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Capgemini 5G Observatory: The latest launches and use cases

  1. 1Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019 Highlights of the latest operators launches and pilots use cases Release #1 - May 2019 5 G O B S E R V A T O R Y
  2. 2Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019 Overview of 5G spectrum allocations & launches Acquisition of the 3.5 GHz and the 28 GHz bands for € 2.82B SK Telecom, LG U+ and KT June 6th, 2018 2020 Commercial launch, 3.5GHz and 28GHz bands April 4th, 2019 SK Telecom LG U+ KT 34K antennas 85 cities 2.7 Gbps 18K antennas 3 cities 2.7 Gbps 30K antennas 24 cities 1 Gbps Acquisition of frequency bands for €12.8 B NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, SoftBank (telecom operators) and Rakuten (internet services company) April 10th, 2019 National coverage planned SK Telecom By end 2019 Commercial launch for Tokyo Olympic Games NTT DoCoMo Commercial launch with Qualcomm in 7 cities China Unicom May 2019 Commercial launch in areas of Chicago & Minneapolis Verizon April 7th, 2019  Commercial launch in 30 cities Verizon  Commercial launch AT&T  Commercial launch in 30 cities (still uncertain) T-Mobile By end 2019 July 2018 5G spectrum acquisition for £ 1.58B O2, Vodafone, EE & Three 5G spectrum acquisition for € 6.5B Vodafone Italia, Telecom Italia, Iliad and Wind Tre October 2018 Ongoing 5G spectrum award process 5G spectrum award between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 February 2019April 2018 5G spectrum acquisition for € 437M Telefonica, Orange and Vodafone April 10th, 2019 Pre-commercial launch in 54 cities and 102 sites (first smartphones available in May) Swisscom Announced plan 3.5GHz 28 3.5GHz 28 3.5GHz 28 39GHz 28 3,5GHz 2.3GHz 3.5 3.5GHz 1.4 GHz 700 MHz 3.5 GHz By end 2019 Industrial actors will be able to apply for local licences Daimler, Siemens, Volkswagen, BASF 600 MHz 39GHz 28 1 3.5GHz 28 GHz 28 39GHz 28 By end 2020 Commercial launch planned Telus Mobility and Rogers Communication 700 MHz 3.5 GHz 26 GHz 3.5GHz 2 By end 2020 Commercial launch planned Commercial launch planned 5G spectrum acquisition for € 330M Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt Launch of pre- commercial services NTT DoCoMo GHz 28 Launch of limited 5G services in 12 cities, only accessible via a mobile hotspot AT&T December 2018 Launch of 5G Fixed Wireless Access home services Verizon October 2018 Commercial launch O2, Vodafone, EE & Three Frequencies allocation Commercial launches 5G launches
  3. 3Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019Interne Orange  Commercial launch on April 4th, 2019 in 85 cities  34k antennas (70k announced for end 2019)  Peak data rate: up to 2,7Gbps 1 Scope of launch  Launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (pre-ordering)  1,080€ for standalone purchase 2 Devices 3 Services  A single 5G platform owned by SK Telecom: 5GX  With a large range of services: video, music, gaming, Virtual Reality Zoom next page 5G launch key facts A few months after launching 5G for B2B, South Korean SKT launched 5G B2C services on April 4th with a rich suite of services Subscription offers4 4G plans Medium Big Infinity Monthly 43$ 60$ 88$ Data cap 4Go 100Go Unlimited + 40Go family bundle Content / / • Pass roaming • 2 Videos On Demand VOD/month Multi line / / 1 4G 5G plans Slim 5GX Standard 5GX Prime 5GX Platinium Monthly 49$ 66$ 84$ 110$ Data cap 8Go Up to 1Mbps after data cap 150Go Up to 5Mbps after data cap Unlimited data with no speed restriction* + 30Go family bundle Unlimited data with no speed restriction* + 50Go family bundle 5G content / / • VIP Membership • FLO (music) OR POOQ (TV/video) • VIP Membership • FLO (music) + POOQ (TV/video) Multi line / / / 2 Reward (enables to pay for 5G Virtual Reality options) 8$ to 35$** 30$ to 65$** 52$ to 167$** 52$ to 167$** * For subscription before June 2019 ** Depending on 5GX VR option selected VR option 5GX VR Pack Gear 5GX VR Pack Cardboard One-off 167$ 52$ Device included Gear VR Bobo VR Content • Unlimited data (Zero rated) for Oksusu video service in UHD (freemium) • 5 VR games • Access to live events in VR (e.g. baseball games) • Unlimited access to Hatch mobile gaming services PLANS VIRTUAL REALITY OPTIONS + PLANS 2 5G launches
