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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

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If you're new to content marketing and are lost like many people are, then I'm hoping this slideshare will help you understand at least the basics of putting together a content marketing strategy. If anything, I hope you like the images and they make you smile - they certainly did for me.

Content Marketing is a beast! It's like a giant puzzle and until you get your arms wrapped around it, it can be very overwhelming. I've tried to outline the most important steps to get you started. If you are more of a visual person and need a real life scenario to really understand it, then you might want to check out another shorter slideshare I created (it's only 9 slides I swear), called "Content Marketing Visualized in 9 Slides". If you're still confused, I'll be breaking this down into further baby steps, so stay tuned.



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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

  1. 1. How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps
  2. 2. We are way too smart
  3. 3. and very busy
  4. 4. We know what we want
  5. 5. and we want it now
  6. 6. We’re not interested in the “hard” sales pitch
  7. 7. but we are interested in how you can help us, inspire us or…make us laugh
  8. 8. we’re you
  9. 9. today’s consumers
  10. 10. So, how can we get your attention?
  11. 11. And interest you in what we have to say, sell or do?
  12. 12. It’s simple really….Start a conversation
  13. 13. Get to know me and figure out how you can help me in some way
  14. 14. Write great stories filled with really interesting information
  15. 15. Turn them into videos, slide shares & webinars…
  16. 16. …and make sure I find them and see them on the Web
  17. 17. Impress me
  18. 18. I’ll learn to trust you
  19. 19. and before long…
  20. 20. We’ll find ourselves in a happy committed relationship
  21. 21. It’s called Content Marketing
  22. 22. Here’s “how it works”
  23. 23. step One
  24. 24. Define Clear Objectives
  25. 25. Understanding your business goals seems like a no brainer
  26. 26. But its not
  27. 27. What are your goals for your content marketing strategy?
  28. 28. Do you want to generate leads? Or interest in your products or services? Do you want to build your social communities? Or help customers get the most from your products? Are you looking for more name recognition and thought leadership?
  29. 29. Clearly define your objectives and write them down. Everything else is driven from these goals.
  30. 30. step two
  31. 31. Develop a Core Message
  32. 32. What’s your story?
  33. 33. Why are you in business?
  34. 34. More importantly, why should we buy your products or services?
  35. 35. Write down one main message, along with a couple of smaller ones that are related
  36. 36. These will become the guiding principles for the creation of all of your content
  37. 37. step three
  38. 38. Target Your Audience
  39. 39. The truth about marketing is if you target everyone, you will hit no one The truth about marketing is if you target everyone, you will hit no one
  40. 40. Create fictional representations of your ideal customer
  41. 41. By actually talking to customers…
  42. 42. These are called Buyer Personas
  43. 43. Learn everything you can about your audience (their age, personality, education level etc.)
  44. 44. Give him/her a name and even a picture
  45. 45. These personas will be used to help you create targeted content
  46. 46. Step Four
  47. 47. Develop a Content Creation Plan
  48. 48. Different people consume and process information in different ways
  49. 49. Keep this in mind as you put together your content plan
  50. 50. Once you’ve defined your personas, create a keyword list based on your buyer persona’s common search terms
  51. 51. Identify which types of content your buyer personas like best
  52. 52. Focus your content creation efforts based on what problems your personas are trying to solve and which type of content makes them stop, click and consume
  53. 53. Here’s what’s working in content marketing
  54. 54. Your Blog is the heart and soul of your content marketing strategy
  55. 55. Your blog fuels social media search engine optimization & the sales process
  56. 56. Blogs are owned by you which means you control them and their message
  57. 57. Blogs are search friendly
  58. 58. Once you’ve decided what content to create, put together a schedule and map it out using a content planning worksheet
  59. 59. Here is a worksheet example from Hubspot
  60. 60. Some content carries more weight than others
  61. 61. For example, a 30 page eBook or a 2 minute video weighs more than a blog
  62. 62. It’s also known as a “content pillar”
  63. 63. This content pillar consists of your main piece of content and an “arsenal” of smaller pieces that support it
  64. 64. It can be a slide share, an eBook, a webinar – any significant piece of content that holds a lot of weight
  65. 65. A content pillar strategy ensures you’re reaching your targeted personas via multi formats on various social channels
  66. 66. Step Five
  67. 67. measure, measure, measure
  68. 68. Establish up front what your Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) are, so that you what to measure
  69. 69. KPI’s could be the number of new email subscribers, or completed registration forms, sales increases, etc.
  70. 70. What content is engaging and what isn’t? What content is engaging and what isn’t?
  71. 71. Focus on 4 primary metrics: 1. Consumption 2. Sharing 3. Lead Generation 4. Sales
  72. 72. 1. Consumption Metric: How many people consumer your content?
  73. 73. 2. Sharing Metric: How often do your customers/prospects share your content?
  74. 74. 3. Lead Generation Metric: How many leads are you generating?
  75. 75. 4. Sales Metric: How many customers are you generating?
  76. 76. Step Six
  77. 77. Amplify Your Content Through Content Distribution Channels
  78. 78. Many people believe that because they are creating & publishing content, people will see it
  79. 79. Most likely, they won’t
  80. 80. This is where a strong distribution strategy comes into play This is where a strong distribution strategy comes into play
  81. 81. You need a plan that support a custom approach to each channel. You never want to “spray and pray”
  82. 82. There are lots of ways to distribute your content
  83. 83. Step Seven
  84. 84. Dvelop a Define Social Media Marketing Plan
  85. 85. “Content is Fire. Social Media is Gasoline.” – Jay Baer
  86. 86. Being successful on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram involves more than just posting cool pictures or quotes
  87. 87. It’s critical to have a clear social media strategy in place
  88. 88. Where does your audience hang out? (Pew has some good research on this)
  89. 89. Define your channels. Each channel has a specific demographic
  90. 90. Create measurable objectives for each channel Create measureable objectives for each channel
  91. 91. Pick you posting strategy (content, tone, frequency, messaging)
  92. 92. Start with 5 basic types of social updates: Links Images Quotes Updates reshares
  93. 93. Remember, social media is a 2 way street. Make sure you “listen” as much as you “talk”
  94. 94. Define your influencer list: Definition: blogger, competitor, or media organization creating content of interest to your target audience.
  95. 95. Find influencers by tracking keywords in Google Alerts, authors in industry trade publications & those talking about the topic on twitter
  96. 96. Now get the attention of your influencers by sharing their content on your social media platforms
  97. 97. It’s a win-win for everybody. You get more content to feed the “social media beast” and your influencer’s content gets spread far and wide
  98. 98. How to Create a Content M Strategy in 7 Steps: 1. Define Clear Objectives 2. Develop a Core Messag 3. Target Your Audience 4. Create a Content Creati 5. Measure, Measure, Me 6. Amplify Your Content Yo Distribution Channels 7. Develop a Defined Soci Plan
  99. 99. More about me (Cindy Frei): I am a marketing professional with more than 15 years experience building customer relationships through integrated marketing strategies, which help businesses or organizations acquire new clients or deepen relationships with existing ones. A storyteller at heart, I combine the art of creation with business acumen and new technology fluency to drive business goals. To learn more about.me/cindyfrei