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Bukhori masruri 09330051 lesson plan

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Bukhori masruri 09330051 lesson plan

  1. 1. LESSON PLANSCHOOL : SMP 1 BATANGSUBJECT : Science of PhysicsCLASS/SEMESTER : VII / 1TOPIC : MotionSUB TOPIC : Distance and DisplacementTIME ALLOCATION : 20 minutesA. Competence Standard :5. Knowing natural physics phenomena motion through observationB. Basic Competence :5.2 To analyze experimental data of uniform straight motion and uniformly accelerated straightmotion, and its application in everyday lifeC. Indicators : - Defining a concept of motion - Differentiating between a distance and replacement - Finding Equality in the travel rate - Investigate uniformly straight motion (GLB) - Investigate uniformly accelerated motion (GLBB)D. Learning Objectives:Learners can: 1. Explain the sense of motion and nature 2. Distinguishing sense displacement and distance 3. Explained the pace and speed 4. Explain what uniformly straight motion (GLB) 5. Explain the sense of speed 6. Explained the uniformly accelerated motion (GLBB) 7. Explained the speed up 8. Mention uniformly accelerated motion is commonly encountered in everyday lifeE. Learning Methods: Model: - Direct Instruction (DI) Method: - Lecture - FAQ
  2. 2. F. Learning Activity: Time Teacher’s Activities Student’s ActivitiesAllocation Opening : Pray to the God3 minutes - Greeting and pray to the God - Explain the students about a concept of motion Listen to teacher explanation seriously Main Activities : a. Eksploration - Teacher explain about motion, Discussion concerning to the distance and displacement material of distance and - The teacher asks the students about displacement the distance and displacement b. Elaboration - Teacher gave an example about Seriously present the material of calculating distance and straight motion obtained (defining15 minutes displacement concept of motion, differentiating - Explaining between of the speed between a distance and and velocity displacement - Teacher explain the uniformly Pay attention to the teachers straight motion and uniformly explanations about uniformly accelerated motion straight motion and uniformly accelerated motion c. Confirmation - Teacher gives some problems to be Students answer questions derived done by learners from the discussion - Teacher guide students to make the conclusion of the study2 minutes Closing : Summarize the outcomes of class Summarizing the characteristic of discussion motion
  3. 3. Learning Material/sources:- Fisika Bilingual for Junior High School class 7- Relevant reference books- WorksheetType and Instrument of Evaluation:- Written test (essay)- Performance Test- WorksheetKnowHead Master Teacher Bukhori MasruriNIP. NIP.