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Sprintz fact sheet

Do More, Learn More In 5 Weeks
Than You Ever Thought Possible!

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Sprintz fact sheet

  1. 1. SPRINTZ: Do More, Learn More In 5 Weeks Than You Ever Thought Possible! You know that innovation is important, but making it happen consistently and reliably is not easy. When you add remote working to the mix, getting innovation teams to perform effectively can be a major challenge. THE CHALLENGE It is a simple step by step program built on proven design sprint methodologies combined with years of research on how to create innovation systems and build innovation habits. Our Secret Sauce is Our Pool Of Talent And The Processes To Make Easier To Work Together. HOW SPRINTZ WORKS Details •Managers will receive training and a challenge for the week on Monday. Wednesday, there will be time for questions and answers before the deliveries each Friday. •Each manager will lead a team of 5 sprinters selected based on their fit with the company needs. The team of sprinters will work on average, 100 hours per week. •To ensure rapid progress; we recommend doing a daily standup and one or two longer meetings per week with your team. Participation requires a typical time investment of 10-15 hours per week. Readings 2 hr., Course 2 hrs., Coaching 1 hr., Delivery session 1hr, team meetings 4-9 hrs. To address these challenges, many companies are coming to understand the power of deep work, time blocking and how to leverage remote teams. A popular solution is short, 4-5-day design sprints using global talent. Sprints are a great way to get ideas started or moving forward faster. They work because they offer an easy process to follow that is focused and time-boxed. DESIGN SPRINTS ARE A GOOD AND POPULAR SOLUTION Our program offers everything you will find in a traditional sprint, but we also provide a trained team selected from a global talent pool, a process, tools and a training program. Our pilot programs have been successful in education, product development, non-profit and the creation of new start-ups. We are helping managers and companies do more and learn more than they ever thought possible by working 10-15 hours per week for five weeks. Short sprints can achieve a great deal quickly but they do not always deliver the long-term results you need. Using the design sprint method as a foundation, we have built something even better; SprintZ. SPRINTZ ARE THE NEXT STEP •Hard to get a team (and a team that can focus) •Too short, so hit or miss and limited expert interviews •A lack of a learning focus •Over and done Typical Challenges •Instant trained focused teams you can get anytime •5 weeks instead of 5 days, so there is time to get things right •Learning by doing (and leading) •A long-term, habit-building approach Sprintz The SprintZ Program is not about learning theory, it is about giving managers the opportunity to hone their skills by working on real projects with certified sprinters within a controlled environment and with advice and guidance available as required. This is a practical program that gives managers the experience they need to learn how to effectively lead remote innovation teams and turn ideas into commercially viable products or services. SprintZ is a powerful way to innovate now, learn better and change your organization THE ORIGINS OF SPRINTZ Remote becomes the new normal Solution New for Managers as well as for Workers A Gap Between Knowing And Doing 5 Day Certification Program for Students/Interns Sprinters Gets Internships in Best Companies Companies Get access to Skilled & Certified People 5 Week Program for Managers Hands On Training + Life Time Access To Tools SPRINTZ
  2. 2. Set up workshop https://sprintz.youcanbook.me or a one to one talk https://bryancassady.youcanbook.me/ Or contact the program director Bryan Cassady directly bryan@fast-bridge.net +32 475 860 757 GET IN TOUCH WITH US! More than you might expect! You will work with a project chosen by you to a stop/continue decision point. Over five weeks, you will also address strategy development, market assessment, opportunity identification and process improvement. During the whole five weeks, you will be guided in learning how to lead and manage remote workers. WHAT CAN YOU ACHIEVE IN 5 WEEKS? In the 5-week program, you will earn methods from Innovation Engineering, Agile, Scrum, Design Sprint and Exponential Organizations. You will also be given lifetime access to tools designed to make innovation faster and more consistent. These tools and methods have been brought together in the ABCS method of innovation, the system being taught at several leading MBA programs including EDHEC, currently the top-rated program in Entrepreneurship in Europe. The ABCS method is also featured in a new book, Cycles, that will be published in 2020. TOOLS AND METHODS SprintZ offers a powerful solution for your innovation challenges, but you need to bring the following: •A clear problem or challenge you want to work on. •10-15 hours per week for weekly training, coaching and delivery sessions. •A commitment to make decisions and take action. We offer a free one-hour workshop to help identify an appropriate project and decide if SprintZ is the right solution for you. GETTING STARTED We will be running our second pilot program starting August 31st. Budget for the 5-week program is €15K. This includes an up-front one-to-one alignment session, the provision of a team of certified sprinters as well as training and coaching throughout the program. This is about half of the cost of typical 4-5 day spring and one-third of what it might cost to buy everything separately. BUDGETS Options For an extra €5K we can add a co-lead that attends all your team meetings. WHAT IS INCLUDED A Sprint Team: 5 People for 5 weeks Support building team Training program Weekly coaching Lifetime access to tools Up-front alignment workshop TOTAL VALUE PILOT PROGRAM PRICE 25000 15625 1500 6000 750 1500 2500 52875 15000 DETAILS The typical fee for a 4-5 day sprint is €25-30k €25 per hour * 5 hours day *25 days * 5 people A standard fixed fee 25-day executive Training 1 hour per week @ 150 * 5 weeks Similar in price to www.workshopbank.com Innovation assessment + project definition workshop An Easy To Follow 5 Week Process DELIVERABLES Aligning the team. Identify the jobs to be done that you will focus on. ALIGNMENT WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 DELIVERABLES Problems and challenges defined. Build first ideas BUILD DELIVERABLES Concept writing and idea testing. Ways to Improve and key death threats identified. COMMUNICATE AND CHECK DELIVERABLES System analysis, using rapid learning cycles to remove remaining death threats. Create a business case that makes sense. SYSTEM DELIVERABLES A big idea you are proud of, in a format you can share with your company. PITCH 10-15 hrs per week

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Do More, Learn More In 5 Weeks Than You Ever Thought Possible!


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