  4. 4Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019Interne Orange GAMING VIDEO 5 VR games offered Live broadcasting in 12K Ultra High Definition and live broadcasting of sport games delivered 15 seconds earlier than other services Partnership with the gaming platform Hatch to provide exclusive streaming game content A 5GX section within Oksusu video platform dedicated to Virtual Reality & Ultra HD content Concerts, movies, sports lessons, tourism, entertainment shows… 5GB of free data for users of mobile and VR games Zoom on 5GX content offer & Virtual Reality options 5G services Unlimited data for video services in Ultra HD until end of June A zero-rating policy for Oksusu 5GX section users to enable them to watch Virtual Reality & Ultra High Definition content with no data consumption limit 5GX Social Virtual Reality Multiple users can watch baseball games together in a Virtual Reality environment 5G launches
  5. 5Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019Interne Orange $85 $95 $105 No throughput limitation No throughput limitation No throughput limitation  Commercial launch on 11/04 in 2 cities  30 cities by end of 2019 1 Scope of launch  Motorola Z3 : 5G-compliant phone thanks to the Moto Mod 5G add-on  Launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with exclusive offer with Verizon 2 Devices Motorola Z3 Offered to new mobile subscribers + Moto Mod 5G Pre-ordering, 50$ (currently sold-out) Subscription offers3  10$ premium over 4G to access 5G: after one month, Verizon backpedaled and removed this premium given very limited geographical coverage  No throughput limitation  For now, no innovative services provided (unlike extensive Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality services in South Korea) 4G PLANS +10$ In the US, Verizon announced its 5G offers ahead of commercial launch on April 11 5G launch key facts3 5G launches
  6. 6Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019 Numerous 5G pilots launched in Europe Spain, France, Italy and Germany are the most active countries with numerous 5G pilots by telecom and industrial players working on numerous pilots 2 3 1 2 3 4 9 18 16 3 3 2 17 3 1 7 5 2 5 5 12 1 23 2 6 9 14 0 5 10 15 20 25 Number of pilots between 2015 and April 2019 per country (178 in total) 2/3 of the pilots consist in technology tests (e.g. massive IoT, beamforming, network slicing) 1/3 of the tests are dedicated to business use cases Business use cases tested are covering 7 verticals Media & Entertainment Healthcare Smart Mobility Smart Industry Smart Cities Energy & Utilities Agriculture Source: EU 5G Observatory (Capgemini Invent analysis) – April 2019 4 5G use cases
  7. 7Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019 Use cases pilots by vertical - illustration Media & Entertainment Offering new health services & patient experience by leveraging on mobile connectivity Teleconsultation, remote assistance, remote surgery, connected ambulance, smart tools, connected health devices & real-time follow-up… Improving citizen wellbeing by making the city more adaptative & efficient thanks to real-time management of infrastructure, networks, transports & services Smart home, smart building, smart grid, ecodistrict, smart transports… Making the factory more agile & efficient thanks to automation & real-time communication within the factory ecosystem and beyond Massive IoT, remote control, predictive maintenance, industrial automation, cobots, augmented/virtual reality, smart transport & logistics, … Agriculture Smart MobilityHealthcare Smart CitiesSmart Factory Enhancing mobility user experience by making it faster, cleaner, more accessible and personalized Connected vehicles to X, Autonomous driving, enhanced driving assistance, embedded Ultra HD video / infotainment… Improving operational efficiency thanks to real-time field data analysis, automation & remote control Climate & environmental conditions monitoring, autonomous tractors, remote inspection & surveillances… Enhancing the user experience by providing new contents & services Connected stadium, high-speed Ultra HD media, immersive & integrated media, low- latency gaming, live broadcasting with no latency, adaptable advertisement, 3D- holographic calling… Energy & Utilities Ensuring more agile & efficient energy supply thanks to remote control and real-time optimization of operations and assets Real-time remote monitoring, assisted field operations, remote surveillance & inspection, connected operators, … 5G use cases
