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Becoming A Presenter in the .NET World

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I was asked to give a 30 minute high level talk on being a technical presenter in the .NET community for the first Presenter Mentor (http://presentermentor.org) meeting in Dallas. This was a lot of fun, I'm looking forward to seeing this group grow! Although I was speaking to a .NET centric crowd, the principals and concepts that I went in to briefly should be helpful to anyone thinking about doing a lot of presenting.

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Becoming A Presenter in the .NET World

  1. 1. Becoming a Presenter in the .NET World
  2. 4. email [email_address] Caleb Jenkins Principal Consultant blog www.calebjenkins.com twitter .com/calebjenkins
  3. 5. www.DevelopingUX.com www.ImprovingEnterprises.com http://CommunityCast.tv http://ineta.org
  4. 6. Becoming a Presenter in the .NET World
  5. 8. So... you think you can present.
  6. 9. ?
  7. 10. motivation
  8. 11. ?
  9. 12. what’s your why?
  10. 14. it’s good to be the hero
  11. 15. Side Note:
  12. 16. it’s also challenging
  13. 18. and a style
  14. 19. a uniqueness
  15. 20. presenting is about getting your ideas out there
  16. 21. and listening
  17. 22. communicators connect
  18. 23. connect
  19. 24. have a message worth sharing
  20. 25. drink deep in your topic
  21. 26. find the value
  22. 27. Source: Lee Lefever – http://commoncraft.com then share it
  23. 37. you are unique
  24. 38. just like everyone else
  25. 39. “ style” and “techniques” will be different
  26. 41. TAKE AWAYS don’t just be a presenter be a communicator it’s takes effort, but it worth it.
  27. 42. TAKE AWAYS good presenters speak clearly communicators connect style vs substance – substance wins
  28. 43. communicators connect
  29. 45. Requires Your Motivation
  30. 74. email [email_address] Caleb Jenkins Principal Consultant Training Mentor blog www.calebjenkins.com twitter .com/calebjenkins
  31. 75. www.DevelopingUX.com www.ImprovingEnterprises.com http://CommunityCast.tv http://ineta.org
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