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View Tab in Ms-Excel

View menu in Ms-Excel

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View Tab in Ms-Excel

  2. 2. CONTENTS1. View Tab(overview) 32. Workbook Views 43. Show/Hide 104. Zoom 135. Window 156. Macros 21
  3. 3. PTO 3VIEW Tab in Excel has been divided into five Groups namely:-MACROSWORKBOOKVIEWSNormalPageLayoutPageBreakPreviewCustomViewsFullscreenSHOWRulerFormulaBarGridlinesHeadingMassageBarZOOMZoom100%Zoom toSelectionWINDOWNewWindowSplitArrange AllHideFreezePanesSaveWorkspaceSwitchWindow
  4. 4. Workbook Views1.NormalNormal View is used to view the worksheet innormal working mode, this mode is enabledby default in the worksheet.4PTO1 2 5432. Page layoutPage layout view is used to view the worksheet inpage layout view i.e. this option allow to viewworksheet in page format at the time of printing.Steps to enable page layout viewGo to View MenuClick on Page Layout3. Page Break PreviewPage Break Preview allow users to view only thepage which contains data. Although the otherrows and column are not being hidden but toshow in gray color.To enable Page Break PreviewClick on View TabClick on Page Break Preview4. Custom ViewCustom Views allow us to see directly the contentwhich has already been added in custom views .More details is being given on page no. 85. Full ScreenFull Screen option allow users to the worksheet infull screen mode i.e. menu bar and ribbon arebeing hidden and worksheet is explored to wholescreen.To enable Full ScreenClick on View TabClick on Full Screen
  5. 5. 5PTONormal View
  6. 6. 6PTOPage Layout
  7. 7. 7PTOPage Break Preview
  8. 8. 8PTOSteps to use Custom ViewsOption:-Select the area you want tomove directly from any otherplace in workbookClick on custom view optionClick Add button in the windowDefine the name of area in newwindowClick OKNow from any place inworkbook you can directly jumpto the added area by clicking onshow option.CUSTOM VIEWS
  9. 9. PTO 9Full Screen
  10. 10. SHOW/HIDEIt is used to show or hide Formula Bar Ruler Heading Gridlines Massage Bar10PTOTo show or hidecheck oruncheck thebuttonFormula Bar is used to show or hide Formula Bar(Function Bar)Headings is used to show or hide heading (the line used to address a particular cell)Gridlines is used to show or hide gridlines in a particular sheet(lines which separates cells) Ruler is used to show or hide Ruler when page layout preview is on.Massage Bar is used to show or hide massage bar (appears only when the documentposes potential security risk
  11. 11. 11PTOFormulaBarIn the first figureFormula Bar isenabledWhile in secondfigure Formula Baris hiddenHeadingIn the first figureHeading is enabledWhile in secondfigure Heading ishidden
  12. 12. 12PTOWithGridlinesWithoutGridlinesUnlike Microsoft Word, Excel does not provide ahorizontal or vertical ruler, and there is no quick wayto measure the width or height of a worksheet ininches. Excel uses characters, points, and pixels asunits of measurement.Ruler
  13. 13. 13PTO1231. By clicking on Zoom button thiswindow opens, we can selectdesired zoom level. In customoption we can manually enterzoom level between 10 to 400percent. If we enter less than10 or more than 400 then itshows this error massage2. By clicking on this button we can directly shape sheet on 100 percent zoom whetherpreviously document was below this zoom level or above this zoom level.ZOOM
  14. 14. 14PTO3. This button is used to zoom the selected areaSteps:-Select the cell(s) to be zoomedClick on zoom to selectionAutomatically it adjust the zoom level
  15. 15. 15PTO3 2 1 5 46 7Window1. New Window is used to open a newvirtual window or copy of the same window2. Arrange All is used to arrange all theopened window on the screen.3. Freeze Panes is used to freeze the top rowor column while the worksheet scrolls.4. Split is used to split the data temporarily.It is similar to opening a new window.5. Hide or Unhide is used to hide/unhide theentire worksheet.6. Save workplace is used to save the currentposition we are working.7. Switch window is used to window switchingamong the window we have opened.This option is used to viewthe window side by sideThis option is used to scrollthe cursor simultaneouslyThis option is used to viewin horizontal from vertical
  16. 16. 16PTOArrange AllVerticalHorizontal
  17. 17. 17PTOFREEZE PANESUsing this option we can we can see our data underheading we have mentioned i.e. when we scroll thecursor first row/column as we have selected stay on itsown place and other data scrolls under headings.As we can see inthis worksheet thatcursor is on 34thentry though the 1stRow, which isheading, is situatedat its own place. Itmakes convenientto view thedocuments.
  18. 18. 18PTOSPLITIt is used to split the datainto two parts and all thechanges we do in one partit will automatically do inanother part also. As wecan see in the figure that incell no. I2 we are typingdata ‘=max(‘ and it showsin both the splited parts.
  19. 19. 19PTOHIDE/UNHIDEHide/Unhideoption is used tohide or unhide theworksheet. Hiddenworksheet lookslike thisTo unhide the worksheetclick on unhide buttonclick on the worksheet to beunhidden in new windowand then click OK.
  20. 20. 20PTOSAVE WORKPLACESave workplace is used to savethe current working conditionon which we are working sothat we can again open the fileon current position we areworking.Steps:-Click on save workplaceNew window is openedDefine the name of the fileClick on saveThe logo of thesaved workplacefiles looks like-Switch window isused to switch thewindow we haveopened in excelthrough the optionNew window
  21. 21. 21PTOMACROSMacro is used to record the steps, option we haveselected, formula we have applied etc. and to runit quickly after recording by using macro or bycreating shortcut using macro so that wheneverwe need that steps to be repeated we just use theshortcut keys we have created .Steps to enable Macro:-Go to macro optionClick on record macroDefine name in the macro boxClick OKTo stop macro:-Go to macrooptionClick on stoprecording
  22. 22. 22PTOTo create shortcut key of recorded macro:-Click on view macro on macros option or press Alt+F8Click run button on macro boxA new box is opened named macro optionsDefine shortcut keysRemember shortcut keys should not be from existingshortcut keys which the system has providedClick okDefine shortcut keys in this box
  23. 23. PTO 23As we record macros, we can also makecustom list.Steps:-Go to file menuClick on excel optionsClick on the button Edit custom listsA new window opens containing some listWe can add our own list by clicking on addbuttonWe can also do somemodifications in the macros wehave recorded by clicking on Editbutton
  24. 24. 24PTOEditing in macros with Visual Basics
  25. 25. 25THE END