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SMS Based Push Mail

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Super cool service which makes the Blackberry redundant!

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SMS Based Push Mail

  1. 1. InformatiONTime A unique SMS based push mail product © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009
  2. 2. Information on time helps! © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009
  3. 3. Push mail can improve communication and productivity in your enterprise • Email address as the single point of communication: No need to remember phone numbers to SMS/call, archival of all communication messages, integration of PCs and phones • Easy communication with on-field sales people, and employees travelling • Immediate response to emails from your customers • Fast response from employees in critical situations raised by customers: ‘On Duty’ alerts • Increase availability of your employees: Always reachable when they should be • No delays in communication due to physical absence: Delivers a message even if Mr. XYZ is not on his desk • Better utilization of time while commuting • Supports ‘work from home’ © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009
  4. 4. mMail – We provide push mail over SMS, with no GPRS required, offering distinctive advantages • Every employee in your • Cost effective solution for • All communication behind organization can use it every employee of your firewall and fully secure • Zero adoption cost: No enterprise • Ensuring complete security handset change, no GPRS • Looking for cost cutting of your private data and activation measures? information • Works everywhere, ideal for on-field usage Ideal solution to provide push email connectivity to ALL YOUR EMPLOYEES © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009
  5. 5. Other key benefits of mMail for your enterprise 1. Enhanced mail experience on the limited mobile platform – Maintain your work-life balance – Filters: User can define his/her mail filters (white lists, black lists) – Only Weekday/weekend, day/night access, notify only SMS – Overcoming the limited length of SMS: User can receive mails up to 600-700 characters (7-9 lines of text) and send mails up to 450 characters; ‘Only mail alerts’ feature available – Attachments: User will receive information on the number of attachments with the mail 2. Comprehensive support for different email servers – Works for enterprise mail servers and webmail services supporting POP3/IMAP protocol; includes all webmail services (Gmail, Yahoo! etc.); and enterprise mail servers: Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Lotus Notes Server 4.6 onwards 3. Ease of integration for corporate users – If you use Gmail enterprise edition, remote deployment with no cost associated. – ‘Plug and play’ integration of mMail server with corporate mail server – Seamless activation for your employees – Mobile network independent, and hence will work for all your employees – ‘Zero/low capex’ for your enterprise © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009
  6. 6. Comparison with Blackberry Push mail Features Blackberry mMail Push mail Y Y EDGE/GRPS required Y N Handset limitations Y N Replying to mails Y Y Composing new mails Y Y Work-life balance filters (day/night, N Y weekday/weekend) View attachments Y N Telecom operator limitations Y N Address lookup Y N Calendar synchronization Y N Character limitation N Y Price Handset cost + Pay as you use, cost can Minimum Rs. 250 per be as low as Rs. 90 per month month © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009
  7. 7. How can we help you? Allow us to set up a free demo for your enterprise • Zero cost, zero risk, zero effort demo for your enterprise • Use it to decide • Drop in a mail to: enterprise@mymmail.in Know more about our product • Visit our website: http://www.mymmail.in • Call us at +91 98715 25115 © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009
  8. 8. About the company • Cervello creates products to enable people to communicate while in motion. Our mission is to develop innovative products helping corporate and individual users to remain connected and work more efficiently. • We are working under mentorship and guidance of professors specializing in the field of telecommunications. • The company has been founded by Pankaj Goyal and Kumar Abhishek. • Pankaj worked as a management consultant in McKinsey & Company in Brussels, Belgium, before setting up Cervello. During this stint, he worked on a variety of projects related to telecommunications and media across the world. He has worked in 5 continents and 10 countries. He holds a post-graduate in management from IIM Bangalore and Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur. • Abhishek worked as a Senior developer in Google Inc., Mountain View, before setting up Cervello. He specializes in distributed systems and artificial intelligence. At Google he worked on Google’s mail product, a massively distributed mail delivery system. Prior to joining Google, he obtained Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computer Science at IIT Kanpur. • Contact: – Email: pankaj.goyal@mymmail.in, pgoyal@gmail.com – Phone: +91 98715 25115 © Cervello Incorporation All rights reserved 2009