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Deploy a #Pozr Node.js Cloud Server in Seconds

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Deploy a #pozr node.js cloud server in seconds using a dead simple application hosting service. Great for Node.js development or as a test environment for random coding projects. https://www.pozr.in

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Deploy a #Pozr Node.js Cloud Server in Seconds

  1. 1. version 1.0 Deploy a Node.js Cloud Server in Seconds Once you register and login into your #pozr account you will be prompted to type in a "handle" your handle will serve as the base name for all your #pozr services. shared https://web.pozr.in/{your-handle}/ cloud http://cloud-{your-handle}.pozr.in In order to enable cloud services you must setup a shared hosting account. Our shared services come in handy if you want to have access to fully functional MySQL and MongoDB databases from your cloud deployment. There are connection samples in the /var/app/pub/pozr/_samples directory of your server. Web https://web.pozr.in 80 || 443 MySQL http://db.pozr.in 3306 MongoDB http://no.pozr.in 27017 Once cloud services are available the following cloud icon will appear on the top navigation menu. Click on the icon and you will be presented with the deploy #pozr cloud server dialog box. Once you are ready click Ok and the provisioning process will begin. This process will take less than a minute, once completed the round animated progress symbol will fade away. Note: On a successful provision you will be prompted to save your keypair _pozr-keyair-foo.zip this zip contains your authentication keypair foo.pem file needed to login into your newly launched cloud server. You can view your user / login information by clicking on the following icon Connect to your #pozr cloud server using terminal or PuTTY. Locate your saved _pozr-foo.pem
  2. 2. Note: If using terminal you must have sudo priviledges to login successfully... $ sudo ssh -i _pozr-keypair-foo.pem pozr-user@cloud-foo.pozr.in Accept RSA statement and upon a successful login you will see the following screen Connecting via PuTTY takes a few extra steps 1.) You will have to convert your _pozr-foo.pem keypair to a format supported by PuTTY _pozr-foo.ppk Download PuttyGen 2.) Click on Load button and choose All Files (*.*) in the dropdown locate your _pozr-foo.pem file click Open. Your keypair is now ready to be saved, click Save private key Note: you will be prompted to save without a passphase click Yes 3.) You are now ready to connect to your pozr cloud server using PuTTY, in the Host Name textbox type in your cloud-foo.pozr.in url
  3. 3. 4.) Next you will need to use your newly created _pozr-foo.ppk in the Category option box scroll down to SSH click on Auth and browse for your _pozr-foo.ppk once located click Ok Note: Your user login is: pozr-user Accept RSA statement and upon a successful login you will see the following screen If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us a line via our web site, twitter or our newsgroup https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/pozr/info https://twitter.com/pozr_dev