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Youtube niche list - Bạn có thể làm

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Danh sách các loại nội dung bạn có thể làm trên kênh youtube.

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Youtube niche list - Bạn có thể làm

  1. 1. (c) Copyright Alun Hill ! ! ! ! YouTube Niche List ! ! ! ! ! 1
  2. 2. Anti Aging Treatment Article Marketing Economic Recession  First Aid Training  Leadership  Development  Self Esteem Building  Children of Divorce  Get Six Pack Abs  Horse Breeders  Love Poetry  Mental Health  Support  Motivation and  Goals  Asthma Medication  Christmas Gift Ideas  Fantasy Football Pics  Golf Tips  Identity Theft  Protection  Vegan Diet  Baby Sleep  Bird Watching  Healthy Food  2
  3. 3. Recipes  Mountain Biking  Photoshop Tutorials  Rheumatoid Arthritis  Business Start Up  Card Tricks    Eczema Treatment  Live With Passion  Mixed Martial Arts  Mortgage Refinance  Going Green    Legal Help    Mole Removal    Mood Swings  Public Records    Skin Cancer  Gain Muscle    Paintball Accessories  Pet Owner  Handbook    Social Networking  Swimming Technique  Young Skin  Baby Sitter Service  Change Your Mind  3
  4. 4. Golf Slice Cure    HDTV  Natural Health  Remedy    Speed Boat  Beekeeping   Economic Recession   Grieving Tips   Home Improvement  Nascar Racing  Stress Management  Astrology     Jewelry Appraisal  Landscaping     Self Help   Sjogrens Syndrome   Staying Young  Computer  Programming   Horticulture   Massage Therapy   Real Estate Success   Staying Motivated   Wine Tasting  Film Making   4
  5. 5. Scuba Diving   Singing Lessons   Tax Help   Travel Tips     Video Marketing  Cat Care   Internet Child Safety   Magazine Publishing   Save My Marriage   Visualization   Woodworking  Antique Collectible   Blogging   Dating After Divorce   Do It Yourself   MP Player   Ways to Say I Love You  Dessert    Influence     Networking‐ Working  a Room    Online Coupon     Painting     Yoga  Adult Dyslexia     5
  6. 6. Better Grades     Cake Decorating   Herbs     Pregnancy Nutrition   Taming Teens  Autism  Glycemic Index   Internet Advertising   iPhone    Outdoor Survival  Skills   Web Video  Dog Diets   German Shepherd   Photoshop   Professional   Speaking   Senior Golf   Tattoos  Bad Habits   Child Custody   Daycare   Soccer    Table Tennis   Web Design  Learn Spanish   6
  7. 7. Marriage Help  Self Hypnosis   Time Management    Virus Alert   Women Self Defense  Art Investing       Car Auction      Herniated Disk     Natural Insecticide    Restaurant Recipes    Yeast Infection     Lose Love Handles    Play Poker      Surveys      Magic Tricks      Fat Burning      Drop Shipping      Blood Sugar     Seduction     Healthy Recipes    Ebay Selling     Retirement Planning   Property Auction  Arthritis Pain     Hypertension     7
  8. 8. Reverse Mortgage  Varicose Vein     Hoodia Gordoni    Asthma Treatment  Used Camera   Living Healthy   Midwifery   Family Vacation   Estate Planning   Birth Announcement  Body Detox   Destination Wedding   Wheat Grass   Golf Ball   Bachelorette Party   Car Alarm  Fibromyalgia     Nursing Job     Survival Kits     Baby Music     Car Subwoofer     Colic  Bow Hunting     Personalized Child  Book     8
  9. 9. Swing Set     Gynecomastia     Hire a Nanny     Recover from  Bankruptcy  Burglar Alarm   Cheap Airfare   Mood Swings   Horse Racing   Body Type   Energy Efficient  Home  Body Detox   Saving for College   Credit Card  Insurance   Reverse Phone  Directory   Mystery Shopping   Penny Stocks  Nicotine Addiction   Latin Dance   Team‐Building   Designer Bag   Patent Information   9
  10. 10. Online Degree  Fear of Flying  Bachelor Party  Vegetable Gardening   Public Speaking    Golf for Free     Stretch Marks     Adult Acne  House Floor Plans  Headphones  Deck and Patio Plans   Online Freebies    Match‐Making     Reduce Cellulite   Acid Reflux     Sell Annuity     Water Filter     Last Minute Travel   College Scholarships   Crocheting     Home Improvement  Loan     Cheating Wife   Salad Recipe   Alcohol Addiction   10
