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Ne                           ewslett                                 ter: January 2012             Let’ profe             ...
Cash-in-trans (CIT) or Cash / valuables-in                                              sit          r                    ...
Cash-in-tr ransit robb                     bery is a far more pro                                          olific crime th...
completely different outcomes Some local auth                    t        s.                horities hav unders           ...
structure the organi                   ization. Th CIT’s fo                             he       ootprint rem             ...
The Torch Camera has been designed t offer superior flexi          h                                to                   i...
Qaida h       had urged brothers with deg                                 gree in microbiolog or che                      ...
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News letter jan 12

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News letter jan 12

  1. 1. Ne ewslett ter: January 2012 Let’ profe ’s ession nalize the pro t ofessio onals… … http://w www.wix.com/ /sbtyagi/iciss s The alaarm monit toring and respons is very complex and ted d se y dious function of secu n urity mana agement. Fraught with Fals Alarms and se s entailed resourc d ce-mobilizaation, ala arm monittoring als means that so systems need to be constantly upg s o graded an proced nd dures chec cked. There is also neeed to constantly audit the efficacy of the sys a o stem, return-o ment and the integrity of the data for very effi on-investm e r icient alarm monitoring Since all these activities occupy lo of attention m g. a a ot and priorities of the organiz p zations, the forw ward loo oking manage ements st tarted off- -loading these acti t ivities to third-part ties – speciali in the field. Thi turns out to be cost effec ist is o ctive and verydependabl option wd le which enhhances the level of security preparedne e s p ess.SpearheadS ding this phenomenon are f few secur rity agenc cies in soome metro where they osestablishe their Cee ed entral Monnitoring Sttations. Th hese metr cater t big offic ros to ces, indus striesas well as individu residea s ual ents who wish to avail the service Lead article of this eir es. fnewsletter is on the subject of establisn r o shing Cent Monito tral oring Stat tions. Cap S B T pt Tyagi For IC CISS With he W th fond hope and fir reso d rm olve That t com the ming ye ear A happy and prospe y p erous N New Yeear!
  2. 2. Cash-in-trans (CIT) or Cash / valuables-in sit r n-transit (C CVIT) are tterms use to refer to the phy ed ysical trans of bank sfer knotes, coins and items of value from on location to anothe Traditio ne n er. onally, both terms re h efer to trannsfer of ccash and valuables between cash cen ntres and bank braanches, AT points, large ret TM tailers and other pr d remises ho olding larg amount of cash. Most of Cash in T ge ts Transit (C.I.T.) comppanies are security companie offering cash ha e es g andling as part of their s serrvices. The major tu e urnover is usually g s generated with guarding. Looomis is todday the on company which iis fully ded nly dicated to cash hanndling afte the spli from Se er it ecuritas. BBrinks spun off its home About the authhor ecurity divi sion setting the focus as well o cash handling. se s on An infaantry officer and By the indu y ustrial tren the CIT compan nd, nies are seen as lo s ogistic go-gette Major Ian Kerr er, has bee distinctive in en coompanies in the priv vate secur industr and the rity ry erefore haave to accomplishing most coomply with transport and security legisla h ations. In some coun s ntries, ging tasks in challeng the transpor rtation of cash has its own le egislation. Legislation and n equally more challeenging re egulations may impo ose require ements an restrictions on use of nd circumsttances! fir rearms, typ of vehi pes icles, minim mum numb of crew members and ber w s, A cerrtified Seecurity Manage he poss er, sesses us of Intellligent Ban se nknote Ne eutralisation Systems CIT ser n s. rvices Diploma in Industrial a ca be car an rried out in soft-skin nned, sem mi-armoure or armo ed oured Security y & Safety S veehicles. Th use of soft-skinn he ned vehicle is norm es mally only used Manage ement. He is also when altern native security meth hods, such as Intelligent Banknote h holder o Post Gra of aduate Diploma in Pers a sonnel Neutralisatio System are al on ms, lso used. Such CIT is comm T monly Manage ement & labor re eferred to a “Light CIT”. as Welfare. At ttacks on security vehicles ca v arrying cas and va sh aluables po ose a He is p presently he ead of Adminis stration and major risk t life and property that end angers no only se to d y ot ecurity