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Social brand fitness

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A few days ahead of the London Marathon, a quick check to see whether your organisation is socially brand fit. Social branding is no jog in the park - it's a slog!

My presentation at the Figaro Digital conference about social marketing, London. 21 April 2010.

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Social brand fitness

  1. 1. Social brand fitness Headstream - the social brand agency http://www.my1stmarathon.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/running.jpg
  2. 2. Few brands were built to be social. They weren’t created to converse. The future success of a brand is dependent on how quickly it can evolve to meet the desire of a connected people to engage with it.
  3. 3. The problem A simple truth about social branding Brand The community the brand wants to engage with
  4. 4. Relentless effort to fun and rewarding Getting you from here to there
  5. 5. Strategic intent Top down or the other way? g mp ellin co en tic e p lan a ut h gam nt s pare tran true strat ? ???? us them egic inten t community n rep utatio p roblem measurement?
  6. 6. Adoption is polarized across organisations Some people love it, some not so much
  7. 7. Knowledge management is key But ROI is still proving hard to demonstrate
  8. 8. The way people People like to Social media is a collect and share Work is where collaborate growing part of knowledge and we spend much and create people’s daily information has of our adult life connections repertoire changed
  9. 9. Rapid on-boarding Share of new staff information and disseminate news in near real-time Discover and share skill-sets and expertise The way people People like to Social media is a collect and share Work is where collaborate growing part of knowledge and we spend much and create people’s daily information has of our adult life connections repertoire changed Connect distributed workforce Idea generation: crowd sourcing Attract engaged new ways to do Share and amplify staff through social things and solve culture and values platforms problems
  10. 10. Event amplification: Social socially enabled networking: events professional profiles Mobile and community technology: creation keeping people aligned and connected, from podcasts The way people to apps People like to Social media is a collect and share Innovation: Work is where collaborate growing part of knowledge andsocialjams/huddles for social we spend much and create brainstorming people’s daily information has Social of our adult life connectionslearning: repertoire changed self development and sharing through collaborative training platforms Social Reputation functionality: Digitised management: from comments content: surfacing issues, to polls information sharing Staff as listening and across organisation ambassadors: responding, visible and distributed engaged workforce leadership workforce as advocates
  11. 11. Principle 1: Actively listen Understand what people care about
  12. 12. Sub-heading Text Understanding social sentiment - Pre, mid and post-bid digital and social media active listening - 140,000 mentions analysed - Finding negative issues, media mix, influencers and sentiment shift - Insights and recommendations to inform 2010/11 strategy
  13. 13. Sub-heading Text
  14. 14. Principle 2: Appropriate social behaviours The need for authenticity Buster busted: The 'oldest London Marathon runner' isn't 101... he's ONLY 94 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-559574/Buster-busted-The-oldest-London-Marathon-runner-isnt-101--hes-ONLY-94.html
  15. 15. Do something interesting (Guitar Hero 5 - Activision) @guitarherouk Twitter profile was set up in April 2009 2,823 followers as of 17 November 2009 Organic growth no promotion 411 updates, which averages at 2 updates per day
  16. 16. Engagement driven by passion points ‘Who’s you favourite guitarist?’ ‘What’s your favourite guitar solo?’ ‘How many of you out there played guitar hero last night?’
  17. 17. Different relationships Customer service Advocates PR Comments and suggestions
  18. 18. Social media optimisation
  19. 19. Do a world record
  20. 20. Guitar Hero 5 world record Pre-event amplification and engagement
  21. 21. Guitar Hero 5 world record PR
  22. 22. Guitar Hero 5 world record Pre-event localized content
  23. 23. Guitar Hero 5 world record Live event updates
  24. 24. Guitar Hero 5 world record Post-event
  25. 25. MP4-12C Launch Sub-heading Text
  26. 26. Sub-heading Text
  27. 27. Principle 3: Create win-win relationships Appropriate social behaviours
  28. 28. Sub-heading Text
  29. 29. Social brand indicators Nine indicators to what will happen when you socialise your organisation Strategic Winning Influencer intent relationships networks Brand Engagement People outposts Knowledge Responsive Technology transfer http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2230/2333512143_521f9223ca.jpg
  30. 30. Social brand barriers What stops us? Reputational Resource Managing Policies and View of social Value issues drain technology guidance media demonstration
  31. 31. Demonstrating ROI Currency Utility Entertainment Personal value Information Reward Incentive Engagement Followers Share of voice Sentiment Influence Awareness Effect
  32. 32. Continue the conversation @buckers