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What if there was a Netflix for Books?

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What would a Netflix for books be like? There are booky start-ups that have adopted Netflix's subscription based all-you-can-consume model but what interests me is the power of its recommendation and search - and its potential to save sectors of the book industry under pressure from the mighty Amazon. This is just a fantasy. What if ... what if ... Here's the blog post this slideshare appeared in: http://www.notesfromtheslushpile.com/2014/01/what-if-there-was-netflix-for-books.html

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What if there was a Netflix for Books?

  1. 1. ro p ly ab b It would look like this:
  2. 2. Easy-to-search categories
  3. 3. Genre galore!
  4. 4. A rating system that calibrates recommendations to your individual taste.
  5. 5. Recommendations based on your reading history.
  6. 6. Trendmakers will be easy to discover …
  7. 7. Info easily accessed
  8. 8. To-read lists easily created
  9. 9. With reviews by top-notch critics to help make up your mind
  10. 10. As well as reviews by real people to keep your feet on the ground
  11. 11. And when you click the ‘buy’ button …
  12. 12. will not be your only choice.
  13. 13. You can order from anyone …
  14. 14. Anywhere …
  15. 15. Which will give everyone in the book industry as we know it
  16. 16. a chance
  17. 17. to survive.