  11. 11. Small Business Grant   Composting   Aquarium Owners   Podcasting   Stamp Collecting   Trust Deeds     Wedding Speech  Memory Foam  Mattress     Paralegal Schools  Subliminal Messages  Private Investigation  Fly Fishing   Marriage Help Aikido   Coin Collecting   Skin Care   Spanish Food   Exercise Program   Avoid  Procrastination  Adkins Diet   Alternative Health   Muscle Building   Used Car Loan   Ipod   11
  12. 12. Sell Your Home  Yourself  Cheap Used Car    Coffee Maker   Education Grant   Natural Gardening   Boost Metabolism   Get Organized  Build a Computer   Childhood Obesity   Groomsmen Gift  Ideas   Texas Hold'em Poker   Emergency Money   Forex Trading  Child Adoption   Go Carts   Learn To Play Guitar   Romantic Ideas   Home Schooling   Lemon Laws  Beach Weddings   Small Business  Grants   Real Estate Appraisal   12
  13. 13. Home Decoration   Discount Travel   Setup a Budget  Bridal Shower   Subliminal Messages   Bulldogs   Paintball Guns   Stop Bedwetting   Fundraising   Model Ship  Collectors   Career Planning   Vintage Car  Enthusiasts   Fix Your Credit   Lower Cholesterol  Kitchen Design   Dream Interpretation   Knitting   Potty Train Your  Child   Start a Car Detailing  Business   Radio Controlled  Cars  13
  14. 14. Aromatherapy   Natural Cold Fighters   RC Cars   Sign Language     Stop Snoring     De‐Stress Your Life  Avoid Bankruptcy   Koi Ponds     Reduce Calories    Fly Fishing     Cut Wedding Costs   Resumes and Cover  Letters  Candle Making   Single Parents   Bird Watching   Homemade  Gifts/Gift Ideas   Sell Your Home   Enhance Your Love  Life   Stop Your Divorce   Quilting   Brew Your Own Beer  At Home   14
  15. 15. Walking   Start An Investment  Club   Event Planning   Beat a Speeding  Ticket   Boost Your Memory   Caring For Someone  With Alzheimer's  Disease   Stretching   Goal‐Setting   Save Money At the  Gas Pump  Car Owners  Buy a Diamond  Engagement Ring   Sushi   Teeth Whitening   Coaching and  Consulting   New Mothers ie  baby's first year   Digital Photography   Parents   15
  16. 16. Stress Relief   Wedding Planning   Boxer Dogs   Insomnia Natural  Sleep Remedies  Fly Fishing   Stop Snoring   Bad Breath   Trading the Forex  Market   Buy a Car   Become a Chef  Saltwater Aquarium  Owners   Child Modeling  Ferrets   PowerPoint Tutorials   Start a Retail  Business   Stop Spam  Allergies   Garage Sale   Hair Loss   Learn To Play Piano  Job Interviewing  Rose Gardening  16
  17. 17. Pilots  Back Pain  Speed Reading     Genealogy/Family  History     Scrap Booking     Interior Design  Model Train  Collecting   Acne     Menopause     Discount Travel    Golf     Home Schooling  Buying a Used Car   Credit Repair     Headache Sufferers  Lose  Pounds    Online Dating and  Matchmaking     Quit Smoking  ! ! ADHD Acne 17
  18. 18. Adoption Alzheimers Anger Management Anti Aging Antiquing Anxiety Archaeology Arthritis Asthma Astronomy Back Pain Backpacking Bass Fishing Become A Nurse Bird Training/Train Your Bird to Talk Boating & Sailing Bowling Boxing Camping and Hiking Ceramics Cheerleading Chess Chicken Coops Chronic Fatigue Classic Cars 18
  19. 19. Cooking/Recipes Copywriting Cure Hemorrhoids Decorating Depression Diabetes Divorce Dog Training Dropshipping Eating Disorders Gambling Gardening Get Your Ex Back Golf Golfing Greenhouses Hair Loss Headaches Heart Disease Hiking Honeymoons Horse Racing Horses Training How To Be Confident How To Budget 19
  20. 20. How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks How to Learn French How to Learn German How to Learn Guitar How to Learn Italian How to Learn Spanish How to Play the Piano How to Play the Violin Hunting Hypnosis Hypoglycemia Insurance home/auto/life/pet Interior Design Invest In Gold Knitting Landscaping Lawn Care Learn The Guitar Learn To Dance Learn To Sing Life Coaching Low Fat Recipes Magic Tricks Marriage Advice Martial Arts 20
  21. 21. Massage Memory Improvement Menopause Mental Health Model Trains Motherhood Motivation Mountain Biking Multiple Sclerosis NLP Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Organic Food Parenting Photography Poker Pottery Pregnancy Psychic Psychology Public Domain Quilting Racquetball Rafting Relationships/Dating Rugby 21
