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IT Performance – what differentiates the Leaders

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CIO’s - release funds for innovation and transformation by adopting best practices in managing your application portfolios. How do Leaders reduce their costs while also
reducing time to market and enabling innovation? After five years of in-depth research, Capgemini has built a unique knowledge base that reflects the way IT teams manage their
application portfolios. It contains more than a million data points, gathered from more than a hundred portfolios across all industries. This rich information resource has been exploited through the use of analytics and big data techniques to identify best practices. Data shows that adopting those best practices produces significant benefits.

Philippe Roques,
Senior Vice President, Global LINKS/ITP leader

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IT Performance – what differentiates the Leaders

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  3. 3. ‘ix :11:-: ‘§I’_.11_: l:ln! i‘1ilT! lI. I ; :s: _a. imrru . iit1lih1;lil. iil: -l. Ii? l r Q9 Best-In-class are roduclng the “long tail‘ oi small apps [(3 com‘. T T 5“ LW3 “,3 been esmmdflm Examples of best practice Am’, I‘ ‘l ‘ IT‘ " ‘H "P1 duc thebngtail E aim §:7’Part of an IT budg tdedicatzadhotaehnioal projects 2“ Best _ ‘ ii l-I00/0 : <?r‘r clinical d M is an important metric um , " W Econ oidation programs with realistic objectives 3"""'PP= F"E<9.5 N3D| |31‘°| 9 ! ;’5hado--r l'l’ r plac d by lwsines-owned IT thanks to best practice for the operating model - lnnov- tlon 4 nd TTTT from lndusslrl‘ lit tlon , "r"O[ ij : _:"ci§_? ‘C"“~O[ Al. ’ O of best-in-class rely on i “§J"%J O of best—in-class haveapreferred °"5h°re V5‘ 3 _“_C‘ partner sourcing strategy vs. J I H A O -| - M) /1.‘ /0 ofbest-in-class adopt development lifecycle to build adaptable solutions ‘sip u:1d: —m <1»: '): l;lr1ll| Il. fl um-Lt: -II
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