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Village Jaunti- Project planning & execution meet presentation

Presentation on Village Jaunti- Project planning & execution meet, village adopted under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY)

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Village Jaunti- Project planning & execution meet presentation

  1. 1. www.merajaunti.comwww.merajaunti.com A leader is not known by the number of followers he has, but by the number of leaders he creates !!! Presented by: Ramesh Menon (Member-Team merajaunti constituted by Dr. Udit Raj)
  2. 2. www.merajaunti.com Why Jaunti History of the village  Academic & sports achievements  Revive economic activity Strategically located  MPD 2021 & Smart cities  Have a positive rub off on surrounding villages Potential  Participation of village & volunteers  Physical & demographic potential Access to Governance /Administration  Drive development agenda Research by the project team  Social - Sustain - Replicate
  3. 3. www.merajaunti.com The Vision statement Holistic development of Jaunti through the innovative use of • Technology & management • People • Convergence The Guiding Principles
  4. 4. www.merajaunti.com Jaunti – Fact file Village Jaunti, under zone N of Delhi master plan MPD 2021 Situated in North West Delhi
  5. 5. www.merajaunti.com Jaunti – Fact file Total Land 1916 acres Agriculture 1208 acres Gram Sabha Lands 79.8 acres Total Population 8000 people (Approx.) - A village with historical importance in Delhi. - Shahjahan’s son Dara Shikoh has chronicled the history of Jaunti & his writings are available Lord Hardinge library - Jaunti also finds special mention in the Green revolution of India. In 1964, the renowned scientist M.S. Swaminathan had organized a seed development program in Jaunti, to produce high yielding varieties of seed. That contributed to the wheat revolution in India. - Jaunti houses a medieval fort, built during the times of the Mughal emperor Shahjehan, with a large pond attached. A popular myth being that the fort & pond are interconnected through underground tunnels
  6. 6. www.merajaunti.com The professional D-M-A-I-C approach Analyze Define Measure Improve Control
  7. 7. www.merajaunti.com MeraJaunti (SWOT analysis)
  8. 8. www.merajaunti.com The Baseline study for the First roadmap
  9. 9. www.merajaunti.com The SOLUTION
  10. 10. www.merajaunti.com Five unique efforts Pride in Jaunti  A brand driven approach.  First village to have it’s own Web Portal Comprehensive village development plan  Drive development agenda Health care  Health  Have a positive rub off on surrounding villages Financial literacy & financial management  Need - Sustain - Replicate Capacity building  ASK – attitude, skills & Knowledge  Mark a 30% growth in village GDP
  11. 11. www.merajaunti.com Define - 1 Need : Inculcate Pride Solution : We need to create brand Jaunti. A jaunti Mascot The words Jonty & Jaunty find reference in Hindi, English & Hebrew. Various meanings : “God has given”, “Creators of a unique world” and “Unique” “having or expressing a lively, cheerful & self confident manner.” मस्त (Mast), चमकदार (Chamakdar), खुशदद ल (Khush-dil), प्रफु ल्ल (Prafull)
  12. 12. www.merajaunti.com The Digital Integrator – www.merajaunti.com
  13. 13. www.merajaunti.com The Digital Integrator – www.merajaunti.com (Cont’d)
  14. 14. www.merajaunti.com The Digital Integrator – www.merajaunti.com (Cont’d)
  15. 15. www.merajaunti.com The Digital Integrator – www.merajaunti.com (Cont’d)
  16. 16. www.merajaunti.com Sellers can post items for Jounti to buy Can tie up with other marketplaces Connect with surrounding villages Create niche products for catchment / Overseas Motivate more markets to connect with thy Let this be the model of growth for more villages The future plans for www.merajaunti.com
