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Filmmaking 2.0

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Presentation about Filmutea and Filmmaking 2.0

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Filmmaking 2.0

  1. Filmmaking 2.0 … by Robert Figueras, filmmaker, Co-Founder and CEO of Filmutea, the Social Network for ‘Indie’ Film Professionals pantagrapher May 1st 2008
  2. ‘ Indie’ filmmakers would love to use this kind of Equipment …
  3. … and to Work here…
  4. … but it is very Complicated , because you need a combination of… igorms … and lots of Contacts … Talent + $ + Experience + Education + Luck…
  5. However, two very important Revolutions are quickly changing and improving things… Cayusa … Digital and Internet
  6. Now ‘Indie’ filmmakers have more tools to work with… … and show their talent !
  7. But still sometimes they Do Not know where to start… Tensaibuta So how can ‘Indie’ filmmakers get started ?
  8. … by joining Filmutea!
  9. In 2005 , I was living in London with my wife and Co-Founder Gemma, and working in the film industry In November of that year, we launched Filmutea as a hobby … … and as a free website for Spanish filmmakers to enhance their collaborative process… … because we thought it could help us get in touch with other filmmakers in Barcelona and Madrid…
  10. Initially it had one application only: a Jobs Board , which worked very well , and soon the users started to ask for more functionalities In Jan 2007 we decided to work on it full time In Feb 2008 we re-launched the new Spanish version in Beta stage, which has over 25,000 registered users, and already is the leading resource for filmmaking in Spain In Apr 2008 , two weeks ago, we launched the English version in Alpha stage, and we will be promoting the site in the UK in the coming months
  11. So the question is, now that there are many well known Social Networks, why another one?
  12. And the answers are: … because in general Facebook, MySpace and the others, are not 100% focused on the filmmakers! … because they have many applications, but probably not all the applications the filmmakers need! … and because Filmutea is targeting the niche market of ‘ Indie ’ filmmaking !
  13. … because Filmutea is the place where they can find the Crew and Cast for their films, … the place where they can find the resources to complete the Pre+Production +Post of their projects, … the place where they can give and get advise , suggestions and comments from filmmakers they have never met, … and because Filmutea is a vertical film site, run by filmmakers for the filmmakers!
  14. … because we believe that ‘Indie’ filmmaking… is all about Collaboration!
  15. … because our strapline says it all, ‘ Make Films and Share Their Talent’ , a fantastic platform to discover new Talent …
  16. … a site in which the Directors and Producers have a professional profile … Where they include their: experience , bio , education , film credits , personal attributes , technical abilities , etc
  17. … and most of the Production Team have a profile – actors, editors, composers, production designers, DoPs… wonderferret Accessible from a very powerful member search
  18. … a site in which Indies publish and look for job offers, for crew and staff… They subscribe to the listings by RSS … … or by email (daily, weekly or monthly)
  19. … a site where they also publish and look for casting calls , locations , equipment and services …… Over 60,000 email bulletins sent daily! Last year, more than 7,000 messages were posted, helping hundreds of productions
  20. … a site where they show their production stills and photos … Over 25,000 monthly profile and photo views… … easier to find potential cast and crew members… Each time someone applies for a job, the system adds a link to the individual’s profile and photos
  21. … a site where they promote their film festivals , screenings , courses … in a centralised Calendar Over 17,000 monthly views… Each calendar event is linked to a Venue , including detailed information about accessibility, etc
  22. … and a site where they blog about their films, shoots, casting sessions… Their teams subscribe via an RSS feed Their friends subscribe via an RSS feed Other people they don’t know subscribe via an RSS feed … so it is a place to get very good exposure …
  23. The co-founders have a blog and a video blog , in which we tell the story of the company since the very beginning Over 2,500 views, in our video blog, in one month A fantastic tool to let the community know how we are progressing , and a way of being more approachable
  24. But the services running on Filmutea now , and those that will be implemented in the coming weeks … This is where we are esagor Videos Groups News … Next few weeks/months … we think are just the minimum required in order to build a strong film community
  25. This is where we are going CaptPiper However, Filmutea would like to become Glocal , and to help Indie filmmakers, directly , or through… … partnerships , take advantage of all Web 2.0 tools to realize their film projects!
  26. In summary, we are trying to build the community that we as filmmakers, would like to use in order to realize our film projects! And the community is helping us decide with their feedback and suggestions, what functionalities to include next !
  27. www.filmutea.com Robert Figueras – CEO [email_address]