security of one o the of pe ersonnel b also members of the pub but m o blic who find thems f selves prestigio ous facilitie of es ca aught up in these violent crimes n s. Ranbaxy y in Punjab. Known for his gen nerous Evvery day th industry transport well ove billions in cash in a fleet he y ts er n nature and helping h attitude, he is well of vehicles. This presents an attractiv target for organ f . p a ve nised, recogniz zed in se pr ecurity rofessionall criminals for whom the poten tial reward often jus ds stifies fraternity y. the use of eextreme violence. These robb T beries plac the indu ce ustry’s He can be contac cted at co ouriers at daily risk from shoo oting, stab bbing, pisto ol-whipping and g ian.kerr1958@yahoo o.com beeatings wit weapon such as baseballl bats. The outcome can th ns s e ra ange from death and permane incapac to bro d ent city oken bones and spost-traum matic stres which inflict a lasting eff ss, fect on th individu he uals involv ved, their workcolleague and the families and frien ds. By th es eir heir very nature, ma n any such crimes occ in c curpublic pla aces such a high str as reets, supe ermarkets and filling stations, pputting ord dinary memmbersof the pub at simil risk. blic lar
  3. 3. Cash-in-tr ransit robb bery is a far more pro olific crime thanmany peo ople appre eciate. All parts of th country are he yaffected a although the threat is particullarly sever in reareas like industrial hubs and trading c e l d centres as wellas banking secto ors. The security industry hascampaign ned for ma any years for help iin tackling thismenace. Considera able investmment has been mad bydethe secu urity indusstry in th introdu he uction of newtechnolog gies to det and detect attac ter cks, increaasedimplemen ntation of best practice for cash-in-transitdeliveries by the b banking in ndustry an conside nd erable imp provements in comm s munication and nintelligenc sharing between the various stakehold ce s ders.ServicesInside CIT the com T, mpanies are special ized in the transpor e rtation and processin of cash and d ng hvaluables, precious metals. They tran s nsport ban nknotes, coins, bulk cash, diamonds, non- c k dpersonalis sed smart cards, no on-persona alised pas ssports and other va d aluables. That is wh in T hy,many couuntries, the service was rename ‘Asset handling’ or ‘Asset-in- ed h -transit’.The actio plan co on omprises four distin considerations f nct- Reduc cing oppor rtunities through imp roved secu urity, creating a saf fer environ nment, reeducing re epeat victim misation, bu uilding str ronger com mmunities and lookin to impro regulat ng ove tion.- Reduc cing incen ntives by seizing c criminal as ssets and faacilitating c asset recovery in civil r nitiatives.- Increaasing deterrencee thro ugh better b comm munication, enforrcement and the mana agement of offenders. f- Suppo orting part tners through increa asing the capacity of local d deliveries, identifying and g dissemminating g good prac ctice, makiing cash-in-transit a priority, encouraging better data analys and res sis search and improving performa d g ance mana agement.Vehicles ParkingThe subje of park ect king enforc cement has raised va need for publica s alid f ation of the cash-in-t e transitcharter. I is sugge It ested that adequate lloading an unloadin facilities be provid for cas a nd ng s ded sh-in-transit vehhicles in pedestrian areas and that consideration be given to granting exemption from a b o nparking reegulations. This mo has cle implica . ove ear ations for the effectiive implem mentation o the ofaction pla since it has a dire bearing on two of its four ke element - reducin opportu an, ect g f ey ts ng unitiesfor crime and supp porting parrtners by making ca ash-in-transit a priorrity and deeveloping goodpractice. The curre situatio where by each lo ent on, ocal authoority make its own decision a es aboutexemption for so-c ns called ‘bul llion vehic cles,’ leads to a com s mplex and bureaucra situati atic ion inwhich ser rvice providders have to conduct multiple negotiations with indi vidual councils, often with t t n n
  4. 4. completely different outcomes Some local auth t s. horities hav unders ve stood the unique risk and u khave agre to prov eed vide exemptions but many hav not. The result is t ve e that the ris of attack can skdiffer from place to place, potentially even on parts of th same s m o p he street divided by a localauthority b boundary.The issue cries out for urgent action. T e t The cash-in n-transit bu usiness, by its very nature, req y n quiresthat its ve ehicles-par as close as possib to customers’ pre rk e ble emises. T This is both an opera h ationalrequireme for veh ent hicle crews and a co s ommon se ense preca aution to rreduce the risk of a e attack.Many cas deliverie and collections oc sh es ccur on bu high st