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2 Invaluable Charts For Ecommerce Analytics

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One of my London MeasureCamp talks on 14th March 2015. Details two excellent charts I use when working with ecommerce clients, plus what makes a good chart.

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2 Invaluable Charts For Ecommerce Analytics

  1. 1. 2 Invaluable Charts for Ecommerce Websites 1 MeasureCamp, London. 14th March 2015
  2. 2. @edbrocklebank What makes a good chart? 2 You know what action to take immediately after the chart is seen.
  3. 3. @edbrocklebank What makes a good chart? 3 It helps you prioritise what order to take action in (what will achieve your business objectives faster).
  4. 4. @edbrocklebank What makes a good chart? 4 Charts often better than tabular data because it’s easier to spot patterns and gaps
  5. 5. @edbrocklebank Let’s move away from this… 5 • Boring • Vanity metric • Doesn’t hint at action
  6. 6. @edbrocklebank What landing pages should we prioritise? 6 SUPERSTARSWANNABES DROPOUTS HOPEFULS CRO/Quality control Promotion
  7. 7. @edbrocklebank What makes a good chart? 7 •Wannabes SEO or targeting with paid ad campaigns •Hopefuls optimisation (review copy, images, layout, call-to-action etc.)
  8. 8. @edbrocklebank Context is everything. This page was in fact a competition, so a high bounce rate was acceptable. An example 8 • Page with no traffic. • Marketing activity is done to promote the page and push it to the right. • Marketing activity begins to show results as the page now has traffic. • However, the page is now in the dropout zone, with a high bounce rate. • Marketing activity is ramped up again and the page crosses into the hopefuls zone. • The next step should be to alter the page in some way to reduce bounces, or rethink the traffic acquisition strategy.
  9. 9. @edbrocklebank What products should I promote? 9 Dotted lines indicate site averages. What attributes do products in the same quadrant share? Dogs Hidden gems Rock stars Pigeons Reference: Web Analytics Action Hero
  10. 10. @edbrocklebank Strategies for each quadrant 10 ! Hidden Gems Promote on-site and externally. Understand which segments these appeal to. ⋆ Rock Stars Focus attention here. Look for ways to expose to more people, or enhanced. Add more products that have similar attributes. # Pigeons Ask people why they are not buying. Get qualitative feedback. $ Dogs Consider removing, or stop promoting. Who IS buying them? Product detail views Cart to detail ratio
  11. 11. @edbrocklebank Report Presentation Framework 11 Analysis Data Campaign A has a CTR of 3.0% and ROAS of 0.4. Insight CTR is below average, and needs to be brought in line with better performing campaigns, especially as the campaign is already showing promise with a positive ROAS. Recommendation Review campaign keywords and remove/alter any with a low CTR. Business Impact A CTR improvement of 0.5% would result in an incremental 167k visits and £117k revenue.