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Ashtang yoga-book

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a book about raj yoga philosophy

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Ashtang yoga-book

  1. 1. ASHTANG YOGAASHTANG YOGA By Swami Dwiroopanand (Dr. H. K. Gandhi in Past Life) (All rights reserved by Author). Contact : Dr. H. K. Gandhi C/O Pankaj H. Gandhi. PH: (904)-733-1579. Jacksonville, FL. USA. Publisher: Adhiatma Vigyan Prakashan Vinod Bhatt. (Mob: 98246-53043) Ph: 2630-1891 (Res) Add: C-3, Krishna Apts, B/h Lake view Flats, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-380015. (Contact - For Sales & Specail Discounts). Price: (Amulya- Priceless) Token Price In India Rs. 150/- In USA $. 8/- Book Available at office of: GANDHI GITA DHARM SANGH - NARODA Add: 12, Ajanta Ellora Shopping Complex. N.H.way -.8.Opp Galaxy, Naroda AHD, 382325. Ph: 94290-24051.Others.C/O. 2281-0051 Website; www.gandhigitadharm.com Comp. Page Set : By Swami Dwiroopanand By Dr. H.K.GANDHI (USA) (Email : dwiroop@yahoo.com)ART & SCIENCE OF GOOD HEALTH, WEALTH Edition: 1st. 1000 copies. HAPPINESS & PERFECT SPIRITUAL LIFE. Year: 2008. (Dr. H. K. Gandhi- in Past life) Padmavati Printing Press. Gr. Floor, NIRMAN HOUSE. ADHIATMA VIGYAN PRAKASHAN Opp Vidyanagar High School. C/O Vinod Bhatt Ph: Res. 2630-1891 Usmanpura, Ahmedabad. 380013. Phones: 2755-0268 & 3002-9596.(Mob: 98246-53043) Ahmedabad-380015. i
  2. 2. WITH MY NAMASKARA PREFACE: I DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO Yoga and all Indian Scriptures teach, “Know and Unfold your divine Spiritual self within, Purify intellect, believe in equality of all human beings and universal brotherhood of mankind”. Let this book “Lighten a spark of transcendental living and spiritual understanding” in minds of all lost path religious leaders and short sighted egoistic political heads of various countries of the world. This Ashtang Yoga book is really, ‘Brahma Vidya and Yoga Shahtra’, described in the Gita. Any one can understand perfect laws of Mother Nature (Prakruti), with known facts of sciences. The laws of motion and gravity govern fine atoms in space and all gross material bodies on globe earth and entire universe in a wonderful and perfect manner.” Let this book become instrumental in bringing better understanding about Yoga, God and One religion of Global humanity, in present days of religious fanatism all around. I have suggested a MY LATE NANA AND NANI plan of I.G.D.S. “God is Truth” and “Truth is God” Mahatma Gandhi has said. Shri Ishverbhai Mahadevbhai Patel I hope this book will prove useful to all Yoga students and all & Mrs. Revaben Ishverbhai Patel, open-minded Yoga teachers of any country or religion, who wish to learn about Eternal Religion in the first two steps of Yoga and how to AND Know, See and Unite with ‘One God of Universe’. TO LATE FOUR MATERNAL UNCLES, (Before Starting this book, Please read Ch. No. 26,Naranmama, Parshotammama, “Is God Fact or Fiction or Myth?” It indicates the final aim of Yoga Study, Self Meditaion and meaning of Samadhi).Dahyamama & Keshamama. * * * * * I had closed my medical practice in India in 1981, and immigrated (OF NARODA, AHMEDABAD) to USA with all my children. During this free period I was reading and writing my notes on Yoga, Vedanta and Gita in Gujarati language. During my interim visits of India, every two years, I used to publish one FOR THEIR LOVE AND FATHERLY CARE or two books in Gujarati. I wrote my first English book ‘ABC of Hinduism’ in 1988, and my DURING MY CHILDHOOD & YOUNG DAYS. next life mission book, “Mahatma Gandhi Ambassador of God” for Entire Mankind during 21st Century” in 1992. ii
  3. 3. Many chapters of this ‘Ashtang Yoga or Raj Yoga of Patanjali’ PLACE OF YOGA AND THE GITA IN HINDUISM.book were ready by 1995. During last 14 years I was giving Free talks (Refer also Chronology Charts)on Yoga and Gita and one day Yoga workshops to small interestedgroups in India and USA. Short Story of Hinduism. I came to India this time in 2008 after 4 years. I was hesitating to Age of Vedas, Shruties, Smruties and Sanhitas;publish this book as I wanted someone to read and edit the final (7000 B. C. to 2500 B. C.)manuscript. During last 4 months I could not find anybody even to read From the holy Mantra Om, emanate the Vedas, also calledit once in India. Shruties. Shruti means knowledge gained by ears and hearing or There was no plan of publishing this book. But at last moment I Audio-Knowledge.thought, ‘this book will ever remain unpublished if I do not publish The early nomadic tribe of the Aryans in Eastern Europe, Turkeyit this time’ due to my age (84), physical limitations and traveling alone and NW parts of India had created the first 3 Vedas in Sanskrit, theirin future. spoken language. So I quickly edited its final copy myself, rearranged chapters as In Veda one observes there is worship of natural objects like, Sunbest as I could and gave it in the press. (Surya) Moon (Chandra), Water (Varuna), Air and Wind (Vayu), Rain (Indra), River (Nadi), Mountain (Parvat), Fire (Agni), Land (Pruthvi) and Thanks and Apologies. domestic animals like cows, bulls etc., These were worshipped as Gods (Deva) and Goddesses (Devies). I thank, Editor of East-West Times, Orlando, FL, Vyominiben The prehistoric Aryans settled in North-Western Indian plainsBhatt, for publishing my articles on Ashtang Yoga regularly, since around the great rivers like Indus and other four. This area was called2005. This has given me an opportunity to revise my scattered Yoga ‘Land of Five Rivers’ or Punch-aab. The name Punjab means fivearticles. waters. The first Aryan King Manu dictated earliest socio-political I also thank Mr. Naresh B Shah of Padmavati Printing Press for constitution. This was the first political scripture of Manu Smruti. This isgiving his full co-operation in printing this book. known as Indus valley cultural. The name India,, Hindu, Hindi etc. root from name of the river Sindhu (Indus), presently running in Pakistan. I also thank, Mr Vinod Bhatt, of Adhiatma Vignan Prakashan for King Dasharatha and his son Rama of Ramayana epic are believed toPublishing and marketing this book. be the 57th generation great grand sons of the first Sun worshipping Aryan King, Manu. Lastly, I ask for forgiveness from all readers and teachers for any Evolution of Upanishads, Darshans, Jainism and Buddhism.mistakes and unwanted repetition of some topics and words in different (2500 to 600. B. C.)chapters. Some independent thinker (Rishies), not happy with rules of Manu, migrated towards planes of the River Ganges. These thinkers My Namaste (salutations) to God dwelling in hearts of all people. created nearly 240 Upanishads and six Hindu Darshans by observing uniform effects of Vedic Gods (Natural Elements) on all creations in an Swami Dwiroopanand. equal and perfect manner. (Dr. H. K. Gandhi). Many Yoga practices had developed for searching the inner Soul or Spirit. The Soul is responsible for Life on the Earth. It was Naroda, Ahmedabad, India. called Brahaman in Vedic texts and Atman in Upanishads. Later it Date: 30-April, 2008. was called nameless THAT (Tat) in Darshans and the Gita. Soul is imperishable Spirit or one’s True Self. Later on the moon worshipping dynasties of Non-Aryan kings had started around the banks of river Ganges. One of them, a great King Bharat, established a big empire in North India. iii