usy treets and the fact is that acce is s essfrequently made dif y fficult by parking reg p gulations that fail to differentia betwee the pub at ate en bliclarge and a high risk operation that is ty k n ypically con ncluded in a very sho time. The result is that ort Tcash-in-traansit crew either in ws ncrease thheir vulner rability to attack or risk being issued w g with aparking tic cket.Risk ReductionIn terms o the num of mbers of of obberies, according to security analysts, appear to have ffences, ro areduced eeven when no officia figures are availa n al able. Desp this go pite ood work, it is more than eevident th attacks against cash-in-tra hat s ansit crews still need to reduc significa s d ce antly further. Inorder to a achieve th the res his, sources b eing put into lowering the fig ures by th government, hepolice and other stakeholders must be m d maintained to continue to bring t figures down. the sCash Pro ocessingCash proc cessing is an industr process far remo rial s ovedfrom traditional ban nking activ vities and culture. The Tinternal orrganization of cash handling w n h within bank is ksoften obsoolete and inefficient, inherited f from old bankorganizatiions and further co omplicated by mergers,acquisition and r ns restructurin ng. This has led themajority of banks to opt for the ou f utsourcing ofwholesale cash pro e ocessing. Banks purs B sue severa objective when th choose to extern al es hey nalizetheir cash processin h ng:  Cut costs by streamlin y ning proceessing stru uctures an implem nd menting hig gher througghput sorrters.  Ach hieve econnomies of scale thank to large and more efficient c s ks er e cash centrres.  Re educe inves stments required by a increas an singly capit tal-intensiv industry. ve  Re educe the rrisks assoc ciated with cash.  Op ptimize the supply cha manag ain gement.  Foc on the core busin cus e ness.There are on the oth hand in e her nherent dif fficulties as ssociated with outsou w urcing. One of them is theloss of coontrol and t reliance on exter the rnal provide In som cases, banks no longer hav the ers. me veknow-how in relatio to cash handling. Cash pro w on ocessing has evolved from a labour inte d ensiveactivity focused on the transportation of cash to a capital-intensive ind f dustry offe ering end-to end osolutions. Transpor no longe constitu rt er utes the va alue added in the b d business but continu ues to
  5. 5. structure the organi ization. Th CIT’s fo he ootprint rem mains a ke factor o selection by banks and ey of n sretailers.The indus is generally divid into the following activities: stry ded e g  Tra ansport  Pro ocessing  AT servicing TMThe qualit of produ the str ty uct, rength of k keys, the security of codes and the histor and ped d ry digreeof the naame it ens sures that solutions are tailor red to nee and bu ed udget, are available with e etechnical research and suppo to pro ort, otect the tr ransaction and stora age of cas or impo sh ortantdocument whether in the Hig Street, a part of daily life, or in appare secure locations. ts, gh as d o ent eIndustrial Locking Solutions sCIT vehic manufa cle actures and other sy d ystem provviders have a wide erange of key swit tches, cam m-locks a and specia alist self-p poweringelectronic combinat c tion locks to secure such equ uipment as integral s afes, drop safes and transfer havehicle sa atches. Se ecurity soluutions formost of th services undertak within the CIT se he s ken ector such as high hstreet collection, tru unking, bu coin ca ulk arrying, ca park me ar eter andATM serv vicing are e easily available in the market. e  Co ontrolled hig ghly secure access t Cash in Transit Ve to ehicles, buiildings, offi ices and plant  Ma aximum ease of use  Aesthetically sympathetic to envir ronmentFuture of CIT fCITs are attemptin to mov away fr ng ve rom this product or p riented org ganization to custommizedsourcing m models. Pr rotect from intent wit hin, is as critical as defence ag m c d gainst outs side aggresssion.There hav been great losses of cash while in-tr ve ransit and hurt the r reputations of s quite a fewagencies in the field Lots of innovative and out-o d. e of-box solu utions have been ma e ade availab to ble mers!the customIn short, the battle has yet to be won and all th stakeho o he olders are determine to achie ed eve afurther re eduction in attacks during 20 n 012, through continued innovvation in technology and t ypractice a the dep and ployment of major res o sources.These eff forts demaand suppo not on within the existing partners ort, nly t ship, but also from other ainterested parties, m d most notab local go bly overnment There is no doubt that conc t. s t certed actio on onthis issue could hav a beneficial impac and man people are surpris ve ct ny sed that lo ocal governnmenthas not been more active in addressing the issue, not least given its c a g clear intere in creat est ting asafe and ssecure pub realm. blic
