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  1. 1. Different Types of Succulents Victoria St. James Period: 2 *All cactuses are succulents, but not all succulents are cactuses.*
  2. 2. Aeonium Hybrid Kiwi *Full sun to partial sun *Blooms in late spring *6-12 inch in height
  3. 3. Sedum Hybrid aka Jelly Bean *Does best in hot weather *Prefers bright light *Can irritate some people’s skin *Water more in summer and spring, but still let it dry out before watering it again *In summer it blooms pink flowers
  4. 4. *Partial sun *Blooms in late winter *6-12 inch in height *Low water needs Sedum Rubrotinctum
  5. 5. Echeveria aka Bluebird *Some will only grow 2 inches to a foot and other will grow up to 2 feet. *Full sun *Water fairly well in summer and spring, reduce water in the winter.
  6. 6. Haworthia *Leaves can get to 1.2 - 12 inch. long. *Only water when the soil is dry. It’s better to have a little water instead of letting it sit in water. *You can find them tucked under other plants. *Unlike most succulents, they don’t need much sun light
  7. 7. Anacampseros Rufescens *Water when soil is dry *Light shade *8 inches in height *Blooms pink flowers in late spring - middle of summer *It reduces it’s size as water grows scarce
  8. 8. Agave Parryi Truncata *up to 18ft. in height *up to 18ft. in width *Full sun *Low water needs *They make a 12 foot stalk with yellow blooms. After blooming they die
  9. 9. Crassula Rupestris aka Baby Necklace or Tom Thumb*They’re winter growers and have cute pink flowers *When they need water the leaves shrivel up *They appreciate more water especially in summer *Shade to direct light. A lot of sun gives them red on the edges their leaves *They grow into mounds of 6 - 10 inches
  10. 10. Sedum Clavatum *Drought tolerant *4 - 6 inch. in height *They bloom in the summer *Partial sun to full sun
  11. 11. Aloe Vera *Sometimes used as medicine *They can get up to 31 - 39 inch in height *Stores water in it’s leave incase of a drought *Require little water *Over watering could cause root rot which might kill the plant
  12. 12. Portulacaria Afra aka Elephant Bush *Full sun *Blooms pink flowers in late spring *4-6 inch tall *Drought tolerant *Low water needs
  13. 13. Cereus Peruvianus *Allow soil to dry before watering again *Full to partial sun *Drought tolerant *3-15 ft. in height *Blooms white flowers
  14. 14. Jeweled Aloe Distans *Blooms coral colored flowers in the summer *Low water needs *Up to 6 inches in height *Fire resistant *Full sun to light shade
  15. 15. Senecio Mandraliscae aka Blue Fingers *Allow soil to dry before watering again *Up to 18 inches tall *Partial light *Water less in the winter
  16. 16. Sedum Adolphii Firestorm *Leaves turn orange when exposed to bright light *6 - 12 inch in height *Full sun *Blooms white flowers
  17. 17. Mammillaria Rhodantha *Prefers shade *7.8 inch in height *Blooms deep pink - purple flowers *Starts blooming in spring & continues until autumn *Grows in clumps
  18. 18. Graptopetalum Mendozae *6-13 inches in height *Sun - partial shade *Blooms white flowers in late winter / early spring *Drought tolerant *Water when soil is dry
  19. 19. Credits wikipedia.org davesgarden.com www.drought-smart-plants.com www.cactuslimon.com www.eagleplants.com