  4. 4. Inspired by these scriptures and Yoga practices, two royal princesMahavira and Buddha (Siddhartha) started newer trends in religions. Audio CDs By Swami Dwiroopanad: –They declared that Non-violence must be the most important doctrine Dr. H. K. Gandhi in Past Life.in all religious practices and rituals. 10 Audio CDs for Youth Education CD No 1 to 10 --(10,000 years of Hinduism Overview, Yoga Darshan of Patanjali. Different 8 meanings of Dharma (religion), What is This is only one Darshan out of six main Hindu Darshans. Spirituality? “Be Your self”. 6 Cds on What is OM ?Infinite God can only be visualized (Seen) in an indirect manner by (Set-of 10 Cds of Youth Education. $. 40/- with S & H.)correct understanding of Self and mastering 8 steps of Yoga. By Self Meditation (Adhiatma-Chintan) on Eternal imperishable 4 Audio CDs of Isha Vasya Upanishad.Soul, ever changing perishable material body and world of material CD No 1, 2, 3, 4. Isha Vasya Upanishad.Objects, spiritual understanding and vision of formless God is possible. (Set-of 4 CDs of Isha Vasya Upanishad. $. 16/- with S & H.)Yoga has always remained a popular way of religious and spiritualsearch in all religious subdivisions of India. 8 Audio CDs on THEORY OF KARMA in Eastern Religions. Scientific study of Yoga imparts a worriless, tensionless long life of Introduction, Different meanings of Karma, Basic Humangreat joy and inner happiness. Today Yoga has become very popular Rights in Gita, Jainism, Buddhism & Hinduism on Karma,in the West and also in India. Its physical and mental benefits can be Moksha, Nirvana and Kaivalya, Universal Space-Time, Time &immediately perceived by any individual or patient of psychosomatic Karma Bondage. (Einstein’s Theory), Hindu Trinity, Gita ondiseases like blood pressure, insomnia, acidity, joint pains, backaches, Universal Time Space, Successes and Long Survival withetc.. Many such ailments get cured in a short time by simple Yoga Karma Yoga, Karma Yoga-Ch. 3 Gita, Self Realization Bypractices. Cures of asthma, heart diseases and diseases like cancer Writing Autobiography: Sample of Dr. H. K. Gandhi,are also claimed. Is God a fact or fiction? My Divine Experience. Rishi Patanjai perhaps lived during the 2nd cent. BC(?). about 300 (Set of 8 CDs of Karma Theory. Cost. $ 32/- with S & H).years after Lord Buddha. He perfected earlier Yoga practices into a Miscellaneous Audio Cdsscience and art of 8 steps (Ashtang-Yoga). It brings a life of great joy, Introduction to Ashtang Yoga, Sankhya Darshan. (Prakruti & Purush), Vedant Darshan, Introduction to Gita, Comparativeachievements and successes (Siddhies). world religions (5 CDs) In the Gita 18 different Yogas are described. The Gita (Single CD costs $ 4/ + S&H)discusses merits and limitations of 3 Veda, Upanishads and SixHindu Darshans. Gita also preaches eternal (Sanatan) religion 10. Cds On Ashtang Yoga 6 Hours Work Shop’s Discourses.(real name of Hinduism), One God and art of Self knowledge. Gujarati Audio-CDs. SUMMARY:- 5-CDs Nos, 1,2,3,4,5. on Ashtang Yoga (Patanjali Yoga) (1995). 1. Vedas are the earliest scriptures of Hinduism. They are 3-CDs on Gita Ch-III- Karma Yoga.scriptures of worldly knowledge. In Vedas, there is worship of natural 3-CDs on Gita Ch-IX. Raj Yogaelements like SUN, MOON, WATER, AIR, EARTH, FIRE, etc., Veda 2-CDs on Gita Ch-XII. Bhakti Yoga,arise from OM, the root (mool) mantra or sound of human speech. 2-CDs on Gita Ch-XV. Purushottama Yoga 2. The 4 class socio-political system of first Aryan King Manu (Set of 5 CDs on Yoga Cost. $. 20 /. & Set of 10 CDs ondictates privileges and punishments for four classes. The word Dharma Gita’s 4 Chapters Cost. $. 40/ & with S.& H).or Religion means Duty of a class of people in the 4 class system of CDs Provide Sat-Sang in small groups with Sloka, Bhajans & Arti.)Manu. More details in www.gandhigitadharm.com. 3. The Soul and body are to be understood as separate Email:dwiroop@yahoo.comelements by art of meditation in Yoga. iv
  5. 5. Age periods of evolution of world religions & thought streams in Hinduism.BLESSINGS:- Swami Sachchidanandji. Rig, Yajur and Sam Veda Develop. Later Dr. Gandhi practiced medicine in Naroda, Ahmedabad, India. For last Atharva Veda was added. Aur, Dhanur,fifteen years he resides in USA with his children. Gandharva Artha Veda Develop in later ages. In OM I have noted one important aspect of his nature. He will always try to final portions of Vedas we see start of Upanishad VEDAreach to the bottom of the subject he will get interested into. He preparesnotes, graphs, charts and try to summarize the subject into few pages. MANU SMRUTI AND SAMHITAS Recently tries to correlate religion with sciences, politics, sociology and DEVELOP. The 4 CLASS SYSTEMeconomics. A mystical type of religious philosophy has been prevalent in India. H IN HINDUISM STARTEDThere is a neglect of practical problems of daily life. This has made us poor, ERA of I 2500 BC N 240 UPANISHADignorant and illiterate. We are worshipping mortal hypocrite human individuals of Aryans D DEVELOP-ISHA, KATHinstead of God. AND OTHERS U Dr. Gandhi has a positive and practical approach to problems in day to Iday life. He is trying to link religion with science. His science does not lead to Upnishd Satheism, nor he ignores the element of faith (Shraddha) required in religion. SANKHYA, NYAYA, YOGA. ERA M VAISHASHIK PURVA Religion is also a science. He has beautifully tried to inter mix diverse MIMAMSA & UTTAR MIMANSA 2000 BCsubjects. May it be the Gita, Upanishads, or any other subject. The clarity of his VEDANTA DEVELOP Age of Hthinking, truth coupled with reason, and the fearlessness of his presentation Rishies Eare all obvious to the reader. 1000 BC B RAMAYANA BY VALMIKI AND Sometimes he is bitter and harsh in his criticism, when he is flashing red R GITA & MAHABHARAT BY SIX-Hindu VEDA VYASA who lived duringsignals towards some age-old wrong beliefs, false rituals and rigid traditions of Darshans E Roots of Jainism & W (mostly) the 500. BC period.religions. It is but natural that unintelligent religious heads and their blind Develop Buddhism lie infollowers may start boiling with anger at such remarks. Upanishads and 6 600 BC Hindu Darshans It is good that an individual and society be religious, but when this Era of 18 Hindu 500 BCcrosses a limit, it leads to foolish fanatic behavior, myth propagation and PURANAS of Brahma 2 to 300 Vishnu and Shiva -6 forfruitless imaginations. Society and individuals get misguided, live in false BC each Mystic Deity.hopes, blind faiths, false fears and become worshippers of human beings. In R 00000 +++++++++++----+++++--+++++++------- Ethe name of religion, the wealth of people gets locked into temples and a few C Islamic Rule inhands, and people forget the basic issues leading to poverty, slavery and grief. L H India I R HThey are taught to bear whatever comes as fate or fortune designed by God. G I IThis is a painful situation artfully created by unwise priests in the name of ----------------++ 700 AD I J B Four Acharyas, & S N Ureligions and God. A Saints & Bhaktas O T D I D start many secular More and more individuals like Dr. Gandhi should come forward to catch N I U religions, only in 1000 AD I N Dthe bull by horns. I am pleased to note that Dr. Gandhi has taken a bold, 1200 AD A S I last 8 centuries. I Hdetermined, useful, praiseworthy and worth welcoming step in this direction, in N L S I 1500 AD I M Sthe interest of the people and the future generations. A M S British Rule Start in 1758. I pray God that our society may receive many useful and inspiring books, T M M Ends in 1947 thru Y leadership of Gandhiji.booklets and literature from him. Hari Om Tat Sat. 1800 AD (He is forgotten by the politicians & IndianBhakti Niketan Ashram. Dantali. people)P O. Box-19, PETLAD. Dist. Kaira. Gujarat, INDIA. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1999 = (No Copy Right Charts by Swami Dwiroopanand)=1999. v
