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SP i SP school

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SP i SP school

  2. 2. Our schoolIt is a big school. It has got 3 groups for eachlevel. There are 35 teachers and 428students.
  3. 3. • It is big and it has got two buildings one for the little kids ( 3-5 years). And the other one for Primary Education. The school has got 40 years old and we celebrate this special day with a graffiti on the wall.
  4. 4. Green school• We are a Green school. We recycle and we write papers both sides to reduce the use of paper.• We put the breakfast in a luncbox so we can re-use it everyday. We use organic rubbish to work the land for our plants.
  5. 5. LIBRARY• On Tuesday and Thursday we have playground library. We read books, we make guessing games and we can take books at home.• The students of 6th grate are godfathers of 1st grate and they read together.
  6. 6. Godfathers monument• We are the godfathers of the Roman aqueduct Pont del Diable. We learn about it and we make activities there.
  7. 7. THEATRE• We make theatre at school. It helps us to speak in public, we learn and it’s fun!• We participated on the presentation of a book about theatre.
  8. 8. ROBOTICA• Some students do robotica after school, we make robots and move them to make missons.• We take part in the First Lego League of Tarragona.
  9. 9. RADIO• We speak on the radio about how we can STOP the violence against women.
  10. 10. • Different people, different countries too.I want to find out about the world, and you?