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Cengiz bağlam 125485-civil engineering-ödev 10

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Cengiz bağlam 125485-civil engineering-ödev 10

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Cengiz bağlam 125485-civil engineering-ödev 10

  1. 1. Strengths -Friendly service,sincerity and confidence are providing. -Strong team capability. -The financial structure of the organization to be strong -Marketing advantages. -Of science and technology,the rule. Weaknesses -Usually,in financial terms,we may lack. -At first may be communication difficulties. -New business for almost element are pretty hard to find. Opportunities -İn the market,every opportunity will be used from all the products we can catch the opportunity to follow. -New chance of winning business opportunities may arise. -Competitors slow to adopt new technology. -Lower personal taxes. Threats -No long holidays. -The largest external technology to achieve the economic sense,it can be difficult. -Change in population age -Markets could change