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Know any awesome high school girls looking to fulfill community service hours AND HAVE FUN WITH THEIR FRIENDS?

Looks REALLY good on college resumes. MORE IMPORTANTLY...THE GIRLS LOVE IT!

Please help us spread the word.

What is PROUDgirls?

PROUDgirls™ is an online community and offline enrichment program that helps girls 13-18 become the confident, self-starting leaders we all know they are. The awesome is already there, we just help refine it.

PROUDgirls has developed an on-line and off-line leadership program for girls called, PROUDgirls on the Move™ that’s contemporary and relevant. (That means the writing in our teaching materials isn’t condescending, cringe-inducing or eye-roll worthy.) PGOM develops creative and strategic thinking, uncovers personal passions, discovers purpose and builds independence—in ways that are actually enjoyable, fun and engaging. Yes! That is, in fact, possible! Better yet, PGOMgirls learn all these things while affecting non-profits locally and globally!

PROUDgirls document their work on the site with video, photos and blogs and earn PROUDpoints for great products from sponsors. We like to think we’re creating smart, confident young leaders today who will become smart, successful businesswomen tomorrow.

The Short Version.

Teaching Girls 13-18 to Live BIG and Give BIG.

You’ll Live BIG discovering who you are and what you’re good at and You’ll Give Big with every PROUDgive you do.

Live BIG: Be PROUD of who you are and rock your greatest life.
Give BIG: Giving=Living Bigger because good karma looks good on everyone.

The Longer Version.

When you do something amazing, you feel like a million bucks, right? Imagine how insanely-great, totally-unstoppable you’d feel if you spent a bit of your free time on those things that made you PROUD. Helping others! Making the world just a little bit better! Meeting tons of great people!

That’s what we’re about: creating change and feeling really PROUD of who you are and what you're capable of.

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