  22. 22. Running Saltwater Fishing Scrapbooking Scuba Diving Self-Sustainability solar power/wind-power/water filtration Single Parenting Skateboarding Skiing Snorkeling Snowboarding Stop Smoking Stop Snoring Surfing Swimming Tattoo Removal Tennis Time Management UFOs Volleyball Wedding Planning Wedding Speeches Weight Loss Weight Training Wine Making Woodworking 22
  23. 23. Wrestling Yoga ! ! acne medication adult as seen on tv audio books auto loan automotive baby shower banks business loan beauty products bill consolidation loan black lights broadband phone business finance business opportunity car accessory car insurance car rental casino cat food catholic / christian / religious products cell phone 23
  24. 24. ceramics chess chocolate cigarette classic car computer hardware credit card cruises customizable vitamin store dating debt consolidation debt management dental discover card dish network domain Registration dropshipping dvd rental ebay ebook ecommerce educational software ezine fantasy sports fast cash loan 24
  25. 25. finance and investment leads fitness floirst / flowers forex garden plant gift basket gifts golf gospel msuic gospel music health fitness hemp home depot home safety tip home security home theater homeschool horse horse racing hosting reseller hotel infidelity test kits insurance internet marketing domain free free jogging 25
  26. 26. karaoke lasik life experience degree low fat recipes magazine subscriptions make money internet prepaid credit card maternity medicine alternative medical vacation plastic surgery merchant account MMORPG modern furniture mortgage motorcycle movie tickets multi level marketing muscle and fitness music nail care nba tickets netflix new age office supplies online bill pay 26
  27. 27. online casino online cigarette online games online pharmacy paintball equipment pay per click pc phone penis pills / breast creams pet friendly phone card photo developing poker pottery projector psychic real estate relaxation ringtones satellite shopping cart skincare software speciality music sportsbook mobile phone service 27
  28. 28. textbooks travel travel insurance victoria secrets voip / vonage watches web design web site promotion wedding weight loss wine xm radio yacht charters yahoo / yahoo auctions yoga ! Acne acne medication Action Figures ADD / ADHD Addictions Adoption / Foster Care Adsense adult adult toys 28
  29. 29. Adventure Travel Advertising Aerobics Affiliate Africa Travel African History African-American History Agnosticism / Atheism AIDS / HIV Air Travel Albuquerque Alcoholism Aliens Allergies Alternative Alternative Medicine Alternative Music Alternative Music Alternative Religions Alternative Religions Alzheimer's Disease Amazon American Food American History Amsterdam Travel 29
  30. 30. Amusement Parks Ancient / Classical History Angels & Miracles Animal Rights Animals / Wildlife Animated TV Animation Anime Antiques Antivirus Software Anxiety Disorders Appliances Aquariums: Freshwater Archaeology Architecture Argentina Travel Art History Arthritis & Joint Conditions Articles Arts / Crafts Business Asia Travel Asian History Assisted Living Assistive Technology Asthma 30
  31. 31. Astrologa Astrology Astronomy Atheism Atlanta Attraction ATVs / Offroading Auctions audio books Audio Streaming Austin Australia Travel Australian / New Zealand Food Autism Spectrum Disorders Auto Care auto loan Auto Parts Auto Repair Auto Responder Automotive Aviation Aviation & Aerospace Bed and Breakfast Babies Toddler Baby 31
  32. 32. Baby Clothes Baby Products Baby shower Baby's First Year Back & Neck Pain Back-to-School Health & Nutrition Baking Baltimore Banking / Loans Bankruptcy Banks business loan Barbecues & Grilling Basketball Bathroom Beadwork Beauty beauty products Beauty Supply Beb Bed & Breakfasts Bedroom Beer Bestsellers Bestsellers Bicycling 32
