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Prominent engineering castings foundry in India

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CastechIndia is the prominent engineering castings foundry in India. It offers various products for marine industry, defense industry, power sector, instrumentation firms and many more

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Prominent engineering castings foundry in India

  1. 1. CasTech India Engineering Castings in India Journery since 1994
  2. 2. Casting Technology With our core competence casting technology, supports industrial clients in transforming an idea from first prototype to ready-to-use product through casting.
  3. 3. Casting Technology  Our many years of experience, important elements of this core competence include the process & systems technology established at CasTechIndia : >> High pressure die casting >> Low pressure casting, >> Lost foam, >> Investment and sand casting as well as our numerical simulation, comprehensive analysis and materials testing.
  4. 4. Customized Castings  The materials cast include aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper, steel and special customized alloy.  Numerical simulation of the casting processes and comprehensive analysis round out the competencies >> Steel castings >> Low pressure castings >> Lost form (investment castings manufacturers) >> Sand castings
  5. 5. Steel castings  Steel casting is a specialized form of casting involving various types of steel. This is used when cast irons cannot deliver enough strength or shock resistance. >> Duplex steel casting >> Carbon steel castings >> Alloy steel castings  Alloy steel castings are broken down into two categories : low-alloy steels & high-alloy steels Low-alloy steels contain less than 8% alloying content & high-alloy steels have 8% or more
  6. 6. Low pressure castings  During low pressure casting, the melt is fed laminar under controlled conditions, allowing the production of castings which : >> The highest quality demands, with reduced porosity >> Without oxide inclusions
  7. 7. Lost form castings  It enables complex parts to be cast directly to near-net shape in one piece.  This complexity is achieved by joining polymer foam segments to form a lost-casting pattern, allowing complex castings with internal cooling ducts or complicated undercuts to be produced.
  8. 8. Sand castings  Sand casting is carried out through a hand- molding process.  It is suitable for a wide variety of geometries, from simple to complex, thanks to its use of lost cores.  Wooden or metal models are used for mold production
  9. 9. Products >> Ball valves >> Butterfly valves >> Diagraph valves >> Gate valves >> Globe valves >> Pulg valves >> Sight glass valves >> Swing check valves
  10. 10. Industries we serve As beign a prominent and reputed castings foundries in India, we offer our products to : >> Automobile industry >> Marine industry >> Instrumentation firms >> Defense industry >> Power sector >> General engineering firms
  11. 11. Automobile industry In recent years with the great boom in the Automotive Industry and as Gujarat is growing as an Automobile hub, we offer : >> Fly wheel >> Different mechanism body >> Shifting forks >> Break disc steering system >> Automobile accessories
  12. 12. Marine industry Marine Castings and Manufacturers machine propeller offer : >> Shafts >> Coupling >> Rudders >> Shaft seals >> Stern bearings >> Skegs, etc. http://castechindia.blogspot.in/2016/01/the-art-of-manufacturing-marine.html
  13. 13. Instrumentation firms Instrumentation parts manufacturing process includes stamping, forging and welding to make : >> Flow measurement instrument >> Transmission gearbox >> Acurator
  14. 14. Defense industry The defense castings manufacturing industry stretches the limits of performance. Engineering collaboration with MetalTek helps meet those challenges with innovative products and processes : >> Track roller >> Fighting Vehicle Hatch >> Periscope Shield http://castechindia.blogspot.in/2016/01/the-art-of-manufacturing-marine.html
  15. 15. Power Sector We offer heavy duty castings highly accepted by power sector worldwide. Our products are exported in Indian and international market as well. >> Hydro power plants >> Gas units >> Thermal power plants
  16. 16. General engineering firms General engineering castings in India, indutries are divided into two categories : heavy engineering and light weight engineering. >> Fans >> Valves >> Bearings http://castechindia.blogspot.in/2015/11/engineering-castings-in-india-accepted.html
  17. 17. CastechIndia Contact us for any of customized product inquiry. Our technical team will reply you soon. Address : 1708 / 1709, G I D C – II, Dolatpara, Junagadh – 362 037. Phone : +91-285 2660113 Fax : +91-285-2661314 E-mail : info@castechindia.com Web : castings.castechindia.com/contacts.html