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Lessons from: My first 30 days as an entrepreneur

Summary of the most important lessons from the first month since launching my new business: MobileAcademy.ro

Might be useful to other new entrepreneurs or freelancers. Enjoy!

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Lessons from: My first 30 days as an entrepreneur

  1. Lessons from: My first 30 days as an entrepreneur
  2. 1. Emotional rollercoaster. Really.
  3. Remember this one? Enjoy the highs Endure the lows
  4. 2. Prioritization as a habit
  5. Daily. Weekly. Monthly That feeling when there’s so much work to do. From different areas. Ideally yesterday? Prioritize like there’s no is tomorrow.
  6. 3. Make the most of the flexibility
  7. That cliché The “Work anywhere, anytime” one. Make the most of it. Discover what works best for you. Don’t be lazy and experiment.
  8. 4. Adapt via fast decisions
  9. Decided this one is self-explanatory
  10. 5. Context switching f***s you up
  11. Really important As the spectrum of work is really broad, The risk of context switching increases. Group similar tasks in a working session. Use the time management techniques you know.
  12. 6. “Never eat alone”
  13. A business lunch every single day Or breakfast. Or dinner. Could be possible clients. Possible partners. Possible team members.
  14. 7. Most valuable part of a meeting: the follow-up
  15. 8. Do not always be pitching
  16. Yes, your business is important to you But give people a slack. I’m sure you can find some other interesting topics to discuss.
  17. 9. The importance of disconnecting
  18. Mana needs to be restored Currently experimenting with: No business related anything 1 day per week + each day after 10PM
  19. Bülent Duagi Co-Founder MobileAcademy.ro Entrepreneur Product Manager Consultant Community Builder Trainer HR Business Partner Speaker Engineer Learner