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Why Greater Phoenix is THE Place to Launch your Startup

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Greater Phoenix has an emerging startup ecosystem, driven by capital funding, entrepreneurial support and big brand champions. This easy-to-read infographic gives an compelling argument for launching your business in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Why Greater Phoenix is THE Place to Launch your Startup

  1. 1. invested in Phoenix companies in 2014 invested in Phoenix companies in Q2 2015 announced expansion to Phoenix in March All announced significant capital investment raises in the last 12 months Business incubators, led by Seed Spot, CEI and ASU Entrepreneurship and Innovation, reported assisting more than 400 companies who have collectively created more than 900 total jobs, the majority in greater Phoenix Phoenix’s entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to build momentum as a hotbed where innovators can grow their companies, connect with their peers and share ideas.” The resources available to entrepreneurs today are astronomically higher than they were five years ago. From the incubators to coworking spaces to mentorship programs to angel investment groups, there’s much more traction now.” Political leadership, economic development, higher education, service providers, angel and venture capital investors and most importantly entrepreneurs all want the same thing and are engaged and committed to creating it right here.” The startup community has been galvanized by campaigns like #yesphx and “it was never a dress,” which are committed to growing local entrepreneurship more than 12,000 tech jobs added in Phoenix from 2012 to 2014 Phoenix ranked 14th on a list of top cities for startup activity number of entrepreneurs and community members that attended Phoenix Startup Week 2015 Sources: AZ Tech Beat | AZ Central | Phoenix Business Journal | Arizona Commerce Authority | Kauffman Foundation | YesPhx | Axosoft | Tania Katan | City of Phoenix Economic Development | Arizona Business Incubation Association