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Industry today

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Incefra mais uma vez é destaque em publicação internacional. Desta vez a revista Industry Today que publicou matéria sobre a Incefra, traçando um perfil do grupo brasileiro - um dos cinco maiores produtores de revestimentos cerâmicos do mundo.

Confira: http://industrytoday.com/FlippingBook/18.4/#86

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Industry today

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  3. 3. PROFIlE 0 INCEFRA INCEFRA GROUP (FRAGNANI EMPREENDIMENTOS E PARTICIPAÇÕES SA) ° Produto: (aramir floor and wall rwarings; - location: Cordeirópolis, São Paula ; lala - Irati, Ina iariliiias in Dias D'Ávila, Bahia : tale - Brazil; - Companies: Industria (tramita Frrrpnani lida, lnranor Indústria Clrñmim rlo llorrlosiu lida, lamagrás Revestimentos Cerâmicas lida; - Caprrtiiy: 73.8 million square mmrs of mami( iilas a year; - Experts: 3.5 million square mmrs a year, - Stall'. 1,300, ° Cusiamon: in arms of l00 million; - Gravrilr: 6 pamnl (production in 2014), 4 pamm (salas in 1014). market needs - leading the way through strat« egy and successful rcsulu. " says President ol' the lncefra Group. João Adriano Ribeiro. Thinking outside the Box Vi/ hen the group war founded in 1971 , it manu- fuctured roofriles and briclcs. Ribeiro describes the transition tn Ceramic tiles a¡ a "production upgrade'. An extension ofrhe grinding process used rn produce brick. : rapidly developed exper- Lise in wet and dry grindings methods. (Ieramic tile manulqacturc began in l988 and Lhe gmup turned irs full attention to this industry sector. By 1999. lncefra was producing the highest volume olceranrict in Brazil. equating to i6 INCEFRA - PROFILE "The present devaluation of tbe Brazilian real is faoorable to a fitture increase in overseas sales. " nrillion square meters of tllrLr a year. On: year later the mnrparty began exportation ol' riles manufactured through dry grinding: a method using hydraulic prestes to guarantee maxi« mum contpacrion, high producriviry rates and Optimum cnnsistency in the press cycle time. The nroisrure content of th: riles produced is sultsequently dried l. t› ensure successful Íiring ad glazing. ln 2004 and 2007, the group opened two lãcrories in Bahia. which cnmplemenred the existing Facility in São Paulo. “Migration to the norrheasr ol* BraLil was a ploneering step lnr Incefra e we were the first to open this type of plant theref' Ribeiro says. The two facilities op- erate under the lncenor and Tecnogrés names. The three facilities and brand names o( the group are mn and managed by three sharehold- ers from the Fragnani Íanrily. "Many mrrrpairies in this industry sector are Íamily businesses, this wc have in common. However. our dlñieren- tial is that Strategic ¡rlanning and results-driver¡ management : are overriding principles of our company culture. Technology and equipment are readily available to producers - nranage- ment and planning are key. " ¡Nousm ÍODAV Iv
  4. 4. 410m: - INCEFIA ! NCEFRA - nome-T A l _ l'-~'%: _', ,,, ,Q, V,, ÊÉT. rr _e »o ~ A lí? " à l l v “ KMAKING THE GRADE In tlto lratilian Vrrlor 1000 ranking ol tha country's host romponios, th¡ Incofra Group is in 9l3ilt plato in terms ol silo, rising 36 positions according io Valor Eronõmito Magazine, Serasa Expotirrn Foundation onrl Getúlio Vargas Foundation. Tita group is fourtlr in rrsstl iurnavot, sixtlt ín prafiialiility in building materials and loutih ln sustainable grotnlt ol ltuilding materials. Intafta is the largas¡ líle produtor in Itazil and fiftlt lurgast in tha world. 9o human/ v ronAv Today's Technology B( InE-aatructure lnCerÍÃlh inilluriCluÍíllg PÍOCCSS SÍÃÍÍS Wilh the selection of the raw materials that make up the Ceramic tile fmm the company quatries in São Paulo and Bahia. Following extraction. materials are hnmogenilecl. in order to guar~ antee characteristics are consistem. The group uses both wet and dry grinding processes in order to dispense and reduce the particles. 'The technology we use is predominantly italian - the world lader in ceramic production and design and our products aim to emulate the quality and Íinislt of our European coun- terparuf' Ribeiro says. Methods of pressing. ¡Nwsrlvvomv 9!