  6. 6. CHRONOLOGY OF HINDU SCRIPTURES. 500. BC. GITA AND MAHABHARAT. BY VED VYASA WRITTEN IN THIS PERIOD, MOSTLY AFTER BUDDHA ANDOM IS SYMBOL OF KNOWLEDGE & ROOT OF ALL SPOKEN LANGUAGES. MAHAVIRA. VEDANTA DARSHANA WRITTEN IN THIS AGE ALSO. 7000 BC PURANIC PERIOD.- 300. BC. Mythology enters Hinduism.• EARLY HINDUISM OF THE VEDIC ARYANS. SEARCH OF KNOWLEDGE. • 18 Puranas(Mythology)scriptures develop during 2nd BC. To 3rd AD. Vedas were also called SHRUTIES or AUDIO-knowledge. Rig, Yajur and IMAGINARY GODS LIKE SHIVA, VISHNU, AND BRAHAMA ARE Sam Vedas develop. In early 3 Vedas there is worship of Natural DESCRIBED IN THESE PURANAS. Their mystic stories symbolize divine Elements like sun, Fire, Rain, Air, Water, Land etc.. These were refereed love between husbands and wives. .Bhagavatum became a popular Vishnu to as Devas and Devies. First 3 Vedas took nearly 3 to 4 thousand years PURANA after 15th century A. D. It describes 10 major incarnations of to develop. VISHNU. RAMA & KRISHNA are the 7th & 8th.VEDIC PERIOD. 5000 BC.• The Aryans were the earliest tribe to develop Vedas. Fire (Agni) and Rain 0000- + Christ is born. + + + + + + + + + + + + + Gods (Indra) were worshipped as Gods. After settling in N-W Parts of He preaches LOVE and forgiveness in the West. Indian sub-continent, their King Manu dictated the doctrines of a four 500 AD. Roman Church in West. Arya Bhatta invents Zero in Math. class socio-political system, the Varna Dharmas (Dharma= Duties). 700 AD. SHANKARACHARYA (preaches Adwaita theory) IN EASTSMRUTI PERIOD. 4500. BC. MOHAMMAD IN WEST.• After the Vedas one observes development of Smruties, which dictate the 1000 AD. PERIOD class laws of King Manu called Manu Smruti. Development of early • Era of Islamic invasions in Europe and India start. Upanishads like Ishavasya and Kathopanishad. 1200 AD. Islamic rule in India• 3000. BC. Special privileges are given to higher classes of Brahmins and • For next 600 years.: Ghori, Lodi, and Mogal dynesties rule India. Era of Kshatriyas. SAMPRADAYAS OF ACHARYAS. MADHAVA, RAMANUJA, KABIR,UPANISHAD PERIOD: 2000 BC. SURDAS preach BHAKTI PATH.(All preach Dwaita Philosophy)• Search of self (soul) and its relationship with the Vedic Gods is studied 1492 AD. COLUMBUS DISCOVERS AMERICA AND in the Upanishads. Aryans and original residents of India fight. Stories of VASCODE GAMA A SEA ROUTE TO INDIA. Devas (deities) and Asuras (demons) are seen in scriptures. They suggest 1500 AD. Rule of King Akbar conflicts or wars between more civilized and less civilized people. • Mira & Tulsidas. Vallabhacharya starts Vaishnivism. Chaitanya, Narsinha Mehta (in Gujarat); Guru Nanak starts Shikh ReligionDARSHAN PERIOD. 1200. BC. 1757 AD. END OF ISLAMIC EMPIRE AND START OF• WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL HINDU SCRIPTURES DEVELOP. BRITISH RULE IN INDIA. These include the famous Six Hindu Darshans. By this time in the Ganges 1800 AD. Swami Sahajananda Swaminarayana Religion in Gujarat.regions, Sun worshipping and moon worshipping royal dynasties were established. 1900 AD. Vivekananda in America. Gandhi leads INDIA to freedom.(1). POORVA MIMANSA, by Jaimini, (2) NYAYA, by Gautama, (3). YOGA BY 1947 AD. India Independent. 40 Years Rule of Nehru Dynasty in Democratic India. GURUS build palatious temples, only at one place, Haridwara. TheyPATANJALI, (4). SANKHYA by Kapil, (5) VAISHASHIK by Kanad, AND have forgotten their duty of educating the poor people in villages of India. (6) VEDANT by Ved Vyasa, DEVELOP. THE 21st CENTURY NEEDS NEW LIGHT IN THE RELIGIOUS FIELD. (7) Charvaks Darshan denies the theory of rebirths of souls propagated VIEWS OF MAHATMA GANDHI WILL GIVE IT.by selfish ritual minded Brahmins. ? VALMIKI RAMAYANA written in this age. Rama was the 58th son in SUMMARY. the dynasty of Manu. ? Krishna, in human form after Rama, who • Hinduism is a non-prophet philosophy of attaining wisdom by search of perhaps lived in the 12th cent. BC. self (Atma). This subject is discussed in great details in Upanishads, Darshans, and the Gita. Innumerable Prophets in Hinduism are seen only in recent centuries. They have started many secular Guru worshipping600. BC. IMPORTANT DATE (CENTURY) OF WORLD RELIGIONS. cults (sampradayas). They are also called religions.• MAHAVIRA AND BUDDHA START TWO GREAT RELIGIONS IN Search of God Starts with SELF, and Ends in SELF by understanding the INDIA. BUDDHISM AND JAINISM, LAYING STRESS on NON- fixed laws of Mother nature. VIOLENCE IN RELIGION. vi
  7. 7. MANU-SMRUTI’S VARNA - DHARMA. Chart- 2.) UPANISHAD RISHIES - ASHRAM DHARMA (CHART 1) *** FOUR VARNAS (CLASSES); FOUR ASHRAMAS, (AGE QUARTERS) & 4 AGE QUARTERS OF 100 YEARS OF LIFE FOUR GOALS FOR A HINDU.= DUTIES AND GOALS TO BE ACHIEVED DURING ONE AGE QUARTER OF LIFE. 4 goals DHARMA ARTHA KAMA MOKSHA 4 Ashramas Brahm Chary Grahastha Vanprastha Sanyasa1ST. ASHRAM: STUDENT (VIDYARTHI) BRAHM CHARYA ASHRAM. GOAL LEARN DHARMA. Ashrama Ashrama Ashrama Ashrama Hinduism lays one VOW for Students: NO SEX ACTIVITY DURING STUDENT AGE. 4 Varnas (1 to 25 Yrs) (25 to 50 Yrs) (50 to 75 Yrs) (75 to 100.)2ND. ASHRAM: GRAHASTHA ASHRAM: GOALS; MARRIAGE AND EARN MONEY = ARTHA I/3RD. ASHRAM: VANPRASTHA: PARTIAL RETIREMENT FROM FAMILY. GOAL; KAMA. BHRAMINS Learn Vedas Simple life. Desire to get Saintly life4TH. ASHRAM: SANYASA : TOTAL RETIREMENT AND RENUNCIATIONS. GOAL MOKSHA. Teachers High morals Live on gifts fame in some in isolation, PRESENT IS EXISTENCE, OUR PRESENCE IN WORLD. IT IS ALWAYS TODAY AND NOW. Doctors Celibacy. Give from students branch of liberty from Judges & benefit of & donations of knowledge, all familyNOTE THE ZERO POINT OF TIME BETWEEN DEATH AND BIRTH = Lawyers etc. knowledge to lower three search of God bondages & TIME -ZERO = BOTH ARE ALWAYS TODAY AND NOW.= others classes. and religion attachments KSHATRIYAS Learn use of Fight criminal, Earn good Retire. DEATH = TODAY AND NOW =DOOMS DAY BIRTH CYCLE. weapons and protect border name & fame Become a Kings, Army laws of the of country, as a noble Rajarshi,SANYASA ASHRAM 75 TILL DEATH JOURNEY OF LIFE STARTS IN WOMB police, state. Protect And good king caring for a SaintlyGOAL LIBERTY OR MOKSHA BRAMCHARYA ASHRAM OR Government land, people people. law, people, King ; guideFROM BIRTH DEATH CYCLE Student age UP TO AGE-25. servants etc. and trade Sacrifice life and equal young kingsTOTAL DETACHMENTS FROM FAMILY EDUCATION BY PARENTS on battle field justice in moralsRESPONSIBILITY; POLITICAL AND IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES and justicePOSITIONS AND WEALTH FROM TEACHERS. STUDENT ALSO VAISHYAS Learn Maths, Earn money, Care for state, Saintly life/AND NO DESIRES OF WORLDLY LEARNS DUTIES AND MORALITY agriculture, be rich and serve other give goodCOMFORTS, EXPECTATIONS FROM FROM RELIGIOUS PRIESTS BY Business & rain fall, stars help state classes, social advice / tellRELATIVES OR FRIENDS ETC. HEARING SCRIPTURAL STORIES Farmers cattle care, /employee work and give history of Class. economics give donations donations. heroismFROM 50 TO 75 YEARS FROM 25 TO 50 YEARS seeds etc. to Brahmins.VANA-PRASTHA ASHRAM GRAHASTHA ASHRAM.