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Digitalbloggers.com merrily merrily gently down the stream off to market she blundered

Blundering your way forwards is best and as you're already going down the stream why not enjoy the journey?

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Digitalbloggers.com merrily merrily gently down the stream off to market she blundered

  1. 1. Merrily merrily gently down the stream & off to market she blundered… digitalbloggers.com /communications/merrily-merrily-gently-down-the-stream-off-to-market-she-blundered Cat Payen Business Home and Family Reference and Education As you set off merrily down your path of learning this new found venture of online marketing, you make images in your mind of your ideal day, months years ahead here you shall be different! This is such an exciting process really truly is. Then the shit hits the fan! Oh yes mindset so we could say... Then reality sets in, or again one comes up against road blocks... Naysayers are the worst... These sabboteurs allow you to feel really squirmish, doubtful, stupid and you kind of want to dig up a hole and lay there for a while... So you start to doubt... And here you doubt everything, yourself, your judgement, your own worth... Somehow though when you are online in your own back office, doing the modules and more importantly mixing with the people who are doing the business and having success you get the get up and go feeling again... So here we are merrily down the stream we go. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION Before the naysayers come back!! Eventually you will learn to block them, to blunder along with your mistakes and eventually you will get results to prove to no one but you that you are capable. This is a fulfillment feeling that is second to none, for to get the results you have worked hard, sure, you have overcome obstacles, yes but the cherry on top is the fact that you KNOW you are helping some other person overcome their own fears and their own naysayer's talk. So I say to thee 'let us keep on going down the stream as merily as possible' for you have to be doing something and trading time for money is not the best choice - for me! 1/2
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