  33. 33. Bill consolidation loan Biology Biotech / Biomedical Bipolar Disorder Birding / Wild Birds Birds Black Hair black lights Blogging Blues Board / Card Games Boating Body Building Body Piercing Bodybuilding Bonds Book Marketing Book Publishing Book Review Borderline Personality Boston Bowling Boxing Branding Brazil Travel 33
  34. 34. Bread Baking Breast Cancer Breastfeeding Breathing Test British & Irish Food Broadband Broadband Internet broadband phone Brooklyn, NY Buddhism Budget Decorating Budget Style Budget Travel Business business finance Business Insurance Business Loan business opportunity Business Plan Business School Business Security Business Travel Busy Cooks C / C++ / C# California Travel 34
  35. 35. Camcorders Camping Canada Online Canada Travel Cancer Candle & Soap Making Candy car accessory Car Buying Car Insurance Car Insurance and Loans Car Loan Car Maintenance car rental Card Games Cardiology Career Career Planning Caribbean Travel Caribbean Travel Cars Cartoons Casino Casino Gambling cat food 35
  36. 36. catholic / christian / religious products Catholicism Catholicism Cats Celebrity Gossip Celebrity Style Celebrity Style Celiac Disease Cell Phone Cell Phones Central America Travel ceramics Cervical Cancer CGI Scripting Charities Charlotte Chat Cheerleading Cheese Chemistry Chess Chicago Chicago Travel Child Care Children With Special Needs 36
  37. 37. Children's Books Children's Music China Travel Chinese Culture Chinese Food chocolate Cholesterol Christian Music / Gospel Christian Teens Christianity Christmas Chronic Pain cigarette Cigars Cincinnati Civil Liberties Claims classic car Classic Cars Classic Literature Classic Motorcycles Classic Movies Classic Rock Classic Video Games Classical Music 37
  38. 38. Cleveland Climbing Clip Art Coaching Cocktails Coffee Coffee / Tea Coins Cold & Flu Collectibles College Admissions College Football College Life College University Colon Cancer Columbus, OH Comedians Comic Books Comic Books Comida Mexicana Commodities Composites / Plastics Computadoras Computer Action Games computer hardware 38
  39. 39. Computer Peripherals Computer Tips Comunidad Gay Consejos de mam Construction Consulting / Freelance Container Gardening Contemporary Literature Contests & Sweepstakes Continuing Education Contraception Conventions & Hospitality Cooking Cooking Equipment Cooking for Kids Cooking for Two Cooking Tips Copywriting Corvettes Cosmetics Country Music Coupons / Bargains Crafts Crafts Business Creative Writing 39
  40. 40. Credit / Bank Credit / Debt Management Credit Cards Credit Repair Crime / Punishment Criminology Careers Cristianos Crochet Crohn's Disease Cross-Stitch Cruises Cruises Culinary Arts Culinary Travel Currency Trading customizable vitamin store Cycling Cystic Fibrosis Dairy Free Cooking Dallas Dance Dance Music / Electronica Data Recovery Databases Dating 40
  41. 41. Day Trading Days of Our Lives Fans Deafness Death and Dying Debt consolidation Debt Management Debt Relief Decoracin Decorating Defense Delphi Dental Dental Care Denver Depression Dermatology Desktop Computers Desktop Publishing Desktop Video Desserts / Baking Detroit Diabetes Management Test Diabetes Type Diabetes Type Diabetes Videos 41
  42. 42. Diabetic Nerve Pain Diabetics Diet Digital Camera Digital Cameras Digital Cameras Digital Music Digital Video Digital Video Recording Dinosaurs Disability Discover card Dish network Disney Trip Planner Distance Learning Diving Divorce Divorce Support DIY Fashion Documentaries Dogs Doll Collecting Domain Domain Registration Down Syndrome 42
  43. 43. Drawing / Sketching Drinks Driving Tips Dropshipping Dutch Food DVD DVD rental Ear, Nose, & Throat Disorders Eastern Europe Travel Eastern European Food Ebay Ebook Ebook Marketing Ebook Publishing Ecommerce Economics Educational software Electrical Elementary Education Email Email Marketing EMarketing Embarazo y parto Embroidery Employee Benefits 43