(Family life) SHUDRAS Learn family Earn money Try to uplift No saintlyPARTIAL RETIREMENT FROM MARRY WITH SUITABLE PARTNER skills, respect by serving into a higher retirement tillFAMILY ATTACHMENTS AND JOBS LIVE IN FAMILY HOME AND GOOD Skilled workers, and serve 3 higher class class end of life ;BUT ACTIVE IN SERVICE NEIGHBORHOOD. EARN MONEY manual higher class give donation Vaishyas by teach family OF ALL LIVING BEINGS. BY GAINED KNOWLEDGE AND servants and to Brahmins money and love & unity. PATH OF MORALITY, laborers. gaining skillsTRY TO FULFILL LEARNED SO FAR FROMALL DESIRES LIKE TRAVEL, PARENTS, TEACHERS, GUESTS AND The classes were Job Oriented and not birth-rights giving in early times. But withPILGRIMAGES, READING, GURUS. passage of time they turned into hiraretic, privilege preaching classes. Brahmins (men ofWRITING, LEARNING MUSIC, A HOUSE HOLDER IS SUPPOSED TO knowledge) guided other three classes in all moral codes, laws, sociology, economics andARTS, AND TEACHING WITHOUT CARE FOR CHILDREN AND ELDERLY. political matters. Knowledge was preserved by creating short sentences (Mantras, proverbs) andEXPECTATIONS OF MONEY HIS THIS IS CONSIDERED BEST PERIOD musical verses (See Sam Veda Hymns).LEARNED SKILLS, EXPERIENCES ETC. OF ANY ONES LIFE SPAN . DHARMA A woman was looked upon as property of her husband. A man could marry more thanKAMA IS GOAL OF THIS IMPORTANT TEACHES TO RESPECT PARENTS, one woman, but a widow could not remarry.. Wives were burnt alive upon the death of husbandsAGE QUARTER OF LIFE. TEACHERS AND GUESTS COMING (Sati system). Inter-class marriages were forbidden; but a Brahmin could marry any girl from lower three classes, a Kshatriya could marry a girl from lower two classes, and a Vaishya could marry aKAMA MENAS DESIRES. TO HOME. TREAT THEM LIKE GODS Shudra girl, but not from the higher classes. The stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat indicate suchFULFILL ALL DESIRES IS THE ADVICE. NEAR YOU. THIS IS VOW AND ADVICE practices. Birth as a Female, a Vaishya or a Shudra class was believed to be due to sinsTHIS NEEDS YOGA MEDITATION . FOR ALL HINDU HOUSE HOLDERS.. committed in previous lives. RESPECT MONEY. IT IS GIFT OF GOD The majority class of Shudras had no right to study, Vedas, learn weapons or trade. TO YOU. LAXMIJI IS WIFE OF VISHNU. They were supposed to remain life long servants or employees of the upper three classes. Such SPEND WITH JUDGMENT AND IN verses were added in Manu Smruti by the Brahmins of the later ages so that their sons might enjoy all THRIFTY MANNER. SAVE FOR OLD privileges and class rights created in name of religion. The Shudras were not untouchables to start with. The Bhagavat Gita redefines this class privileges and affirms that all human beings are equal in AGE NEEDS. EXTRAVAGANT eye and laws of God. SPENDING IS INSULT OF LAXMIDEVI. Hinduism was a Veda (knowledge) oriented culture and a male privileged society. There was no idol worship in the earlyVeda, Upanishd and Gita age periods. vii
  8. 8. INDEX Preface: 13. Step no 7. Dhyan. 76 Dhyan = Fullest (100%) Attention, Awareness Place Of Yoga And The Gita In Hinduism. and Concentration in Present Activity only. Blessings: Swami Sachchidanandji. Part-1. Ages Of Evolution Of World Religions- Chart-1 Part-2. Chronology Of Hindu Scriptures. 14. Step no 8. Samadhi 83 Ashram Dharma (Chart 1) 15. What is Hath Yoga? 88 Ashram Dharma (Chart 2) 16. What is Kundalini and Aagna Chakra? 92 Part-1. Kundalini power means a three-tenseCh No. SUBJECT Pg No. Time and Place sense (Tri-kal-Gyana). Perfect Awareness of Time-Place. Part-2. Section : I Scientific meanings of Kundalini & Agna Chakra. Introduction: 17. Diet and Yoga 991. Yoga Is A Big Business In USA. 12. Why Study Yoga? 4. Section : III3. Brief History Of Patanjali Yoga. 8 Additional Informative Articles.4. Guru Search For Yoga Study. 115. Peace Invocations Shanti Path 14 18. Sanatan Dharm in Yama Niyama 1016. Eight Steps Of Yoga In Brief. 16 Lesson 1. Yama Niyama & Sanatan Dharm Lesson 2. Ten practical points for a happy life. Section : II Lesson 3. Yoga is science of Self study Atma- Ashtang Yoga. Gyana, Swadhyay and Art of living a Perfect Divine Life.7. Step no. 1. Yama. 20 19. Art and Science of Meditation 1108. Step no 2 Niyama 23 Article 1.. &9. Step no. 3 Asana (Static Postural Exercises) 26 Article 2. Part-i. Seven golden rules of asana and pranayama. 20. Self-Realization Write your Autobiography. 117 Part-ii. Savasan, Padmasana, & Surya Namaskara. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. (Who am I?) Part-iii. (A) Asana for limbs. Sample by Author: Dr. H. K. Gandhi. Part-iv. (B) (i) Asana for backward bending of spine & neck 21. Begger of Knowledge (Upanishad Story). 139 (ii) Asana for forward bending of spine 22. One infinite God of Universe (prayer-1) 144 (iii) Side bending and rotation of spine 23. Jesus & Mahatma Gandhi are Part-iv. (C). Asana for vital systems Immortal souls (prayer-2) 14610. Step no. 4 Pranayama. 48 Breathing exercises. Pranayama cures Blood 24. SANKHYA DARSHAN OF KAPIL 148 Pressurein 90 % of cases. 25. VEDANTA DARSHAN OF VED VYAS 15511. Step no. 5. Pratyahara. 61 26. IS GOD FACT OR FICTION OR MYTH? 161 Part-1. Third eye of Shiva is within you. 27. What is I.G.D.S ? 164 Part-2. Knowledge is Highest Wealth of Individual. 28. Dictionary of Common Sanskrit Words 16712. Step no 6. Dharana. 68 Part-1. Four goals- Dharm, Artha, Kama And Moksha Part-2. Sanyasa. Search of Self, God and Yoga with God is only Desire of remaining Life. 0
  9. 9. Section: I Yoga books on Hath-Yoga describe more difficult postural exercises and a few higher steps of meditation. But the real Hath Yoga is quite a different and difficult subject. Definition: The noun Yoga roots from a verb YUJ. The word Yoga can be traced to ancient Vedas like Yajur-Veda, five millenniums BCIntroduction: (approx). YUJ means to unite with, to join, to meet, to live together, to get welded to, to merge with etc.1. YOGA IS A BIG BUSINESS IN USA. Yoga is an art of uniting with people and living together in harmony and co-operation in family, society and the State. The The April, 23, 2001 issue of TIME weekly presents a fair picture of word Yoga is better understood by its opposite word - Viyoga.Yoga practices in USA. Viyoga means separation, divorce, staying away from, etc.,. “Nearly 15 million Americans Practice Yoga. There are Eight Instead of teaching noble attitudes of family unity and love, respectmajor schools of Yoga, from Bhakti, which is mostly about towards elderly and women, fellow human beings, friends and relatives,prayers and mantra chanting, to Tantra, which is largely about most Indian Gurus teach – total detachment from family life and familysex. members (Viyoga), isolation, idleness, inaction, apathy towards wealth, Most Yoga studios and fitness centers in America teach some neglect of socio-political events and rejection of progress of science.type of Hatha yoga, the Yoga of activity. Hatha comes in hundreds of They live a sort of idle life and have negative attitudes. This is verydifferent flavors - each emphasizing different body postures and wrong according to the Gita and Ashtang Yoga.breathing techniques. These are some of the most popular:. Buddhi-Yoga. (Nyaya-Darshan) Easy: (1)Iyanger; (2) Kripalu; (3) Kundalini & (4) ViniYoga. Human body is equipped with a unique gift of God- Intellect • Moderately Difficult:- (5) Shivanad Yoga (Buddhi) or common sense. It is not found in other mammals, animals • Challenging:- (6) ASHTANG YOGA (Power Yoga); and plant kingdom. It is with INTELLECT that we Think, Judge and (7) Jivanmukti; (8) Bikram or Chaudhury (Hot Yoga)”. Reason. (Shopper’s Guide - page 63) When real curiosity (Jignasa) arises in intellect of a Scientist, he * * * * * tries to find “Root Causes of Effects observed in the world of material One observes in above list names of teachers attached with Yoga things”.Schools. These Yoga schools are of popular Yoga business teachers. A Yogi by Self-meditation tries to find the “Root causes of eventsThere is vague or only partial knowledge of ASHTANG YOGA in USA occurring in daily life. He searches Self or ‘Who am I?’, consciousand India also. mind, intellect and God hidden within as Soul and Universal Love”. To refer to an age old “Art and Science of Patanjali’s AshtangYoga” as “Power Yoga” by a magazine like TIME is very wrong. Healthy Mind dwells in Healthy Body; and Healthy Mind keeps Similarly understanding of word, ‘Hath’ is incorresct. Body Healthy. (Ref Chapter on ‘What is Hath Yoga?’ in this book). Yoga is a perfect science of physical and mental health. Mind, Intellect, Ego, Desires and Knowledge are different aspects (areas) of There is unimaginable interest and curiosity about Yoga in human brain. Mind is called the sixth sense organ in the Gita. DifferentWestern countries. In many libraries of Western countries one finds 50 levels of consciousness in mind are studied in last five steps of “self-to 100 books on Yoga. All Yoga books describe some postural meditation” in Ashtang Yoga.exercises (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama - the 4th step of Yoga study is an important part of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm). ItAshtang Yoga), relaxing techniques, and age old tricks of Chanting OM teaches search of own Self (Atma), Soul (Bhraman) and Creator Godmantra and a few well-known tricks of meditation. of Universe. 1
  10. 10. Yoga is useful at all places and at all times for every individual of Section: Iglobal mankind. It is applicable to all, living in any part of the world,speaking any language and believing- or even not believing - in anysecular religion, faith or God. Yoga is useful for all, but one has to learnYoga with interest and real curiosity. Introduction: Yoga is Wisdom of Sages of India since Ages. We speak and hear sentences like Be Yourself, Help 2. WHY STUDY YOGA?yourself, God helps those who help themselves etc. The roots ofall such sentences could be traced to spiritual scriptures of India, called Yoga study is an important part of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm),Upanishads and six Hindu Darshans. A Yoga student has to study Buddhism and Jainism in India. Yoga is a perfect Science ofother Darshans like Sankhya and Vedanta, and a few chapters of the Spirituality, art of health of body, blissful mind and true religious life. ToGita after Yoga study. All above spiritual scriptures deal with a common remember the purpose and scope of Yoga,subject of Self-Knowledge (Adhiatma Vidya). Remember Alphabets of YOGA. The Gita describes nearly 18 types of Yoga, like Karma Yoga, Y. YourSelf. This is a study of Self knowledge or Who am I?Bhakti Yoga, Dhyan Yoga, Sankhya Yoga Etc. Yoga and Gita teach Search God by self-realization and changeless soul within. I amtrue religion. It leads to Vision of One Universal God (Vishva- Roop Brahman, Immortal Soul is the final point to be reached byDarshan). Yoga study removes inferiority complex and creates self- meditation.respect (Swa-maan), Self-confidence (Atma-Shraddha), mental O. Find Zero of Time and Space.courage and true pride or self-esteem (Gaurav). This brings an understanding that Perfect Laws of Mother Nature Theoretical knowledge of Ashtang Yoga is needed for its practical (Prakruti) govern universe and all living beings in a perfect and equalapplication in daily life. A Yogi inspires others to do divine benevolent manner.deeds. This brings good name and joy for all. Yoga gives power of G. Good thoughts and actions (Karma), for living a perfectpositive thinking and creates compassion towards all living creations of divine life.Mother Nature. A. Achieve Four Goals of 100 years of life; Dharm, Arth, Kama, First Introductory Theoretical course of Ashtang Yoga is like an & Moksha.entry step for sailing into ocean of great psychic powers, hidden within ------------------------------------------------------------------------------human Mind. Most psychiatrists, psychics, Spiritual healers and Indian We start this study with a nice Prayer of a WesternYoga Gurus do understand Mind, Subconscious Mind (Chitta), Intellect Philosopher.(Buddhi) and Ego-Self (Ahamkar) filled Selfish Desires (VAsana) butvaguely. “Oh God, give me the Serenity of mind, Yoga students and teachers will notice a scientific approach to to understand things that I can Change;Yoga in this book. Any open minded reader will learn some new points Oh God, give me the Intellectabout Ashtang Yoga, which will benefit him/her in life’s journey. to understand things that I Can’t Change, But above all give me the Wisdom to understand the Difference between the two." If this philosopher had studied the Gita and Ashtang Yoga, he would have got his answers. In outer world we see many man made objects like clothes, books, utensils, houses, furniture, temples and churches, roads and dams, cars, T.Vs and computers etc.,. These are non-living (Jad) man-made material things, valued by man-made money. 2
  11. 11. We also see living beings like insects, animals, birds, snakes, different levels of conscious and dreaming mind. Mind, Intellect, Ego,fishes and many aquatic creatures, trees and plants etc,. These are Desires and Knowledge are different aspects (areas) of human brain.God made living beings. They are not man made. Mind is called the sixth sense in the Gita (Ch-15). We can know and understand with spoken human words, man Yoga has universal application. It means that the principles workmade political rules, religious beliefs, preachings, traditions, social at all times, at all places for all individuals of either sex, at any agecustoms, etc.,. period in any religion or a nation. Hence Yoga is becoming a popular All man made physical objects, laws and living animal bodies business in recent times in America and Western countries.change with the passage of TIME. There are non-living objects like land, water, air, light, heat or fire, * * * * *sun, moon, space, millions of stars and galaxies in the universe. Theseare not man made. They appear more or less constant, but they Special Note:constantly change their relative positions in this Dynamic Universe. Shri Aurobindo defines Yoga as methodological effort towards The above prayer could be answered like this. self-perfection and development of an individuals latent potential. Yoga “Man can change man made laws and man made things, but a is an art and science of living in harmony with Mother Nature andman cannot change God made things and God made laws. Universe. Any great king or a highest military power cannot change the laws • Yoga has been appreciated in prevention of diseases andof Mother Nature (Prakruti or God). But any average man can change promotion of health by developing a perfect balance between body,laws of countries made by politicians or kings. A man can alter or mind, Ego-centric desires (Vasana), Divine Soul within and finallydestroy roads, houses and any man made thing. Constitutions, social uniting with ‘God of Universe’.customs and religious beliefs of the past can be changed, and must be • Pranayam practices of Yoga improve oxygenation, rejuvenate brainrevised with progress of science and passage of time”. cells and all organs, cultivate immunity to environmental pressures (From Mahatma Gandhi -book By Dr. H. K. Gandhi)). and