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Financial Framework Conceptual Diagram 220412

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In recognition that there are multiple considerations for a public servant in transacting a financial matter in the Commonwealth, I have conceived the attached diagram. I publish this in my capacity as a private individual using only public information. I welcome views for development.

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Financial Framework Conceptual Diagram 220412

  1. 1. THE FINANCIAL FRAMEWORK – AN UNOFFICIAL CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAM Australian ConstitutionExecutive Legislature Judiciary House of Reps Senate Court Decisions Legal Advice & Guides Governor-General’s Proclamation HoR Practice Digest Standing Orders Senate Practice Journals Standing Orders Commentary & Research (Appointment of Prime Minister) (Appointment of Ministers) Appropriation Acts FMA Act CAC Act Other Acts Administrative Arrangements Order (e.g. Banking, PS, CoBH, ANTS) Definitions Adjustments Misc. (e.g: reductions) Official Cabinet PM’s Policy Decision Decision CAC Regs Minister’s Other Approvals Orders Use of Cth Resources Guidelines FMA Regs Determinations Investments Orders Instructions Finance Treasurer’s Directions (s 44) (s64) (s 65) e.g: s20, s32 s39 FMOs see s16 Minister’s (s 62A) (s63) Special Delegation Departmental Policy Whole of Government Instructions (s 62) Policy Interpretation Procedures Schedules Grants CPGs Business Operations Relevant Guidelines(DOFD’s FMR, Legislation HB Agencies (1) Reg7A Reg 7 Reg 5A Agency on Fraud Other Subordinate Laws FMG) Cabinet HB, Modification (2) Receipts Reg 16A SPM Specific e.g. FM’s (A New Tax System) Directions 2005 Certificate of Compliance Agencies for Sch. 2 (3) Reg 15 Instructions DFAT administered Sanctions Cabinet Template Banking Regs 1966 OPC Guides, DPMC Accounting Finance Minister to FinanceOfficial Guidance Official Process Requirements Standards Chief Executives Delegation(Finance Circulars) Estimates Memoranda, BPORs, ICT Two-Pass, Finance Minister to non-Finance Risk Potential Assessment Tool, Extrinsic Materials Chief Executives Delegation Other Budget Framework, RIS Explanatory Statements, Finance Secretary to Parliamentary Debates Chief Executive’s Budget Papers, PBS Delegation Agency Banking Framework Guidance ManualFinance Ministerial Finance Initiated ANAO Government Response Accounting PRIMA Model Model Other Agency’s Chief Executive’s ad-hoc Release Processes Publications to JCPAA Guidance Examples Contracts CEIs Related Instructions (s52) CE’s Delegation of Powers (s53)Guidance Response to Strategic Best Recommendations Notes Banking, Guidelines self initiated Reviews Practice (NB: Finance Guidelines) Procurement, ATRAC Guidance Notes, AGD Better Practice Guides reviews Guidelines, IT Audit Reports Agency Nominated Requirements Agency Operational Guidelines (e.g. Agency Financial Delegations, Drawing Rights) Agency Financial Procedures Internal Agency Advice Agency Internal FMA Delegations