Sewage sludge can never get clean. em CompostEra AB
10 de Apr de 2010

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Sewage sludge can never get clean.

  1. Sewage is by far …
  2. Sewage contains some good, some bad, and some very bad
  3. Fish feeding Want this fish on your plate?
  4. Where does it come from ?
  5. And from…
  6. But this goes down the drain as well.
  7. Toxic waste Making its way to the sewer!
  8. Not only that, sludge can never be “clean”, because…
  9. ... organic particles are like magnets for heavy metals
  10. On food-making farm land !!!!
  11. The best toilet for the world will need a new objective…
  12. The best toilet … The best toilet would be a SAFE link in the food chain.. user friendly, attractive and easy to clean & maintain ! Must process the plant-nutrients on-site; before it is mixed with everything that anyone wants to get rid of !!!
  13. The important point.. … is to NOT start out in the wrong direction and then try to un-do the damage with expensive add-ons Isn’t it absurd to mix: 1/3 of our precious DRINKING-WATER with disease carrying FECES.
  14. FIRST: Don't mix water with feces and urine. Move it (when needed) with air not water (vacuum systems)
  15. SECOND: Process human and animal waste on-site. Transporting waste is 90% of the cost
  16. THIRD: Long-Term Composting uses NO energy, yet shrinks feces by a stunning 98%.
  17. FORTH: Collect the safe, odor-free, stable liquid fertilizer from urine for agriculture.
  18. FIFTH: Over time, run-off-pollution from farming can be cut in half, if we use safe manure to fertilize crops instead of chemicals.
  19. SIXTH: Reducing Obesity: food would smell good, taste good and restore the "I'm full" when we get enough real nutrients.
  20. SEVENTH: Plants receiving a broad spectrum fertilizer get stronger and do not need as much and as many pesticides !.
  21. Time to phase this out !
  22. And time to realize .. We cannot move to another planet !
  23. “Toxic Sludge Is Good For You” John Stauber Epilogue: While advertising is the visible component of the corporate system, perhaps even more important and pervasive is its invisible partner, the public relations industry is attempting to convince the public that “TOXIC SLUDGE” is good for them. In changing the term itself to “CERTIFIED BIO-SOLIDS” they mask its origin to make it possible getting rid of the poisonous material quickly, easily and cheaply. In order to understand how public opinion is manipulated, by whom, and in whose interests, we must understand how much of what we think of as independent, unbiased news and information has its origins in the boardrooms of the public relations companies. We need to illuminate this hidden sphere of our society and examine how the management of the public mind has become central to how our democracy is controlled by political and economic hidden forces.