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Marketing deck

  1. • Media Strategy • Product Life Cycle • Instagram Marketing
  2. •High ROI •Detailing is an important feature Print •High possibility of multiple repeats •Demand attention: Through its sheer size, it is able to create stronger impact. OOH •Target specific reach •Interactive and feedback availability Internet •Local reach •Cost and efficiency • High audience selectivity Radio Communication Platform
  3. 3 Brand Awareness Advanced measurement Better Storytelling Platform • Multiple exposure leads to top of the mind recall leading to strong brand equity • Strong measurement system helps client to understand the performance of campaign • Better storytelling platform (audio and video features) • Multiple integrations possible across different genres as per requirement of brand personality Television
  4. 4 “The number of individuals within a given target” Universe TG Market NCCS Basic Media Terms
  5. 5 FCT Free commercial time available to advertisers FPC Fixed point Chart- Line up of programs Reach • Now what is Reach? Universe = 5 No of People who sampled =4 Therefore Reach = 4/5 Reach % = 80% No. Or % of people exposed to media for a min Basic Media Terms
  6. 6 TVR & TVT TVR: Television viewership ratings TVT: Television viewership in thousands TSU & TSV TSU = 2+3+1+5+2+1 = 1.4 10 TSV = 2+3+1+5+2+1 = 2.33 6 TSU: Time spent by Universe TSV: Time spent by Viewer 2 3 1 5 2 1 Total Programme time: 5 Mins xReach%TVR = Time Spent xReach(000)TVT = Time Spent x62.8 = (2.33/5) x60%28 = (2.33/5) GRP GRP is sum of TVR which are normalized to 10 sec Basic Media Terms
  7. 7 FMCG Products(Round the year) Seasonal products(Cold Drinks) Products with varying demand Scheduling Technique Basic Media Terms