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Make your content sweat: Using Research to Repurpose Content

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Content marketers can use data-driven insights to stretch one piece of content into many different formats and applications.

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Make your content sweat: Using Research to Repurpose Content

  1. 1. Make your content sweat: Research-guided Repurposing Content www.buzzsumo.com Subscriber Series
  2. 2. Susan Moeller Business Development Manager @susancmoeller @buzzsumo
  3. 3. Create Better Content At BuzzSumo we help content marketers improve their content through research, amplification and monitoring.
  4. 4. RAM
  5. 5. Good research can grow….
  7. 7. • Multi-purpose: • Think about more than one purpose any time you create content • Re-purpose: • Take your best content and reuse it in multiple ways • Research makes this easier!
  8. 8. Content types to consider: • Blog posts • Webinars • Live chats • Video • Use cases • Tutorials • Case studies • Infographics • Pinterest boards • White papers • e-books • Events • Conferences • others?
  10. 10. Everyone Learns Differently
  11. 11. Smith, Mark K. (2002, 2008) ‘Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences’, the encyclopedia of informal education, http://www.infed.org/mobi/howard-gardner-multiple-intelligences-and- education. http://pegfitzpatrick.com/reuse-repurpose-refresh-how-to-maximize-your-content/ Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences:* •Linguistic intelligence—Words, please •Logical-mathematical intelligence—Logical, structured •Musical intelligence—Centered in what is heard •Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence—Don’t just sit there, give it a try! •Spatial intelligence—Draw me a picture •Interpersonal intelligence—Group work •Intrapersonal intelligence—Let me go at my own pace
  12. 12. “Someone may love your content as a written blog post but not really be interested in the same information as a video.” Peg Fitzpatrick
  13. 13. Re-purpose your best content
  14. 14. I’m sure it’s in here somewhere!
  15. 15. Find the most shared content from your site:
  16. 16. Find the content with the most page views:
  17. 17. • Export both lists • Cut to top 20 • Color code • Combine lists • Eliminate any that aren’t on both lists
  18. 18. Result: A list of your most shared and most seen content
  20. 20. 10 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement with BuzzSumo Blog post: Use case Tutorial Webinar Infographic Slide Deck Series of tweets Schedule it to share again! If you haven’t already, use it as a LinkedIn Pulse Post Rule of thumb—wait 2 weeks to publish on Pulse
  21. 21. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s6uE_UqgQYv2nQmOC5JO_NpdsmnfNYfNCvnwun- q9Ho/edit?usp=sharing
  22. 22. Less-Shared Content
  23. 23. Format that works
  24. 24. Length that works
  25. 25. Extreme Makeover, Content Version
  26. 26. Find Amplifiers: People who are already sharing your content People who are influencers in your content area Websites that are the most influential on your topic People who are sharing competitors’ content Top authors who are publishing on your topic BuzzSumo Subscriber Series #1 Influencer Outreach
  27. 27. ● Create Pinterest boards while you research ● Develop webinar slides with an eye toward using them as a slide deck- -make two versions, one with more of your comments written out, so that it can be understood by people who are reading it without your comments ● Record webinars, so that they are available as videos ● Write a blog post while your webinar content is still fresh in your mind--add an influencer for an extra boost ● work with other people who will be able to promote your content with their audience ● Remember that people learn very differently. Force yourself to think outside of your comfort zone
  28. 28. Susan Moeller Business Development Manager @susancmoeller @buzzsumo