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HR Gurus A-Z List: Revisiting the Current Industry Experts for Q4 2017

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Our year-end wrap-up of the top A-Z HR pros continues to highlight experts in the Human Resources field that we believe are helping influence and shape the trends and growth of the HR function thanks to their innovative solutions, mainly in HR analytics and strategy – a topic that is extremely hot right now due to the shift in how HR operations are now being run.

A positive difference you will see between our top A-Z gurus in the previous quarter and our top A-Z gurus in Q4 2017 is a better balance of the genders.

Despite the fact most of the HR experts in our A-Z teams already have a large following, we hope that we will continue to see plenty more inspiring content on LinkedIn from the likes of Josh Bersin and the other HR experts that we have listed throughout 2017 to help motivate the rest of us in the way we run our own HR functions.
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