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Consumer insights: Finding and Guarding the Treasure Trove Infographic

Consumer Product (CP) companies operate in an industry where the fundamental rules of the game are changing. The growth of e-commerce, the ability to bypass retailers, the rise of private labels, and the advent of niche CP startups are just some of the trends that are reshaping the sector. Find out the latest findings from our Consumer Insights Infographic.

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Consumer insights: Finding and Guarding the Treasure Trove Infographic

  1. 1. Enhance Effectiveness of Marketing Campaign Refine Existing Products Consumer Insights Finding and Guarding the Treasure Trove Launch New Products Drive EBITDA growth Consumer Insights are paying off What are the Key OpportunityAreas? How to Make it Work – Lessons from Industry Leaders BreadthofConsumerInsights Front-Runners Cautious AdoptersSlow-Starters Fast Followers Success in Realizing Benefits from Consumer Insights Leaders are few and far between Leaders outperform their peers on key areas Cautious Adopters Fast Followers Vs Vs Front-Runners Slow-Starters Enable large number of activities with consumer insights and also Greater success Enable a breadth of activities, but experience limited successachieve Leverage consumer insights in few activities and achieve much do not success Greater Success Companies that enable few activities, but experience Superior leadership support Better operating model Front- Runners 27%69% Slow- Starters 48%81% consumer insights is very strategic and is initiated and monitored at the very top level Vs Advanced use of data and analytics capabilities 41%67% Users of consumer insights are given the support required to interpret and act upon them Vs Focus on improvement in decision-making 45%73% Recognize need to expand insights-driven decisions into more business units Take insights-driven decisions across business units Vs Availability of the right data and associated skills 36%9% Non-availability of required skills hampers ability to generate insights Consumer Goods Companies are not Taking have experienced 90% 43% 51% 54% security practices do not comply fully with industry regulations give customers control over data collected framed clear non-negotiable policies on customer data security and privacy total maximum theoretical liability of consumer goods industry if GDPR regulations were to be implemented today Putting Consumer Insights to Work Build the Right Governance Structures Develop Data Analytics Skills Take a Step-wise Approach to Deploying Consumer Insights Teams Establish a Chief Privacy Officer customer data security breaches $323 Bn Front- Runners Slow- Starters Front- Runners Slow- Starters Front- Runners Slow- Starters Front- Runners Slow- Starters Reach out: Interested in reading the full report? Head to http://https://www.capgemini-consulting.com/consumer-insights-for-cp Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/capgemini/consumer-insights-for-cp Follow us on: Twitter @capgeminiconsul or email dti.in@capgemini.com Privacy and Security Seriously Enough New Product Development Brand Strategy Customer Retention Customer Experience Forecasting Content Creation Trade Spend Optimization Fleet Optimization Channel Management Brand Pricing Demand Sensing Category Strategy Smarter Product Distribution & Supplier Performance Management Inventory Planning and Replenishment S & OP Customer Acquisition Salesforce Management Category Management Network Optimization Understanding Marketing Payback/ROI Assortment Breadth Campaign Design and Execution Customer engagement Success Realized from Consumer Insights Marketing Activities Sales Activities Supply Chain Activities Cross-Selling and Up-Selling LevelofEnablementofActivitiesbyConsumerInsights