  44. 44. Energy English as nd Language Entertaining Entrepreneurs Environmental Issues Ergonomics ESL Essay Europe Travel European History Event Planning Evolution Exchange Traded Funds Exercise Exotic Cars Exotic Pets Ezine Family Business Family Car Guide Family Computing Family Crafts Family Fitness Family Fun Family Vacations fantasy sports 44
  45. 45. Fashion fast cash loan Fatherhood Feng Shui Fertility Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Fiction Writing Figure Skating Finance Finance and investment leads Financial Careers Financial Planning Financial Services Financial Software Fine Art First Aid Fish & Seafood Cooking Fishery Fishing Fishing: Freshwater Fishing: Saltwater Fitness Flea Markets & Yard Sales Floirst / flowers Florida Travel 45
  46. 46. Flowers Flu Fly Fishing Folk Music Folklore Fonts Food & Beverage Food Allergies Food Preservation Food Reference Football Forestry forex Forex Trading Formula France Travel Franchises Free Things to Do Freebies Freelance Writing Freight & Trucking French Food French Language Freshwater Aquariums Freshwater Fishing 46
  47. 47. Friendship Frugal Living Furniture Gambling Game Shows Garages & Storage Spaces garden plant Gardening Gatos Gay & Lesbian Travel Gay Life Genealogy General Hospital Fans Geography Geology German Food German Language Germany Travel Gift basket Gifted Children Gifts GLBT Teens Gluten-Free Cooking Golf Golf Travel 47
  48. 48. Google Gospel Music Gourmet Food Government: US GPS Graduate School Grammar & Composition Grandparents Graphic Design Graphics Software Greece Travel Greek Food Green Living Grilling Guitar Gymnastics Hair Hair Loss Hair Removal Hawaii Travel HDTV Headaches & Migraines Health Careers Health fitness Health Insurance 48
  49. 49. Healthy School Year Hearing Loss Heart Disease Heart Health Center Heartburn / GERD Heavy Metal hemp Herb Gardens Hijos Hinduism Hip-Hop Hispanos HIV/AIDS Hobbies Hockey Hojas de clculo Holiday Holiday Feasts Holistic Healing Hollywood Movies Home Business Home Buying / Selling Home Cooking Home depot Home Furnishings 49
  50. 50. Home Improvement Home Office Home Organization Home Recording Home Rejuvenation Home Renovations Home Repair Home safety tip Home security Home theater Home Theater Homeschool Homeschooling Homework / Study Tips Honeymoons / Romantic Travel Hong Kong / Macau Travel Horror & Suspense Movies Horse Horse Racing Horses Hosting reseller Hotel Hotels & Resorts Housekeeping Houseplants 50
  51. 51. Housewares / Appliances Houston HTML Human Resources Hunting / Shooting Huntsville, AL Hybrid Cars & Alt Fuels Identity Theft Immigration Issues Import & Export India Travel Indian Food Indianapolis Infectious Diseases infidelity test kits Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD Inline Skating Inmigracin Inns Insects Instant Messaging Insurance Insurance: Personal Interior Decorating Interior Design 51
  52. 52. International Investing Internet / Network Security Internet bsico Internet for Beginners Internet Games Internet marketing domain free free Internet Tips Internships Interstitial Cystitis Inventors Investing for Beginners Investment iPad iPhone / iPod Ireland Travel Irritable Bowel Syndrome Islam Israel Travel Italian Food Italian Language Italy Travel Jacksonville Japan Travel Japanese Food Japanese Language 52
  53. 53. Java JavaScript Jazz Jewelry Jewelry / Accessories Jewelry Making Job Searching Jogging Jokes Journalism Judaism Kansas City, MO Karaoke Kids & Money Kids' Fashion Kids' Movies & TV Kids' Music Kids' Parties & Celebrations Kitchen Knitting Korean Food Kosher Food La diabetes Lab Test Interpreter Ladies Accessories 53
  54. 54. Landlords and Property Investments Landscaping Las Vegas Las Vegas Travel Lasik Latin American History Latin Caribbean Food Latin Music Latter-day Saints Laundry Law Practice Management Law School Lawn Care Lawyer LCD / Plasma TV Learning Disabilities Legal Legal Careers Lesbian Life Leukemia & Lymphoma Libros Life experience degree Life Insurance Lingerie Linux 54
  55. 55. Literature Little Rock Lobby Local Foods Logging Logistics / Supply Chain London Travel Long Island, NY Longevity Los Angeles Los Angeles Travel Lost Louisville Love Low Calorie Cooking Low Carb Diets Low Fat Cooking Low fat recipes Lung Cancer Luxury Travel Macs Magazine subscriptions Magic & Illusion Mailing List Make Money 55