thus impart vigor and vitality. • Psycho-Somatic Healing: Cures and heals many Psycho-somatic A physical scientist discovers the eternal laws of Mother Nature diseases like blood pressure, acidity, digestive, respiratory and(or God) which govern all non-living objects. A biologist discovers circulatory systems, prevents and cures heart diseases, bones andbiological laws governing all living creatures. By meditating upon Self joints, excretory systems and bladder problems, diabetes,and Death, a Yoga student learns that some invisible but perfect laws headeaches etc.,.govern all material objects (Jad) and all living creatures (Chetan) in an • Yoga has great application in the modern times when depression,equal manner. Then he feels the presence of God at all places, at all neurosis, frustrations, etc, have seeped into our daily life.times. • Helps in mental tensions, worries, and loss of sleep (insomnia); This Vision of God comes by knowing ever-changing body, mind, depressions, suicidal thoughts, frustrations etc,.intellect, knowledge, and various beliefs, but the changeless Soul • Develops art of making quick decisions and correct actions and(Spirit, Brahman, Atma) within. “Will power in Mind” to control wrong habits like Smoking, Alcohol, Only a few individuals like Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammad Drugs etc, and food habbits responsible for over weight.and Mahatma Gandhi get divine vision of God. They declare “God Is • Removes Inferiority and Superiority complexes.One”. They revise old religious beliefs and wrong customs. • Controls Passions, Angers and sensual Temptations: Dharm Sanstapanaarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge- • Creates Self-Confidence, Courage & ability of Reading Thoughts of (Gita Ch-4 V-7,8). all People. God assumes human forms, at intervals of some centuries, to • Unfolds Holy Spirit (Self, Atman) and creats a sense of Humanrevise religions Equality. • Explains true and false Religious Beliefs and need of a true The study of 8 steps of Ashtang brings this wisdom (Pragna) and Religion in life.leads to NIRVANA. The last five steps of Yoga meditation teach 3
  12. 12. • Karm Yoga teaches noble behavior. It brings worldly Fame & Section: I Material Successes.• Preaches “Universal Religion”. It is a path of knowing Relationship between Self and God.• Removes fear of Death. Introduction: 3. BRIEF HISTORY OF PATANJALI YOGA. Prior to the period of Lord Buddha (6th Cent BC.), and Saint Patanjali (? 2nd Cent BC), many Yoga practices were going on in India since Vedic times. There was a Chatus-Pad (4 step) Yoga, with about 200 verses (yog-sutras). Its four sections were known as Samadhi- Pada (51 Verses), Sadhan Pada (55 verses), Vibhooti Pada (56 verses) and Kaivalya Pada (38 Verses). All these sections were jointly called Yoga Sutra* It appears that Saint Patanjali has revised above Yoga study. He had developed it into a perfect art and science. From the above Yoga Sutra, Patanjali had picked up important 8 Sanskrit words Yama, Niyama, Asans, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhayana and Samadhi, and arranged them into a ladder of 8 steps of Morals, Yoga Postures and self-meditation. This revised 8 step Yoga is the Real Astanga-Yoga. It is also called “Raj Yoga’, or Patanjali Yoga or ASHTANG YOGA. A Yoga student learns each step slowly under the guidance and supervision of a well-read, self-realized and non-greedy Guru. Yog-Sadhna (study) is a part and parcel of religious and cultural heritage of India. In the Ten Words of first two steps, there is root and perfect science of world religions. There is similar message in Old Testaments, New Testaments of Christianity, Jainism, etc., and these first two steps of Ashtang Yoga. In USA and India a rare Yoga teacher may be teaching these ‘Ten Yoga Words’ of Eternal Religion of Humanity (Sanatan Dharm) to his students. To Remember Benefits of Yoga Study Remember the spelling of P A T A N J A L I P eace of Mind. No angers, no fears and no worries, no tensions, no stress, no depressions, no unwanted elations. Never think of suicide. 4
  13. 13. A waken Kundalini Shakti. This develops wonderful memory After mastering the 7th step of concentration (Dhayan) and the 8thpower, Three Tense Vision (Tri-kal-gyan). Imparts ability of making step of Samadhi (Bliss state of mind) one understands perfect rules ofcorrect and quick decisions and actions with self-confidence and Mother Natura and Omnipresence of God.courage. Kundalini imparts hopes of bright future. By Yoga study when a student reaches the Samadhi stage, he T IME-PLACE Awareness. Desh-Kal Smruti or Chitta-shakti. understands "I am not physical body, not mind or a bundle of endlessMemory of past events (Smruti), awareness of present problems, and desires, but pure soul". Then only one gets liberated from all falseclear vision of future goals and dreams, with perfect Time-Place Sense. Egos, like "I am a Hindu, I am a Christian, I am an American or an A agna Chakra: Develops Leadership (Gan-pati) qualities, Ability Indian, or I am a doctor, a lawyer, a king, a military general, a priest, aand Wisdom of giving correct commands, Power of Mass Hypnosis great scholar, etc,.".and ability of reading thoughts and intentions of people. It is called Par- True self-realization occurs when one reaches thisKaya Pravesh. Many intellectuals like teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc, understanding- "I am a human being just like any other livingare unaware of such hidden powers of mind. They become blind human being”. Cosmic Light of God may be seen when all egosfollowers of many Hypnotizing and money minded Indian Gurus. disappear. This is called Spiritual Vision. N irvana. The ultimate goal of life is Nirvana, Moksha or Kaivalya.Freedom from all material desires, worldly bondages and true liberty. Yoga study unfolds dormant divine SELF within and leads toThis is like Salvation. A Yogi gets Moksha, meaning liberation from a conviction of Universal God. Such a person does many humanitarianbirth-death cycle of soul. This is a popular belief in Jainism and many deeds without any Ego as a true Devotee of God. A Yogi has no fear ofIndian religions. death. J oining with Good People. Sat-Sang. Company of good Yoga is a wonderful Art and Science of India’s heritage andlearned people brings correct knowledge, name, fame and many culture. Many right and wrong notions prevail about benefits of Yoga inmaterial achievements. India and abroad. First introductory class explains the meaning and A rt of finding a way-out in difficult situations with “Clear and purpose of Ashtang Yoga study.Firm Mind”. Times of unhappiness come to every body, rich or poor, aking or a prisoner. Yoga knowledge helps one to firmly face all adverse *(Ref. The Text Book of Yoga, By Swami Brahmanand Saraswati -situations. He never gets frustrated, depressed or thinks of committing formerly a neuro-physician Dr. Rammurti Mishra M.D. Ashram in Springsuicide. vally NY. USA). L earn Moral Duties Dharm. Without knowledge of obligatory duties (DHARMA) towards SELF,family, society, country and entire mankind, and mother nature; anyperson lives an animal life of sensual joys at mind level and behavesworse than an animal like a devil (Rakshasa). I, who am I? Knowledge is Power and invisible Wealth of a person. This isthe general knowledge or education one receives in school andcolleges. It is called Veda, Gnyan or Vidya. But there is a secondknowledge, Self-knowledge (Atma Gyan). In Yoga one studies this Self knowledge or Who am I? The studyof a few early steps like Yoga postures (Asana) and BreathingExercises (Pranayama), impart immediate peace of mind, good sleep(in cases of insomnia), control and cure of Blood Pressure in manycases. Yoga meditation alleviates anxiety, worries and tensions andcreates a sense of well-being, positive thoughts and mental tranquility. 5
