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Presentation canley

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Presentation canley

  1. 1. Adult Literacy School, Gwash Village
  2. 2. Class in Gwash village
  3. 3. The School in Kwanga
  4. 4. A student being presented with her new Bible
  5. 5. A Bible Study Class
  6. 6. Graduation Day in Nabar
  7. 7. Nabar Village
  8. 8. GRAIN SELLING PROJECT Beans Maize Rice GariThese grains form the staple foods of the average Nigerian
  9. 9. FIREWOOD PROJECTThe woman in the photographruns this business and has 3 menworking for her.
  10. 10. A Real Success StoryLadi was able to build thishouse from the proceeds ofher business. They come when Ladi calls them by name. And there was no smell !! PIGGERY PROJECT Pork is a popular meat in Nigeria because it is one of the cheapest meats. A lot of people (though not the majority) can afford to buy pork hence this is a good business venture
  11. 11. Preaching in Angware Village
  12. 12. Site for new clinic in Nabar Village
  13. 13. The Village Health Worker, Saratu Adamu
  14. 14. The Nigeria Team
  15. 15. Prayer requests• Praise and thank God for the work he’s enabling me to do in this ministry;• Praise God for good health and protection;• Praise and thank God for his providence and spiritual support which keep me and the team going;• Pray for my preaching ministry and future plans;• Pray that my furlough in the UK will be successful, in that people will remain as enthusiastic about this ministry as they have been in the past;• Pray that people will be willing to support the additional resources needed to develop and sustain the various projects in the ministry;• Pray for my future travelling commitments in Nigeria:• On-going prayer for safety from vehicle accidents, armed robbers and muslim jihadists• Funds will become available for a more road-worthy and reliable car, as my present car is over 19 years old, and completely unsuitable for the amount of journeys I will be undertaking and the kinds of terrain, which will be encountered. The ministry is growing, and I’ll need a newer vehicle to get to these places.