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Portfolio Link Popularity Check

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A simple description of a site I designed and built for a client. Old-school perl scripts to handle logging millions of web hits per day.

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Portfolio Link Popularity Check

  1. 1. Project Title: LinkPopularityCheck.com Period: March 2001 through June 2001. Continuing support. Client: FirstPlace Software, Inc. Complexity: 16 Perl scripts, 500 lines. 8 database tables, 100 Meg of data. Technology: Apache Web Server Perl 5.0 MySQL database server Summary: As an added service for the Webposition application, FirstPlace Software provides a site where a user can compare the “popularity” of their site (a count of hits when searching for their site on a search engine, not including links within the original site) against other websites. The application has two major functions. In the first, the comparisons are done on the fly by querying the search engines in parallel for each for each of the searches and extracting the pertinent data from the results and combining the results into an output table. In the second function, the user may sign up for a periodic email that will automatically run the search and report the results via email. The primary purpose of the email is marketing Webposition products. The system is not complex, but it processes hundreds of thousands of searches a month, sending tens of thousands of emails. Code Gurus was the sole developer for the application and support tools. Graphical design was performed by FirstPlace’s designers. URLs: http://www.webposition.com/ Reference: Brent Winters 407-240-5114 brent@firstplacesoftware.com
  2. 2. Figure 1 - Main Page. Enter Sites.
  3. 3. Figure 2 - Results Output