  18. 18. www.merajaunti.com Harnessing potential of the Youth through social media
  19. 19. www.merajaunti.com Integrated Village development plans Why Integrated village development plan
  20. 20. www.merajaunti.com Village development plan - Key challenges Scattered land parcels  The last consolidation exercise happened almost 2 decades back Manual records  Land records are yet not computerized, and in public domain Multiplicity of authority  Amenities & services not approved through single window No precedence of Integrated VDP  MPD 2021 does not account for village Abadi land  No incentivised development plan for Lal Dora land Acceptance by all stakeholders Archaic laws governing land issues
  21. 21. www.merajaunti.com ROADMAP, TIMELINES & OUTCOME First cut of VDP to be presented to village  30th June’ 2015 Obtain majority consent  15th August’ 2015 Present plan to the authorities  15th September’ 2015 Obtain approvals  ??? Create physical, social, recreational infrastructure with the next 50 years in mind Deploy modern design, techniques & products
  22. 22. www.merajaunti.com Integrate the elements of Smart city into Jaunti
  23. 23. www.merajaunti.com Stage 1 – Identify Gram Sabha lands for development
  24. 24. www.merajaunti.com Road width lower than revenue records
  25. 25. www.merajaunti.com Drainage & Sewer network – Almost a Greenfield project
  26. 26. www.merajaunti.com
  27. 27. www.merajaunti.com
  28. 28. www.merajaunti.com This is why we need an Integrated VDP
  29. 29. www.merajaunti.com This is what can be created in Jaunti under MPD 2021
  30. 30. www.merajaunti.com This is what can be created in Jaunti under MPD 2021 Unauthorized Urbanization vs. Incentivized Lal Dora development plan
  31. 31. www.merajaunti.com Most Notable achievements till date The Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) has agreed to develop the master document for the Jaunti development plan. The DUAC has agreed to complete and handover the document to us in a record time of 04 months Leading public & private sector contributors are keen to partner “MeraJaunti” project
  32. 32. www.merajaunti.com Identified tasks
  33. 33. www.merajaunti.com 50 bedded hospital - Planned in 1977. - Not implemented yet. - Inter departmental issues - Under SAGY, we have initiated vigorous pursuance since March’ 15 and are achieved significant progress.
  34. 34. www.merajaunti.com Community center & Panchayat ghar - Built & locked - Not accessible to village - An asset which can be put to ‘best’ use for the transformation of the village - Under SAGY, the Member of Parliament seeking possession of the facility for villagers’ use, and use the facility for Skill development, women’s legal cell, Library & such common facility.
  35. 35. www.merajaunti.com Lake Front development (Current views)
  36. 36. www.merajaunti.com - Create a lakefront experience, encourage rural Tourism, and have periodic visits from schools on weekdays, and picnic crowds on weekends. - Target incremental economic activity in Jaunti
  37. 37. www.merajaunti.com Better utilization of government assets within Jaunti - 60 Bigha of Gram Sabha Land being planned under VDP for common amenities services facility for the village.
  38. 38. www.merajaunti.com Sports Infrastructure - Multipurpose stadium cum Gymnasium with Track & indoor games facility to be built. - Member of Parliament committed to create multi use facility for public good, including contributions from the MPLAD.
  39. 39. www.merajaunti.com Infrastructure pending clearances
  40. 40. www.merajaunti.com Bus stands & connectivity - We would actively source contributions from all willing contributors to help us create public facilities for the welfare of the village. - This is also a medium to stay connected with a consuming audience of more than 1.5 lakhs who cross the main roads on a daily basis.