  14. 14. Section: I Saint Kabir (12th Cent. AD), also gives some important tips for judging a true Guru or a Saint. 1. Sant sant sabkoi kahe sant biral sansara, Sinhanka tola nahi kanchanka na pahadIntroduction: "Every one proclaims, "I am a saint, I am a Yogi", but it is difficult to find a true saint, because lions do not live in herds and mountains of gold are not found in the world."4. GURU SEARCH FOR YOGA STUDY. 2. Char chinh hari bhaktake pragat dikhai det, Daya dharma aadhintaa par dukhko har let. Yoga is a religious and spiritual study. It demands life long "These are four obvious signs to recognize a true devotee of Godpractice (Sadhana). Personal guidance and supervision of a spiritually quickly. He is a man of Compassion, Morality (religion), Devotion toenlightened, self-realized, non-greedy, knowledgeable teacher is God, and helps other in difficulties without any ego or expectation ofalways needed for learning Yoga up to the seventh step of Dhyan. The rewards".word ‘Guru’ means a teacher. It also means an elderly person and any 3. Aash tyaje, maya tyaje moha tyaje, aru mana.man of wisdom and experience. Harsha shoka ninda tyaje, kahe Kabir sant jan." Just as one cannot learn music by knowing musical keys and A saint is a selfless, desireless person who has conquered Mayareading a few music books, in same way one cannot learn Yoga by (family attachments), is not in illusion (Moha), never feels insulted byseeing postures and reading Yoga books. criticism nor elated by praise, does not criticize others, has no fear of All people need Peace of Mind to think well. People also want death, has no anger or jealousy, is simple in life style, and not attachedlove, enjoy wealth, and live in good family relations and harmony to political position.in society. Hurry makes Curry. Patience, Peace of mind andPerseverance are 3 most important “Ps” in Yoga study. Summary. 1. Yoga is a subjective study of ones own self- Swa-adhyaya. RELATIVES OF A YOGI. Yet a Guru is necessary for learning Yoga. He must have basic A saintly king (Rajarshi) Bhartuhari (8th Cent.AD?), describes in knowledge of biology and other sciences.following manner all mental states- as relatives of a Yogi in his 2. Take sufficient time in finding a Guru. Indian Gurus frequentlyfollowing famous verse. quote sentences like these. "Do not inquire about the past of a Guru or a Sadhu". But this is Dhairyam yasya pita, kshama ch janani, shantihi chiram gahini, wrong. Yoga students must try to find the past life and family Satyam sunurayam, daya ch bhagini, bhrata manah sanyamaha; background of a Guru and judge about his worldly general knowledge. Shayya bhumitalam, dishopi vasanam, gyanamrutam bhojanam Inquire how he became a spiritual teacher. Also find Guru’s greed for Eite yasya kutumbino vada sakhe, kasmad bhayam Yoginaha. money, observe his temperament, food habits, vices like drugs, alcohol, smoking, attitude towards poor, females and untouchability "Patience is his Father, and Forgiveness is his Mother. Eternal etc,.Peace (Bliss) of mind is his Wife, and Truthfulness is his Son; 3. Beware of disciples talking about wonderful powers of theirCompassion is his Sister and always a well Controlled Mind is his Guru, doing miracles etc.,. Never get impressed by the number ofBrother. He sleeps on hard Ground and Ten Directions are his clothes disciples any Yoga Guru possesses. Simple commonsense says that a(is completely naked). Contemplation, Meditation and Spiritual divine bachelor Guru cannot teach good family values to married men orknowledge is his Food. women. Oh my friend, tell me how such a Yogi will ever be afraid of 4. Pranayama practices and chanting of OM, and some Mantrasanybody, any thing, at any time in the world?” immediatedly pacify all minds for a short time. Any agitated mind experiences a wonderful peace by doing any Pranayama. The psycho- 6
  15. 15. physiological effects of conscious breathing and chanting Mantra are Section: Iuniversal. 5. "Matru Devo Bhava". Mothers are living Goddesses. Theydistribute Gods love on earth to all people. This is the preaching ofUpanishads. Hinduism places women next to God. "Janani Janmabhumi cha Swargad api Gariyasi". Mother and Introduction:Mother-land are higher than heaven. "Yatra Naryastu pujyante, ramante tatra devataha". Where 5. PEACE INVOCATIONS SHANTI PATHladies are respected as Goddesses, children born from them becomedeities. They create a heaven in home and that land". 6. Living in family love and harmony, living together is Yoga. We will observe in coming chapters, that the first two steps ofPrayers, mantra chanting, diet control and regular scriptural study are Yoga teach Eternal (Sanatan Dharm) morals of Religion, commonlyintegral parts of Yoga study. found in all world religions. 7. Patanjali’s Ashtang Yoga is only one Hindu Darshan. It needs Peace invocations or Shanti Path is done before starting Yogato be studied with some other Darshans like Sankhya, Vedanta and the classes. Some start with simple Pranayam and Mantra chanting. TheBhagavat Gita. following Mantra are recited in morning Yoga classes. Any individual 8. Yoga study creates wonderful ability of reading thoughts of doing meditation practices at home should recite a few long OMother people. This is called Par-Kaya-Pravesh. Look at the life of Lord chantings at beginning.Krishna in Mahabharat from above point. Krishna asks to fight and kill The Mantra suggest purpose, meaning of prayers and correctArjuna his own Guru, because the Guru had failed to deliver justice and attitudes towards all people.was on side of evil minded, ego-blinded ruler and his arrogant sons. All participants join in chanting Shanti Path like a musical chorus. 9. Krishna preaches, “Become a Saintly-King Rajarshi. Try toestablish a kingdom of equal justice for all”. This must be the final aim “SHANTI PATH” (PEACE INVOCATIONS).and goal of every Yoga student. (1). Do 3 Maha-Pranayam followed by The study of Yoga brings material happiness (Siddhies), by 3 long (OM) Chanting. (Five minutes) teaching how to do correct Karma. Later it brings Spiritual Chant following verses in a chorus. Vision and Joy during this very life, and not in next life after (2) Om swasti prajabhyaha paripalayantam death as many Gurus talk and preach in India. Nyayyen margane mahim mahishaha. Go Brahmanebhyo shubham astu nityam Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu. (Samhita Mantra) (3) Kale varshantu parjanyaha, Pruthivi sashya-shalini, Desho ayam kshobha rahitaha, Brahmana santu nirbhayaha. (Samhita Mantra) (4).Om sarvesham swastir bhavatu, Sarvesham shantir bhavatu Sarvesham purnam bhavatu, Sarvesham mangalam bhavat. (Upanishad Mantra) (5).Om sarve bhavantu sukhinaha, Sarve santu niramaya, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Ma kashchid dukhabhag bhavet. (Upanishad Mantra) 7
