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Delightfullydivorced.com unexpected divorce part i

In this first part of the series I give quick tips to just be dealing with the pain and putting one foot in front of the other...

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Delightfullydivorced.com unexpected divorce part i

  1. 1. Unexpected Divorce part I delightfullydivorced.com /unexpected-divorce-part-i/ by catpayen The unexpected divorce seems unlikely yet it does occur more than thought (well by me!) So in this series of articles I have taken two approaches to it. The first article is based on little bits of advice to use in the now and right now and the second article is more of a long term strategy. Either way as per usual I am guided by the universe to help thee as best I can Here are some pointers for just now, immediate use: Get your facts straight; Ask for possible time out before you get the lawyers in; Stay calm and don’t loose your temper (although you’re probably knocked for 10 here if it’s unexpected divorce); Envisage therapy; Allow yourself to be hurt but do not hurt in retaliation; Have a cocktail or two – unexpected news always requires action of some sort! Resist the urge to get disillusioned and disgusted with the world, unexpected divorce is not so bad; Even if this is unexpected divorce news to you – recall the good times, the genuine love you had together; 1/2
  2. 2. Some ‘genuine divorce advice’ is best left on the shelf or in the hearts of other divorced ‘friends’… Laugh in spite of the unexpected divorce news – new wonder drug; Take time out for thee, for thyn children, and for thyn pets; Put yourself in the other’s shoes, would you have announced the unexpected divorce news too? (don’t judge and ask yourself ‘what is the lesson I am to learn here?’) Empower yourself by asking questions and insisting for answers, best not to make assumptions; Resist the need to be a victim; Stand up for yourself without being self-righteous; Remember ‘it’s not about you’! Work on forgiveness; Be continuously present in your children’s lives, no matter what! I have personally found that at these times a community is a vital part of life. They can be there without knowing about your private life and just support you in your activities, that the community is there for you to give a helping hand, and some members may know about your private affairs and they too can be of great support. For me this community was in the form of my online education platform where I could be of great value to others in helping people who were a little behind me whilst gaining myself the help of others who were ahead of me in their education curriculum. This also had another big advantage was that because I wanted to start my own business, because I wanted to surpass myself in this area of my life, I was constantly out of my comfort zone. Thus whether in a divorce or not I was pushing and pulling and doing! This gave me the capacity to give even more back to the community with the webinars I gave with my Mindseeds sessions of mind development and mind awareness. Then there were and are today reasons why I love this company so. Financially I was not in a tops position, and with their earn as you learn business system I was able to gain a leg up in that domain too I am a mother and a stay at home one at that first and foremost so that could not change. I started with this company by applying for some training videos they sent me and believe you me I watched them about three times each, a notebook full of questions and booked my call to my business coach “attitré” asap! I would love for you to have a look at these videos, not to worry they have been updated Should you want them just click here. I hope you’ll find as much information as needed to possibly aide you and should you have any questions – Skype me My why is to bring joy and honour to you, so that you may shine and know you are worthy of peace. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 2/2