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The three men in a boat preview

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The three men in a boat preview

  1. 1. There were four of us – George, Harris, myself, and Montmorency. I feel such extraordinary fits come over me at times that I don’t know what I am doing. I have fits of giddiness too, and then I hardly know what I am doing. My liver is out of order. I just read a liver-pill circular, which details all the symptoms. I seem to have them all. It is most extraordinary, but whenever I read a medicine advertisement, I feel I am suffering from that disease in its most severe form. I once read a book on diseases in the British museum. It seemed the only disease I did not have was Housemaid’s knee! I felt rather hurt. Not having only that disease seemed to be an insult somehow... Worried, I went to see my doctor. I thought what an interesting case I must be from the medical point of view. I was a hospital in myself! CAMPFIRETM www.campfire.co.in
  2. 2. I took the doctor’s prescription to a chemist. He read it, and then handed it back. If I were a co-operative store or a family hotel, I could have helped you. Being just a chemist prevents me. You don’t have any of these? I followed the directions, and my life is still going on. Even as a boy I suffered from this disease. Since medical science was not too advanced, they put it down to laziness. Why you skulking little devil, get up and do something! They did not know, then, that it was my liver. Well, to come back to the liver-pill circular, I do feel I have all the symptoms – the chief one being ‘a general reluctance to do work of any kind’. Instead of pills, they gave me clumps on my head. You know, often, simple old-fashioned remedies are more effective than the dispensary stuff! CAMPFIRETM www.campfire.co.in
  3. 3. What we want is rest. Let’s go up the river. We shall have fresh air, exercise, and quiet. Rest and complete change. Change of scene. That will restore the mental equilibrium. The river would suit me. Well, it is a good idea! George has a cousin who is a medical student, so he often speaks in this complicated way. HA! You like it, but I don’t. Scenery is not my line, and I don’t smoke. The whole thing is darn foolish! The motion was passed three to one. It was decided that we would start the next Saturday from Kingston. Harris and I would take the boat up to Weybridge, and George would join us there. Should we camp out or sleep in inns? We should camp out! ‘It would be so wild... and free...’ But how about... CAMPFIRETM www.campfire.co.in
  4. 4. Harris is so practical, there is no poetry about him – no wild longing for the unattainable. If his eyes fill with tears, you can bet he’s been eating raw onions. ...when it rains? Don’t pull it. You’ve got it all wrong. No dumbhead. Let go of your side. WHAAATT? This time, however, his practical view came as a very timely hint. Camping out in rainy weather is not very pleasant. Rainwater becomes the chief ingredient of supper. The bread is two-thirds rainwater, the beef-steak pie is rich in it, and the jam, butter, salt, and coffee, all combine with it to make soup. Only a bottle of whisky cheers you up and encourages you to go to bed. And in the morning, you are all quarrelsome because of the cold caught at night. We therefore decided that we would camp out on fine nights, and stay at inns or pubs when it rained. CAMPFIRETM www.campfire.co.in
  5. 5. We discussed our plans the next evening. Somebody, give me a pencil, and I’ll make a list. First, let’s settle all that we will take with us. You get some paper and write, Jerome. And you George, get the grocery catalogue. No, you get the paper and pencil; George, you write, and I’ll make the list. That’s Harris for you – so ready to take the burden of everything himself, and put it on the backs of other people. The first list we made was very long... ...so we tore it, and decided to make another. You know, we are on the wrong track altogether. We must not think of the things we can do with, but of the things we cannot do without. I call that downright wisdom – not just regarding this trip, but our trip up the river of life, generally. George can be really sensible at times. CAMPFIRETM www.campfire.co.in
  6. 6. One of the best-loved classics of all time, Three Men in a Boat is a hilarious account of three friends and their dog on a holiday trip down the Thames in England. Harris, George, Jerome (the narrator), and Montmorency (the dog) decide to take a break from their tedious routine to restore their ‘mental equilibrium’. So they take a boating trip, making stops at interesting places, camping out, and inadvertently landing up in comical muddles and misadventures. Originally planned as a travelogue, this book turned into a literary classic, thanks to the narrator’s humorous digressions and musings as the threesome and their dog cross Hampton Court Palace, Monkey Island, Magna Carta Island, Marlow, little villages, and other known landmarks on the way. Initially received in England with scepticism and severe criticism, this book has survived through the years and remains to this day a favourite classic for many. Follow us on www.campfire.co.in