  56. 56. Make money Internet Makeup Management Mandarin Language Manga Manhattan, NY Maquillaje Marine Life Maritime Market Research Marketing Marriage Martial Arts Maternity Mathematics Media Medical Office Medical vacation plastic surgery Medicine alternative Medieval History Memphis Men's Fashion / Grooming Men's Hair Men's Health Mental Health 56
  57. 57. Merchant account Metals Mexican Food Mexico Travel Miami Miami Travel Middle East Issues Middle Eastern Food Migraine Military Families Military History Military: US Milwaukee Miniatures Mining Minneapolis / St Paul Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss MMORPG Mobile Devices Mobile Games Mobile Office Technology mobile phone service Mobile Phones Model Railroad Trains Modern furniture 57
  58. 58. Mom Recommends Money in Your s Money Over Montreal Moroccan Food Mortgage Motivacin Motorcycles Motos Mountain Biking Movie tickets Movies Moving MP Multi level marketing Multicultural Beauty Multiple Sclerosis muscle and fitness Music Music Careers Music Education Msica Mustangs Mutual Funds Nail care 58
  59. 59. NASCAR Racing Nashville National & State Parks NBA tickets Needlepoint Net for Beginners Netflix Network Marketing Network Security Networking New age New England Travel New Orleans New Orleans Travel New Tech New York City Travel New Zealand Travel Newlyweds Nintendo DS Nonprofit Charitable Orgs Northwest US Travel Notebook Computers Nutrition Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Office / Productivity Suites 59
  60. 60. Office supplies Oklahoma City Oldies Music One Life to Live Online Advertising Online bill pay Online Business / Hosting Online casino Online cigarette Online games Online pharmacy Online Shopping Operations / Technology Oprah Orange County Organic Business Organic Gardening Orlando Orphan Diseases Orthopedics Ortografa y redaccin Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Risk Test Outsourcing Overactive Bladder 60
  61. 61. Overactive Bladder Test Paddling Paganism / Wicca Paid Survey Paintball Paintball equipment Painting Panic Disorder Paranormal Phenomena Parenting Babies & Toddlers Parenting Preschoolers Parenting School-Age Children Parenting Teens Parenting Tweens Parenting Twins & Multiples Parenting Young Adults Paris Travel Parkinson's Disease Parks Patient Empowerment pay per click Pay Per Click pc phone PC Games PC Hardware / Reviews 61
  62. 62. PC Support PCOS Pediatrics Pelculas penis pills / breast creams Performing Arts Perfume Peripherals Perl Perros Personal Injury Personal Insurance Personal Organizing Peru Travel Pervasive Developmental Disorders Pest Control Pet Birds pet friendly Pet Shops Pet Supplies Petite Fashion Pharma Pharmacy Philadelphia / South Jersey Philosophy 62
  63. 63. Phobias Phoenix phone card photo developing Photography PHP / MySQL Physical Therapy Physics Piano Pilates Ping-Pong Ping-Pong Pittsburgh Plastic Surgery Plays / Drama PlayStation Games Plumbing Plus-Size Fashion Podiatry Poetry poker Poker Political Humor Politics: Conservative US Politics: US 63
  64. 64. Politics: US Liberal Pool & Patio Pool / Billiards Pop Music Portable Electronics Portals Portland, OR Post Traumatic Stress PTSD Postres pottery Pottery Powerboating Preemies Pregnancy Pregnancy & Childbirth prepaid credit card Preschoolers Presentation Software Printers / Scanners Private Schools Professional Wrestling projector Proms / Formal Dances Prostate Cancer Psoriasis 64
  65. 65. PSP psychic Psychology Public Transport Publishing Puerto Rico Travel Punishment Punk Music Puppies Puzzles Queens, NY Quilting Quit Smoking Quotations R & B / Soul Race Relations Racquet Sports Radio Radio Controlled Vehicles Raleigh-Durham Rap / Hip-Hop Rare Diseases Readers' Choice Awards Real Estate Real Estate Business 65
