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Employees Work Style­ Then & Now

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Take a look at “Employees Work Style­ Then & Now”, a comparison is shown between the old style of working and the current working style in today's organizations.

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Employees Work Style­ Then & Now

  1. 1. ) E—MPLOYEES WORK STYLE The modern work style is changing. Companies today are more focused towards implementing modern ways . ' '’ help augmenting the produ “ encourage workers & increasgfi“ company's growth.
  2. 2. OLD & NEW WORK STYLE : THE COMPARISON : Today's work style is totally different as compared to what it was 50 years ago. Employees are smarter and do not follow the traditional approach of working
  3. 3. OLD $TY_I_E. "'—3' ‘ ' NEW STYLE ' .1.‘ OF OF WORKING . “sf -. V‘ _' . Stiff timings- command &; 0 Flexible working hours- 'v_. . . _'. Work-life balance, work efficiency control model was followefa as . 4- _ av Extreme work pressure due ' ' ' ‘ 0 Increased flexibility to work ' . to less access to informatfim 1 with freedom ‘O ‘Focuséon results *3 in 4“evrnployees; pgfl_eye that - ~ 0 80% of employees now believe -(? p.; ‘”'not eno-Ugh; measu. ne‘s§re ‘- — they are willing to put in implemented to pr_omt‘St‘e ethical extra effort at work f‘fbehaviD'r at wo-rkplac'e'. ” -5.7’; ' ‘ 0 Focus on efficiency
  4. 4. OTD OFFICE STRUCTURE 0 97 % of employees did not find their workplace well-designed 0 Use of old communications tools: land-line telephones, mails 0 Poor sitting arrangements leading to decreased productivity 0 Congested work environment resulted in negative effect on work quality 0 Around 30% of employees not satisfied with infrastructure
  5. 5. Ew OFFICE STRUCTURE 0 Most employees believe that workplace is designed keeping their comfort areas in mind * New tools- mobiles, video & web conferencing, social media, messengers like Whatsapp 0 Evolution of ergonomic furniture adding to comfort of working * Quiet spaces for employees results in efficiency in work. 0 Around 70% of employees are satisfied with infrastructure . I 9 I
  6. 6. CID DATA MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 0 File system for saving & sharing work related data 0 Huge machines were used to store data
  7. 7. LEW DATA MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 0 Emergence of Google docs. , Google drives, Cloud Computing others 0 Database management system for creating and managing database
  9. 9. I (ll *; I.S. l.: ,l3;l, ::lE. ll. ILL E? -‘I i'r‘= ..| FIel. :'l! |.-ll: ‘: i!. *!IlEl‘s: —ir Cw It x: .'_l*~—'r 7ll. l.lTllI]Bl lgautgisllbngfltélaillniéltal lI: ::Ir‘:4;ad31!tlIo; IaIIu‘| lgziuaauiigrlkilanologlrgi l': :‘gll‘sl‘_Jl§I! IIl§I§llIIl