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Digitalbloggers.com baby boomer floating retirement plans

How do you feel when you think about your retirement? Enlightened, excited or burdened and dark?
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Digitalbloggers.com baby boomer floating retirement plans

  1. 1. Author Cat Payen Baby boomer Floating Retirement Plans digitalbloggers.com /arts-and-entertainment/babyboomer-floating-retirement-plans Oct 24, 2016 Written by Cat Payen Niche: Business Home and Family Reference and Education As a babyboomer, late in ;) I found this video about retiring on a cruise ship arousing my curiosity somewhat! Please watch the 1.55min video to understand what I am on about :0 Babyboomer planning... This babyboomer sure had her life mapped out from a certain age... She also had a certain income per month. This is not my case, having worked for my husband's company where I chose not to have a salary, I have nothing now. Especially as we are separated, leading on to divorce finally. Babyboomer's non planning! I am in a situation that is not so uncommon here in France. I can only talk of France for this has been my home for the last 30 years. Many wives, here, tend to be involved in their husband's companies especially if they are Artisans, small family companies that could if there was proper training evolve into much bigger ones - but I digress... This was one of my primary decisions that should he start a company I would start the family, so that I could work in the company and stay at home, educating our children. 1/3
  2. 2. Having not been educated myself in this country but in England, I knew nothing about the French way of life really and is it so different, afterall? So we had fast and furious years of educating the little ones, and as time passed I did not understand why T (my husband) insisted I get a salary. But now I get it - a lot too late! So many women are in my shoes, with no future save the government handouts. But when you pay rent etc well you get the picture, right?! So what's the way out? Babyboomers here we go...... Gaining new skills or just tweaking my skill set? There are many hurdles to over come should you be lookwn ing for work - even part time to supplement your income. During my research I found that some people just are not up to parr with the internet! Well that's not a problem, and why not learn how to use the internet whilst learning how to build your own online presence?! From just your online presence you can then learn a simple easy to implement business model to start your own online business from scratch. This is a very comprehensible easy to understand, step by step method that's even know for it's 'earn as your learn' techniques second to none. It is the only system that is fully automated so that you really have little to do with a huge income potential at the other end. Having a vision of fun and wealth for your future... This is what I did and frankly if I did not have this to tide me through the lonely times of divorce - scary in fact some times terrifying especially at over fifty, that this vision I hold for my future is bright, bold, energised, rich - in all sence of the word: colours, travels, emotions, bank accounts. Where oh where do I start? This all started with an advert I saw on Facebook. I then got sent some very infromative videos and took the time to do my due diligence - at that time I barely knew how to send an email... And had a whole list of questions to ask my business coach with the planned call. He was able to answer all of my questions and after that I just followed the models, step by step. The webinar trainings also were invaluable (still today ;) and the community website a god 2/3
  3. 3. send! Here I found I could ask all sorts of questions about things on my mind. One night I recall working deep into the dark night and having an HTML issue (a little coding then was needed!!) so I popped in my question and it was daytime in Australia so I had a chat with the person who helped me out. Relief. Also the community is like family and from all walks of life, from the planet earth too! Even if I never make a dollar (not true though, for I have ;) ) I think that just for the love, camadery and darn it dudes I have a whole lot of new skill sets to my name. So I share this with you not to press upon you anything but to share my vision of life, with and without the SFM/DEA. There is not comparison here I have a future of bounless possibilities, without it my life is in the atick small bedsit of horror and darkness. Which would you chose? Where are your baby boomer retirement plans leading you? 3/3