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Simola Golf and Country Estate layout plan

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About Simola

Attractions and facilities on the 325 hectare estate include:
18-hole Simola Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course
Simola Golf Club with pro shop, members’ lounge, opulent changing rooms, golf cart hire, golf lessons, and halfway house
Simola Hotel, Country Club and Spa
Bistro-style restaurant with lounge and bar
40, two-bedroom, 145 m2 luxury hotel suites with lounge, dining area, kitchen and spacious patio equipped with a gas braai (BBQ). Both bedrooms en-suite
Simola Spa and Gym
Conference room for 180 delegates; boardroom for 14 delegates
Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
Mountain bike hire
Children’s playground
The Simola River Club - an entertainment area on the banks of the Knysna River with braais (BBQs), decks and canoe storage facilities for Simola homeowners

Investment opportunities include freehold properties, sectional title properties, fractional ownership (in hotel suites and apartments), and golf club membership. Please contact Derek Caroll at www.simola.co.za or telephone 0027(0)44 302 9699

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Simola Golf and Country Estate layout plan

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