  5. 5. PROFILE - INCEFRA 91 mnusrlv voou dryitag, demrating and linishittg are directly inspired by Italy and nuchinery' is ¡nrpnrted Tron¡ Europe (Iuly and Spain). In the [AM live years, owing tn reduced cn . there is m in- creniilg number oi' Chinese technology avail- able. however. Riheim etnpiuáius that incefrak in-hnuse Italian comulunts are m important part niihoth technology and design. The acquisition of state-nf-dxe-art machin- ery is an ongnittg priority'. "The manuücture n¡ quality- ceramica denunds the use oíhigh tech- nology and a huge par¡ nithe process is arried out by modern equiprnentÍ Ribeiro expl ' Í. lncefris factory in (Iordeitópnlis in São Paulo state and twu iãcilities in Dias D'Ávila. Bahia. also house distribution centers : md INCEFRA - PROFILE -í etnplny in total 1.500 sim'. Incefn, Incenor and 'recnngrés have respeutive production¡ capaciúes nfõd million. 2.25 ¡Iiillinn and 0.6 ntillion square meters oÍceranúc Null and Únor coverings every month. Approximarely' 10 percent oi' production¡ is exponed. prinurily tn Latin Altieri: : (Chile, Liruguay and v'eitezuela) and Afriu (Angnla and South Africa). “In the past. difTering ex- change rates have allowed export mtes ni up tn 25 tvercent. The present devaluatitun oÍthe BmLilian real (xvhile ¡trewnting many economic challenges) is Íavorahle tn A Íuiure increue in averseac sales. " Riheim umtmenu. Design and Decor-adam The Inteira (irnupk extended infrastruciure. including two different methods of manufatura tnwsm vonAv v:
  6. 6. PROFILE - INCEFRA INCEFRA - TIMELINE - 1971 Company founded as a praducer of lItÍ(l(S and raoi tiles; 0 1908 Stan al ceramic tile praductian (1.0 million square meters a year); 0 1999 Becomes one of Brazil's biggest reramic tile producers (16 million meters); ° 2000 launches exportation of dry grinding system reramir tiles; ° 2001 ISO 9001 and ISO 13006 tertíiicntians; 0 2004 Opens Intanor dry grinding plant in Bahia state; 0 2007 Opens Tecnagrés wet grinding plant in Bahia state; ' 2010 lnunches two lines with Oualitron visual inspettion; - 2011 Become: tenth largest ceramic tile producer in the wnrld; 0 2012 lnunches High Delinitian (HD) line / 100 percent digital desipn; - 2013 launches Incenor large format line; - 2013 Company is named the lilth ceramictile producer worldwide. 'É . . our diferential is that strategic planning and remlts-driven management are 1 overriding principles afoar company culture. ” 91 INDUSTRY TODAY p_ INCEFRA - PROFllE Íiclureô ih? ) áigilol lilgl* resoluhorv PUNK? produces a broad range of Ceramic and porce- lain riles for domestic and commercial applica- tions. The company's Luxory line, for example, produces high-end porcelain riles through wet grinding methods. “Our research and development team fol- lows international trends and tendencies and our professionals attend trade em: worldwide. Idenrifying niches and unique design styles create competitive advantage. New high-defi- nition tile printing technology (up to 20 times more resolution) allows us to reproduce a variety of designs, such as textiles, stone and wood on ceramicsf' Ribeiro explains. The importance of ceramics in the Brazilian construction industry is growing. As the second largest produce¡ and consumer of Ceramic cov- erings, the country is a global reference in the industry. Ribeiro comments: "Ceras-nie wall riles are increasingly used for building facades as Well as interiors. ” In addition to market leadership and award winning products and processes that satisfy niche markets, Incefra operates fully sustainable manufacturing systems, including responsible handling of gases, raw materials and effluents. In an undisputable pole position in Brazil, and top Five ranking worldwide, Incefra leads by example. Investing in quality, strategy, technol- ogy and design the pioneer plans new facilities and product lines in the near future. For the latest developments, top de- signs and strategic solution to industry challenges, look to the leader. INDustlv TODAV 95