  66. 66. Reality TV Recetas para nios Recipe Recreation Recycling Relationship Relaxation Remedios naturales Renaissance History Reno / Tahoe Resorts Restauranting Resume Retail Industry Retailing Retirement Planning Ringtones Rock Music Rodeo Romance Romantic Getaways Rosacea Rosacea Test RSS Rubber Stamping 66
  67. 67. Ruby Running & Jogging Sacramento Sailing Sales Sales Careers Sales Letter Salt Lake City Saltwater Aquariums Saltwater Fishing San Antonio San Diego San Francisco San Francisco Travel Satellite Save Smartly, Invest Wisely Saving Energy Saving for College Scandinavia Travel Scandinavian Food Schizophrenia Symptom Test School Success School-Age Children Sci-Fi / Fantasy Scrapbooking 67
  68. 68. Scuba Diving Search Engines Seattle / Tacoma Secondary Education Self Employment Senior Living Senior Travel SEO Sewing Sexuality Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs Shakespeare Shoes Shoes Shooting shopping cart Sikhism Sim Games Simon & Schuster Single Parents Skateboarding Sketching Skiing Skin Cancer Skin Care 68
  69. 69. skincare Sleep Small Business Small Business Information Small Business Resource Center Small Business: Canada Small Farms Smoking Smoking Cessation Sneakers Snowboarding Soap Making Soap Operas Soccer Social Anxiety Disorder Social Media Socially Responsible Investing Sociology Software South America Travel South American Food South Jersey Southeast Asia Travel Southeast US Travel Southern Food 69
  70. 70. Southwest US Travel Space / Astronomy Spain Travel Spam Spam Filtering Spanish Food Spanish Language Spas Special Education speciality music Speech Recovery & Development Sports Sports Careers Sports Gambling Sports Medicine sportsbook Spreadsheets Spyware St Louis St Paul, MN Stamps Statistics Stay-at-Home Moms Stereos Stocks 70
  71. 71. Stress Stress Management Stroke Student Travel Study Tips Sugar-Free Cooking Supply Chain Surfing / Bodyboarding Surgery Sustainability SUVs & Minivans Sweepstakes Swimming Table Tennis Tacoma, WA Tahoe, NV Talk Shows Tampa Bay Taoism Tattoos / Body Piercings Tax Planning: US Tea Teaching Tech Careers Tech Certification 71
  72. 72. Teen Advice Teen Fashion Teen Health Teens Tennis Test Prep Texas Travel textbooks Thai Food Thailand Travel Theater Theme Parks Thyroid Disease Toddlers Top / Pop Toronto Tourism Toys Track & Field Trading travel Travel travel insurance Trees & Shrubs Triglycerides 72
  73. 73. Trucks TV / Video TV Comedies TV Dramas Tweens Twins & Multiples Type Diabetes Type Diabetes UFOs / Aliens United Kingdom Travel United States Travel Urban Legends Urology US Business Law / Taxes US Conservative Politics US Economy US Foreign Policy US Government Info US Liberal Politics US Military US Politics Used Cars Vacation Rental Vancouver Vancouver Travel 73
  74. 74. Vegetales Vegetarian Food Veterinary Medicine victoria secrets Vida sana Video Conferencing Video Game Cheats Video Streaming Vintage Clothing Virus Vision Visual Basic Voice Over IP VOIP voip / vonage Volleyball Wakeboarding Walking Washington, DC Washington, DC Travel watches Waterskiing Weather Web Browsers web design 74
  75. 75. Web Design Web Design / HTML Web Development Web Hosting Web Hosting Web Humor Web Pages Web Search web site promotion Web Trends Website Traffic wedding Wedding Weddings weight loss Weight Loss Weight Loss Weight Training Weird News Whole Foods Cooking Wholesalers Wicca Wii Games Wills & Estate Planning Windows 75
  76. 76. Windows en espaol wine Wine Wine Wireless / Networking Women Women in Business Women's Fashion Women's Hairstyles Women's Health Women's History Women's Issues Woodworking Word Processing Work-at-Home Moms Working Moms World / Independent Film World Music World News World Soccer XBox Games Xm radio Yacht charters Yahoo / yahoo auctions Yard Work 76
  77. 77. yoga Yoga Young Adults Your Car's Health Zoology ! 77
  78. 78. Note: I’m not suggesting that these will make you money, that they are perfect niches or that you should use them “as is” of course. ! Use this list to get ideas, to think “laterally”, to consider niches that you are interested in, please, only! ! Use them to “get your brain started”. ! Alun 78