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United States Wealth Report 2015 infographic

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United States Wealth Report 2015 infographic highlights the key findings of the report sections - Market Sizing, HNWI Behaviors and the Spotlight on Automated Advice

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United States Wealth Report 2015 infographic

  1. 1. Copyright ©2015 Capgemini. All rights reserved. U.S. HNWI1 Wealth Grows to $15.2 Trillion up more than 9% in 2014 + $1trillion 98k 12.1% 13.3% 348bn SEATTLE 222k 11.2% 12.3% 794bn SAN FRANCISCO 136k 11.4% 12.5% 505bn SAN JOSE 364k 10.4% 11.5% 1,335bn LOS ANGELES 162k 9.7% 10.8% 618bn BOSTON 282k 6.7% 7.8% 1,163bn CHICAGO 963k 7.7% 8.8% 3,528bn NEW YORK 116k 7.4% 8.5% 468bn DETROIT 146k 7.9% 9.0% 600bn PHILADELPHIA 236k 7.0% 8.1% 957bn WASHINGTON D.C. 150k 14.0% 15.2% 572bn126k 11.2% 12.4% 513bn DALLAS Under-30 HNWIs have lower levels of trust, loyalty and satisfaction, and are more likely to have relationships with many wealth management firms HOUSTON 14% With the 19k new HNWIS, Houston moves up to 7th place Texas and West Coast home to greatest number of new HNWIs thanks to real estate growth and other factors U.S. HNWI Behaviors are becoming more segmented by age and gender The Rise of Automated Advisors Female HNWIs are more concerned about... and they allocate investments differently than male HNWIs HNWIs are willing to allocate $1.5 trillion in assets to automated advisors by 2017 Under 30 Over 60 Female Male 47% Trust and Confidence in Wealth Management Firm Satisfaction with Wealth Manager75% 67% Multiple Relationships (Relationships with Five or More Firms) 70% Wealth Manager Understanding of Needs 86% 3% 82% 87% 29.3% 25.5% 18.4% 13.1% 13.7% Equities Fixed Income Cash and Cash Equivalents Real Estateb Alternative Investmentsa 39.8% 21.3% 17.5% 11.2% 10.3% U.S. HNWIs are showing increasing interest in automated advisors, and the younger HNWIs demonstrated significantly high interest in automated advisors as compared to older HNWIs identity theft 12% the environment 10% their income keeping up with inflation 10% www.us-wealthreport.com a. Includes structured products, hedge funds, derivatives, foreign currency, commodities, private equity b. Excludes primary residence 1 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are defined as those having investable assets of US$1 million or more, excluding primary residence, collectibles, consumables, and consumer durables 17.6% 28.3% 43.1% 68.9% 86.7% 60 and Above Under 30 Respondents 30–39 40–49 50–59 Willingness to Use Automated Advisory Services U.S. Wealth Report 2015