  6. 6. The Torch Camera has been designed t offer superior flexi h to ibilityand spee of deployment. Featuring a high resolution (3 ed g nMegapixe camera and int el) a terchangea able lense es, the Torch TCamera has tremendous flexibility. V Video mo otion detectioncaptures activity in detail, ena abling veh icles or individuals to be tidentified. The built- battery back-up c -in can be use for up to 10 ed thours withhout recharging (subj ject to cam mera speciffication).The came also fe era eatures bu in stora uilt age for sev veral thousandimages fo playbac Images can also be delive or ck. s o ered offsite via eFTP or e email. Dep ployment is fast and easy. Simply turn the d S nTorch Camera on a within a just a fe minutes the came is and ew s eraaccessible remotely Fully fea e y. mote setup allows for the atured rem pcomplete configuraation of th camera includin change to he a ng esdetection and record ding. All that is required to view images f d from Torch Camera is a h a device c apable of accessing the inter g rnet, such as a PC or a Smartpho one; passwword prote ection ens sures the security of both s f the deviice and location. Remote u l users can also ac n ctivate recording or save a single image a g e e and all im mages ca be an processe off line using addit ed u tional, free of charge, software.. The Torc Camera is ideally suited to in ch s nstallations both shor and s rt long term with th addition flexibil ity of being able t be m he nal to relocated in minute There is no nee to wait for a tele d es. ed ecoms provider to install an internet connectio or be ti to a se a t on ied ervice contract. Building site securrity, asset managem ent, emerg gency serv vices, situationa awaren al ness or health an safety purposes are h nd svaluable jobs that w were once trusted to p t people, now the Torc Camera can carry these task out w ch ksautomatic cally. The T Torch Cam mera can a also send an alarm to an ARC (Alarm Re a o eceiving Ce entre)for verifica ation and rresponse.The Torch Camera can be used as a handheld device fo rapid de a u d or eployment or for inc t cidentmanagem ment. As To orch Came is carriied around site engin era d neers, ope erators and manager can d rsall log on to the ca amera and see what is happening, enab t bling comp panies to allow nume a erouspeople to visit site w while reduc cing their caarbon footprint.With optio onal integrated Wi-F increasiing the co Fi onnectivity of the ca amera, use are ab to ers bledownload video withhout disturbing the ca amera or using large amounts o mobile bandwidth. u of b . http://www.se h esys.co.uk/Liive_demonst tration_camer ra.html
  7. 7. Qaida h had urged brothers with deg gree in microbiolog or che gy emistry... to develop a t weapon of mass d destructio on. A crude but effect tive weapo can be made by using wid on e dely availa able pathoogens and d quipment cheap eq : Hillary Clin H ntonGeneva: T United States calle on Wedn The ed nesday for closer intern c national coo operation to prevent te o erroristgroups from developin or using bio- logicall weapons, a threat it said was gro m ng s owing. US secretary of state s fHillary Clin nton said co ountries must strengthe their ability to detec and respo en ct ond to susppicious outb breaksof infectiou disease t us that could be caused b pathogen falling into the wrong hands. b by ns g"Unfortuna ately the ability of terro other non- state actors to develop and use these weapons is orists and o s pgrowing. T Therefore th must be a renewe focus of our effort his ed o ts," she sa in a spe aid eech in Geeneva."Because tthere are w warning-sign and they are too se ns y erious to ign nore." She s said al-Qaid in the Ar da rabianPeninsula had urged "brothers with degree in micro es obiology or chemistry ... to develop a weap pon ofmass destrruction".A crude bu effective terrorist we ut eapon can be made by using a sample of w b widely avaiilable patho ogens,cheap equ uipment and "college-le d evel chemis stry and bioology", she added. Sta ates must do a better job of dreporting o measure being ta on es aken to gua against the misuse of biologiical weapon and scie ard e ns entistsshould excchange view on threa Clinton said. She was addres ws ats, w ssing a glob conferen to revie the bal nce ewBiological Weapons C Convention banning biiological an toxin wea nd apons, whic has bee ratified b 165 ch en bystates. She called for maximizin benefits of scientific research and minimiizing the ris that it w be e r ng c sks willmisused. TThere was a need to balance the need for scientific innovation wit the need to guard against b thsuch risks, she said. , Reuuters Sug ggestions & feedbac may be sent to us on e-ma sbtyag ck e u ail: gi1958@gmail.com