  16. 16. (6). ASATO MAM SAD GAMAYA: Section: I TAMASO MAM JYOTIR GAMAYA MRUTOR MAM AMRUTAM GAMAYA. (Bhrada-Aranyak Upnishad) (7).Om purnam adaha, purnam eedam Introduction: purnat purnam udachyate Purnasya purnam adaya purnamev avshishyate. 6. EIGHT STEPS OF YOGA IN BRIEF. (Isha-vasya Upanishad) Om shantihi shantihi shantihi. Let us have a brief over view of the 8 steps of Yoga. We will learn more about each step in other chapters. MEANING: The Old-Wine of Self-knowledge (AtmaGyan) is presented in a (2). Let rule of equal justice of a mighty king protecting all people new bottle of “Modern Science”.prevail in our land. Let cattle and men of wisdom ever remain happy. The eight steps of Yoga teach, Eternal Universal Religion ofLet people of all classes be happy and prosperous in all respects. Global Mankind or Sanatan Dharm, Good Health of Body and Mind, (3). Let there be timely rainfall, let our mother-land remain ever how to achieve material wealth and successes and finally Art of Unitinggreen and give plenty of food and flowers. Let there be no crimes, riots with Universal God (Yoga with God) by mastering the last step ofand unrest in the country, and men of knowledge, wisdom and vision Samadhi.ever remain fearless. The “Path of Yoga” is not Easy. But the theoretical knowledge of (4). Let happiness of all kinds come to everybody; let peace come 8 steps will help any curious student. He will start correct Yogato all families, let everyone be perfect, prosperous and joyful. practices in daily life. (5). Let all be happy and healthy; let all people see good things in 1. Yama: Fear of death. Yama is imaginary Deity God of Death inlife and let unhappiness of any kind not come to anyone. Hinduism. Yoga liberates one from natural fear of death. Five words (6). Oh Lord, Lead me to Truth from untruth, lead me to Light must get translated in life to “Postpone Death”. These are Satyamfrom darkness, lead me to Immortality from (by my) death. (Truth), Ahimsa (non violence), Asteya (no thefts, no dishonesty), (7). That (Universe) is perfect; this (my body, mind, intellect Aparigraha (no greed of money, material wealth or political highand/or soul) is perfect; perfect arises from perfect; but even if any positions etc), and Brahamcharyam (Sex-Control).perfect goes out from perfect; still perfect remains. 2. Niyama: Well Disciplined Life. nd Remember the points expressed in Shanti Path. Yoga study is Five more words are indicated in this 2 step for health of bodydone to achieve above Goals. and mind. Santosh (satisfaction with any situation in life), Saucham The last verse declares that perfect rules of Mother Nature apply (Cleanliness of body, food, water, air, etc,), Tapa (Vegetarian diet,to all human beings, plants and animals in a perfect manner. enduring some hardships like hunger, thrust etc, for a few hours, a day By meditation and study of the Gita one understands ones own or two. Swadhyay (Observing one’s own self by daily meditation),limitations of knowledge, time and place. The same limitations apply to Ishvara Parinidhanam (Surrender to God, all events occurring in dailyall other human beings in exactly same and perfect manner. life). This understanding comes by Self Meditation, which in turn 3. Asana : Nearly 300 Asana (body postures) are shown increates a sense of equality, positive attitudes, self-confidence and different Yoga books. They are static postural exercises for preservingremoval of all inferiority complexes. full mobility of all joints and tone of muscles. Relaxing Asana like OM Shanti Shanti Shanti. OM TAT SAT. Sabasana and Pranayama (Breathing exercises) are done in between Let peace prevail, peace prevail, peace prevail. different Asana. God is Absolute reality and Ultimate Truth. 4. Pranayam: Various Breathing exercises. Nearly 96 types of Pranayam are described in different Yoga books. Pranayam brings the ‘sub-conscious vital system of respiration 8
  17. 17. under conscious’ voluntary control. This creates wonderful peace of Dhayan and Samadhi steps. In deep Samadhi "you are looking at yourmind, feeling of well being and tension free Mind. own dead body". 5. Pratyahar: Self control practices of the five senses and five Associate the moment of your death with respiration and heartorgans of actions (Karm-Indriya) start with this step. Tapashcharya beats. Think like this. “I am alive as long as I am breathing and myteach victory over sensual cravings of short term joys, e.g., taste of heart is beating. When my heart stops, I will die”. This ‘Law of Death’eating, smoking, alcohol, drugs etc, Listen to words of wisdom from all applies to every living human being and animal.Gurus but never become a hypnotized blind disciple of any one Guru. The moment of my death is my next breath or next heart beat. 6. Dharana : Purpose or Goals of Human Life. But ‘Today and Now’ is life. Life goes on as long as God is Four Age related goals are indicated in scriptures. One goal must dwelling in my heart.be achieved during one Age Quarter. Life of 100 years is divided intofour age related quarters (Ashrama). Achieve one goal in one age Summary :quarter and observe some vows also. • Steps No. 1 & 2, Teach ‘Ten words of Morality’ preached in all World During Vidyaarthi-Ashrama (first 25 years), get education from Religions.parents and teachers (Gurus) in school and colleges. Also learn moral • Steps No.3 & 4, Teach Good health of body by postures Asana andcodes of good conduct (Dharm). One important vow indicated during breathing exercises.student-age is Celibacy. • Steps No, 5, 6 & 7, deal with Mind control, developing Will Power During Grahastha-Ashrama, (second age-quarter) live a family and how to achieve of all possible goals by daily Meditation.life in home. Goal indicated is Earn Money (Artha). Marry and Raise • The 8th step leads a true seeker to SEE, KNOW and Unite withgood children, and welcome Atithi or home coming guests. Supreme (One) God- the perfect maker of Universe, when he/she During Vanprastha-Ashrama, (3rd age quarter), Goal is Kama, overcomes the natural fear of death.meaning fulfill all Desires. Van-prastha word means ‘Go to Jungle’. Itspractical meaning is ‘Partial Retirement’, but doing some social service TIPS:activities in village areas. • Don’t try for Samadhi step before age of 75. Sanyasa-Ashrama. Sanyas means “renouncing with good • No Guru can show you God or teach Samadhi.understanding” all high positions in jobs, wealth and material comforts. • Spiritual Vision or Seeing Cosmic Light is an individual’sBecome a desireless saint. Live a simple but purposeful life. Meditate unique self experience (Swa-anubhuti). One sees Cosmic Light ofon Self and Soul and try to win the natural fear of death. This leads to a Universal God.mental state of Nirvana, Kaivalya or Moksh. Be prepared now to meet • Remember this Law. All living Gurus are Mortal Human beings,death (Yama) on any day, at any time. just like you. 7. Dhyan: Perfect attention and one pointed Contemplation isDhyan. Yoga is a perfect science for good health of body, mind, Contemplate daily upon short term plans and current age related intellect and soul. Yoga teaches how to live a noble and happy wellmain goal of life (Swadhyay). Do all activities- Karma, with a sense of united family life (Sansara-Yoga), enjoy good health, earn fame andmoral duty. Pay perfect attention in job or study and do all deeds in an name, wealth, successes and ever remain in a state of mental bliss,excellent manner. happiness and satisfaction. Dhyan means perfect attention and full concentration in any jobyou are doing ‘at the present place- today and now’. Arjuna hittingbirds eye (bulls eye) Target in Mahabharat story is a good example ofDhyan. No anger at any time. 8. Samadhi : In Samadhi state one tries to identify the physicalbody and soul as two separate elements, by thinking about ones ownDay and moment of Death. Most Yoga teachers are vague about 9