City Walls and the Adriatic Sea 杜布羅夫尼克城牆和亞得里亞海
  17. 17. Cruise has been far away from Dubrovnik Old Town 遊船已經遠離杜布羅夫尼克老城
  18. 18. Handsomecruiseshipdriver 帥 哥 遊 船 駕 駛
  19. 19. Lokrum Island 洛克魯姆島 Lokrum is an island infront of Dubrovnik and because it takes only 15 minutes by ferry to get there from the Old Town, it is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. People call it a treasure island because of its rich pine-wood, subtropical vegetation, natural swimming-places and exotic historical heritage. 洛克魯姆是杜布羅夫尼克附近之小島,從老城乘渡輪只需15分鐘,是遊客和當地人的熱門地點。 因為其豐富的松木,亞熱帶植被,天然游泳場所和異國情調的歷史遺產,人們稱它是個寶島。
  20. 20. Lokrum Island 洛克魯姆島
  21. 21. Photo by Ingrid
  22. 22. Luxury villas and hotels area at Dubrovnik east side coast of Dalmatia Zia 杜布羅夫尼克東邊達爾馬齊亞海岸的豪華别墅和旅館區域
  23. 23. Hotel Belvedere 麗城酒店
  24. 24. Hotel Villa Dubrovnik 杜布羅夫尼克別墅酒店
  25. 25. Photo by Ingrid
  26. 26. Luxury Hotel Grand Villa Argentina 阿根廷豪華別墅酒店
  27. 27. Excelsior Hotel & Spa Excelsior 酒店及水療中心
  28. 28. Banje Beach is a 5 minute walk up the hill from the Ploče Gate in the Old City. 「Banje 海灘」從老城普洛切門 (東門) 上坡 步行約5分鐘的行程。
  29. 29. Revelin Fort 勒維林堡壘
  30. 30. Photo from www Stradun (Placa) is the main street of Dubrovnik 杜布羅夫尼克的主街 史特拉頓 (普拉查) 大道
  31. 31. Ulica Boskovičeva is the street leading to cable car station to the mountain Srd. 博斯科維奇街 (Boskovičeva) 是通往 蘇拉德 山 (Srd) 纜車站的街巷。
  32. 32. Thick Walls on the north 北側厚城牆
  33. 33. Photo by Ingrid North city entrance 北門出入口
  34. 34. 杜布羅夫尼克新城區公路地下道 Dubrovnik new city highway underpass
  35. 35. Cable car station 登山纜車站
  36. 36. Cable car station ticket office 纜車站售票處
  37. 37. Dubrovnik’s cable car whisks you from just north of the city walls to Mt Srđ in under four minutes. 杜布羅夫尼克纜車在四分鐘內帶你疾駛從城牆北 邊到蘇拉德山(Srđ)。
  38. 38. Photo by Ingrid
  39. 39. Cable car station observation deck 纜車站觀景台
  40. 40. At the end of the line there’s a stupendous perspective of the city from a lofty 405m, taking in the terracotta-tiled rooftops of the old town and the island of Lokrum, with the Adriatic and Dubrovnik surrounding area. 在纜車頂端405米高處,城市的視角寬廣,得以同時觀賞在老城區的紅瓦 屋頂、洛克魯姆 (Lokrum) 島、亞得里亞海和杜布羅夫尼克周遭地區。
  41. 41. Lokrum Island 洛克魯姆島
  42. 42. Cable car station north hillside land 纜車站北面山坡地
  43. 43. It is said that the cross is the gift of Napoleon 據說十字架是拿破崙贈送的
  44. 44. Panorama Restaurant 全景餐館
  45. 45. Panorama Restaurant Located at upper cable car station Panorama Restaurant is the most beautiful view restaurant in Dubrovnik. The view that stretches from restaurant is simply breathtaking. 全景餐館 位於山頂纜車站的全景餐廳,是杜布羅夫尼克最美麗景觀餐廳。從餐廳一直 延伸的景色是非常令人驚嘆的。
  46. 46. Photo by Ingrid
  47. 47. Guitar man on the cliff 懸崖上的吉他手
  48. 48. The restaurants of Prijeko Street 普瑞濟柯街的餐館
  49. 49. Night view of Fort Lawrence 勞倫斯 堡壘夜景
  50. 50. Night view of Fort Bokar and city walls of Dubrovnik 杜布羅夫尼克城牆波卡堡壘夜景
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