  41. 41. www.merajaunti.com Other immediate initiatives • “Digital Jaunti” –WiFi village – Modalities being worked out • A detailed plan with 20 action items already submitted to the authorities. • Details available on merajaunti.com
  42. 42. www.merajaunti.com Financial literacy & financial management
  43. 43. www.merajaunti.com 43SPA Group Wealth & Treasury Management AUM (Asset Under Management) as on November 2014 • Amongst Top 10 Distributors of Financial Products in the country • Mobilized more than Rs.6,00,000 crores of Investments • Currently have over Rs.24000 crores of asset under advisory • Service over 100000 clients across India and in excess of 50000 clients in NCR alone • Managed on an average 100000 transactions per year in the last 2 years alone • Innovation is at the core of our approach to Wealth and Treasury Management
  44. 44. www.merajaunti.com 44SPA Group 44 Wealth & Treasury Management Rewards and Recognitions
  45. 45. www.merajaunti.com 45SPA Group 45 Seminars and Presentations Cornerstone of our success is holding frequent investor education seminars and presentations Organized annual budget event for the last 2 decades – One of the most sought after budget event in the industry Keynote speakers at the event • Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar – Consulting Editor ET • Dhirender Kumar – Founder Value Research • Ved Jain – Past President ICAI • Milind Barve – CEO & MD HDFC AMC • A Balasubramanian – CIO Birla Sunlife AMC • Madhusudan Kela – CIO Reliance AMC • Navneet Munot – CIO SBI MF
  46. 46. www.merajaunti.com 46SPA Group Seminars and Presentations Investor Education Seminar – A way of life at SPA
  47. 47. www.merajaunti.com SPA Group - Employing and training the rural youth into Broking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Financial Planning etc. - Build up the entrepreneurial eco-system in jaunti - Assist Landowners & farmers of the village(s) to plan own finances & secure their wealth. - Assist in asset monetization What we intend to build in Jaunti
  48. 48. www.merajaunti.com Build around our rich heritage, not over it…
  49. 49. www.merajaunti.com Jaunti - Health Initiative
  50. 50. www.merajaunti.com Who are we? What do we do?  We facilitate Healthcare, Medical Wellbeing and Wellness.  We work in rural areas  We bring people in rural areas closer to world-class healthcare through technology
  51. 51. www.merajaunti.com  To understand the healthcare trends in Village Jaunti.  To detect and identify health issues and diseases  To create awareness about various aspects of healthcare  To bring them closer to quality healthcare  Increase the quality and quantity of productive man hours from the Village Jaunti. Objectives To be the first village in the country with 100% Electronic health records 100% insured
  52. 52. www.merajaunti.com Our current operation in Jaunti  Collecting Healthcare and Generic data from each resident of Village Jaunti  Training local youth (men and women) to collect data  Training them to carry out preliminary health checks to like blood pressure, blood sugar, blood group, etc.  Training local youth on data entry
  53. 53. www.merajaunti.com What do we do with the data  . Digitizing this data to create Electronic Health Records (EHR)  Correlating the EHR to the Aadhar Card and Voter ID Number.  Analyzing the data to establish health trends  Issuing a Health Card to each resident of Village Jaunti
  54. 54. www.merajaunti.com  Upload all EHR in the Hospital Information Systems for easy access and treatment.  Correlate EHR to Insurance schemes taken  Constant updating process of EHR  Create healthcare programs structured as per analysis to address specific healthcare needs  Bring in Doctors/Specialists from large private hospitals to review cases Long term goals We help create an atmosphere of physical and mental well being, and opportunities to feel confident about…
  55. 55. www.merajaunti.com
  56. 56. www.merajaunti.com Our esteemed contributors thus far  Professional Training for employment Rachna Beniwal & Sunita Jain • Training in factory work • Training for preparing for interviews • Tie ups with corporate for placements  Dr. Bharti Sharma • Face lift of the village by beautifying important buildings with art • Training on handicrafts  Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals Chairman – Dr. S.A. Patil & CEO – Sudarshan K Suryawanshi • Forming community of 1000 farmers Creating market opportunities  Vegetable Grower Association of India President – Puneet Singh Thind • Milk centre which will be operated by women in village • Direct sale of farm products from village to urban areas
  57. 57. www.merajaunti.com Our esteemed contributors thus far  Sh. Gaurav Gupta, Lions group • 02 public toilets • Contribution towards village library  CFI Charitable Trust President Jossy Chacko • 03 public toilets (two common & one with shower facility for ladies  Central Building Research Institute Director – S.K.Bhattacharyya • Training for building budgeted toilets in house and we need many more …..
  58. 58. www.merajaunti.com The PRIDE campaign (future)
  59. 59. www.merajaunti.com
  60. 60. www.merajaunti.com
  61. 61. www.merajaunti.com Coming together is a BEGINNING; Keeping together is PROGRESS; Working together is SUCCESS.
  62. 62. www.merajaunti.com
  63. 63. www.merajaunti.com Presented by: Ramesh Menon (Member-Team merajaunti constituted by Dr. Udit Raj) Mobile: 99100-54949 Email: rameshmenon@merajaunti.com