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Digitalbloggers.com 2 min hormone changer

How 2 minutes can change your hormones, changing thus your moods. This can leave you from sad to very happy and powerful. Great for the job interviews, presentations to give... Go to the loo for 2 mins and come out like Super -woman/man!

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Digitalbloggers.com 2 min hormone changer

  1. 1. Author Cat Payen 2 min Hormone Changer...?! digitalbloggers.com /arts-and-entertainment/2-min-hormone-changer Oct 12, 2016 Written by Cat Payen Niche: Business Home and Family Reference and Education Hormones can make you happy or sad... As women we know this from an experience we have first hand knowledge of hormones every month for about 30 years (30x12=3,600 times!!! on average) so as men you get to experience this hormone effect as an observer... as 1/4
  2. 2. many times as us. So I think it is ok to say that we all know about hormones and how they affect the human body, whether you are male or female, and that I don't need to go into long lengthy scientific proof of this phenomenon because I can :) below is an image of some glands that control the endrocrine hormones, yes of an equidae ;) "If you skew the endocrine system, you lose the pathways to self. When endocrine patterns change, it alters the way you think and feel. One shift in the pattern tends to trip another." -Hilary Mantel Ok so now we know about the biology of the hormones how exactly does this help me? Whilst it is fanscinating for me to learn about the human body, it must be studied in its entirety, the mind included. I found out a lot about the mind not only thanks to the SFM who really mentored me on the journey, but also due to my own children. We are all high IQ which in itself is what the english call gifted, such a lovely way to put it, in France they say 'Surdoué' (over capable) and has a 'how dare you look down on me' type of conotation so it is very different to bare. So I blotted out all this giftedness in my stay here in France (where my body is but my brain is here on the net with the anglosaxon's loving ways ahhhhh :) and tried to fit in... What hormones exist for fitting in? Unfortunately this means that you try and disappear really!! I am a rather dynamic, light up the room with love and laughter type of girl full of bright colours and big movements with my arms... (legs..., eyes...) 2/4
  3. 3. And the life you lead makes you be more like this: So how to cope? How to carry on? I found a way to manage all this - communities of love 1. one with the church - in our rural village this was huge, I had not expected such grace! 2. one with the marketing online company I was am an affiliate for. It is with these two huge communities that I found my way, changing my hormonal balance from a negative self image to a positive one. Saying things to myself - there was this one phrase Every thing comes to me with ease, grace and glory. 3/4
  4. 4. That I had to say jsut 10 times a day and I can still see where I would say this phrase, how I felt before and how I felt afterwards, there is a shift in the hormones for sure! And to better exlain it all to you I found this video (about 20 mins but you'll learn a thing or two... ;) Enjoy life - it really is worth every minute of it (she said with a pencil in her mouth!!) Write me a comment on how you cope and what you got out of the video... I'd love to hear from you :) 4/4