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Kay Hack - Development of a Stem Cell Technology Animation:

  1. To develop a professional quality dynamic visualisation to depict stem cell technology.
  2. To provide students with experience of inter-disciplinary collaboration.
  3. To initiate cross-faculty collaboration and provide the foundation for further developments, such as grant applications, in this exciting new area of visualising biological processes and systems.
  4. Both cohorts enjoyed the collaboration and felt that they benefited from the interaction.
  5. Collaboration across two campuses was difficult
  6. Use social networking tools to improve communication between students
  7. Map project outcomes closely to module learning outcomes
  8. combined with audience specific narratives and used as a focus for discussion in a number of areas including science, nursing, and education

Notas do Editor

  1. The arts students had the opportunity to see the work of the science students and ask questionsThe students were partnered so that they could ask follow-up questions after the visit.