  8. 8Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019 Augmented doctor Connected hospital Patient applications Connected ambulance Ericsson and King’s College robot Haptic glove used in remote surgery to feel what the robot is touching in real-time • Remote surgery (haptic glove and virtual reality) • Assisted surgery (Augmented & Virtual Reality) • Cobotics • Training in Virtual Reality • Smart tools • Real-time access to patients’ files • Massive IoT: monitoring, tracking and orchestrating Vodafone & Medisanté’s Connected Care Service IoT solution and SIM card management provided by Vodafone to develop a connected care solution for Médisanté hospitals • Real-time monitoring and alerting • Chronic diseases and postoperative follow-up • Virtual Reality therapy and therapeutic robots • Smart care (bandage, pill) • Smart prosthetics • Teleconsultation, Videoconference Orange & H4D Teleconsultation cabin using Videoconference on a 5G network • Drone ambulance • Remote diagnosis and access to patient medical records • Interaction with smart city Connected ambulance Continuous collection and streaming of patient data from the moment the emergency ambulance paramedics arrive at the incident scene until the delivery of the patient at the destination hospital. Paramedics will also have wearable clothing that can provide real-time video feeds. Use cases pilots for Healthcare5 5G use cases
  9. 9Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019 Production and delivery (video technical workflow) Edition and distribution Advertising Intel 5G & advertising demo at MWC Intel developed an AI based system that perform facial recognition to get gender and age data than process it using a 5G network and its low latency to display personalized ads on a digital billboard • Enriched experiences: 4K/8K, HDR, interactive player, mobile cloud gaming, services around UGC, smart search and recommendation engine, AI… • New immersive experiences : public venue digital experiences (AR, interactive player), VR live events and services, social VR, AR gaming, AR navigation • New distribution areas : operator mobile plan bundling, 5G fixed wireless access, 5G TVs, self-driving cars … StudioLAB Developing StudioLab to see how 5G could help producing content (filming with drones to shoot in remote locations) • Capture and real time transfer • Connected studio • Heavy content transfer (4K/8K, HDR, 360°, multi-angle, VR) • Broadcast & on demand delivery optimization (5G-Xcast 3GPP project) • Rich mobile ad formats (video, VR, AR) and gamification • Personalized and AI-based ads for digital billboard SK Telecom uses AR to stream Fire-Breathing Dragon to a 5G- equipped Baseball Park SK Happy Dream Park. Use cases pilots for Media & Entertainment6 5G use cases
  10. 10Capgemini Invent 2019. All rights reserved |5G Observatory – Edition #1 – May 2019 NOTE The fifth generation of wireless technology extends to mobility the powerful features of fiber: lightning-fast speed, incredibly low latency, strong reliability and security with a huge number of simultaneous connections. This disruptive technology opens a playground for new usages enabling wireless real-time communication between machines, real-time remote control, multi-media transfer in ultra high definition with no latency, and broadband prioritization for critical usages. Hence, 5G will be a game-changer for industrial players to be more competitive, as a key enabler for automation, remote operations and control, real-time orchestration and security reinforcement. 5G will make each user experience unique by enabling new content creation, enhanced live broadcasting with no latency, live experience with augmented and virtual reality, virtual reality gaming, to name a few. The world around 5G is moving fast: many players, especially telecom operators and network equipment manufacturers, are involved in 5G pilots, while a few operators have launched commercial services to enterprises and consumers.
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